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Poems About Eternity


All those that you love will so weep when you go,
Your dear ones will sure miss you, and rightly so.
The teary faces that mourn, you will not see,
A moment after you die, where will you be?

All the voices around simply won't reach you,
And the grief that they bear, you will not construe.
You have a soul, do you know where it will go
A moment after you die, Heav'n OR below ?

In your life, earthly treasures did you reap?
Not looking ahead when your body would sleep?
Consider eternity, looming ahead,
It will be too late when your body is dead!

You shall reap what you sow, there's no turning back,
Did you choose your goal, are you on the right track ?
There's two places; Hell below, Heav'n in the sky,
Where will you be, a moment after you die ?

Did you ever feel a sharp tug at your heart ?
Yet stifle that feeling,and from it depart ?
O, this is God, simply trying to reach you,
A moment after you die, He won't rescue.

Eternity is l-o-n-g,consider this fact,
I really pray that you, Heaven will attract.
But if you don't listen to God's Holy Word,
A moment after you die, Heav'n is barred.

Don't let Christ pass you by; He can save your soul,
Just trust and accept Him,He will take control.
And you won't have to worry ever again,
For the moment you die,with Him you'll remain!
By: Connie Kramer Dec.7, 1995 #58
Scripture references for above poem follow:
Rev.22:141-5, Ec.12:7; Dan.12:2; Acts 24:15;
Mt.7:19-21; Mt.25:41; Gal.6:7; 2 Cor.5:8; 2 Co.9:6;
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Phil.1:23; 1 Thes.4:17


Are you ready for the coming of the Lord?
Are you really grounded in His living Word?
He’s able to keep what you commit to Him,
Not like all the cults, that follow ev’ry whim.

Do you know for certain that you are saved?
Or, do you follow Satan, and are depraved?
Will you be ready on that day He does come?
Or will you continue, away from Him to roam?

Are you grounded in the power of your faith?
Are you ready for that fateful day of death?
Our time here on Earth is so very short,
Are you letting Satan Heav’nly life abort?

Time is uncertain; like vapour in the air,
We’re here a while; then gone: do you know where?
Do you know the ‘place’ where forever you’ll dwell?
Let me ask you this: is it Heaven, or Hell?

Are you ready to meet the Almighty God?
All will stand before Him, the world abroad.
God has made ‘a’ plan to save your very soul,
Accept His plan, Jesus; you’re on Heaven’s roll!

Change your destination, if you’re on the wrong path,
Just trust in Jesus, will keep you from God’s wrath.
Believe God; trust Jesus; let Him take control,
And you will be ready, when He comes for your soul.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.23,1995 # 35
Scripture verses for above poem:
(1 P.1:5; 2 P.3:10; 1 Thes.5:2; 1 Th.4:14-17; 1 Jn.3:6-10;
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All those that you love will so weep when you go,
Your dear ones will sure miss you, and rightly so.
The teary faces that mourn, you will not see,
A moment after you die, where will you be?

All the voices around simply won't reach you,
And the grief that they bear, you will not construe.
You have a soul, do you know where it will go
A moment after you die, Heav'n OR below ?

In your life, earthly treasures did you reap?
Not looking ahead when your body would sleep?
Consider eternity, looming ahead,
It will be too late when your body is dead!

You shall reap what you sow, there's no turning back,
Did you choose your goal, are you on the right track ?
There's two places; Hell below, Heav'n in the sky,
Where will you be, a moment after you die ?

Did you ever feel a sharp tug at your heart ?
Yet stifle that feeling,and from it depart ?
O, this is God, simply trying to reach you,
A moment after you die, He won't rescue.

Eternity is l-o-n-g,consider this fact,
I really pray that you, Heaven will attract.
But if you don't listen to God's Holy Word,
A moment after you die, Heav'n is barred.

Don't let Christ pass you by; He can save your soul,
Just trust and accept Him,He will take control.
And you won't have to worry ever again,
For the moment you die,with Him you'll remain!
By: Connie Kramer Dec.7, 1995 #58
Scripture references for above poem follow:
Rev.22:141-5, Ec.12:7; Dan.12:2; Acts 24:15;
Mt.7:19-21; Mt.25:41; Gal.6:7; 2 Cor.5:8; 2 Co.9:6;
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Phil.1:23; 1 Thes.4:17


Without faith, you simply can’t please God,
No matter where on this Earth you trod.
Faith is to simply trust and believe,
All God says; just let your heart receive.

Abraham believed God, long ago,
God counted him righteous, for doing so.
Times have changed; but God never will,
We must believe also, this day still.

Faith is vict’ry that o’er comes the world,
No matter how many darts are hurled.
Satan will try us; day in, day out,
Just faith can give us the vict’ry shout.

We’re saved by our faith, thru’ God’s grace,
Without faith, we’ll never see God’s Face!
Believe the Lord God, and you’ll see Heav’n,
You’re saved thru’ Christ; the only way giv’n.

He that cometh to God, must believe,
‘Tis the only way, Heav’n to achieve.
God demands faith; not v’ry much to ask,
He makes it easy, in Heav’n, to bask.
By: Connie Kramer Mar.20,1996 # 172
(Heb.ch.11; Ep.2:4-9)


Faith and obedience are tied in one,
Faith is the start, where it has all begun.
Obedience is close, ne’er out of sight,
We must trust AND obey, to win the fight!M

Those without faith will never see Heaven,
Only with faith, is eternal life giv’n.
But once you trust Jesus to save your soul,
You must OBEY Him, or you are not whole.

If we trust Him, we obey; out of love,
We want to work and serve, our God above.
Faith without works is dead, being alone,
By our works, faith is proven; faith is shown!
By: Connie Kramer Jan.11,1996 # 100-B
(Mt.7:21-27; 12:50; Ac.5:29; Jn.14:15,23; Ro.10:17; Jam.2:17; 1 Jn.5:4)

FAITH CAN’T BE UNANSWERED . . . July 1996 Message

Faith can’t be unanswered by God,
No matter where, here or abroad.
Your faith pleases the Almighty One,
Eternal life thru’ faith has begun.

Faith won’t be unanswered by Him,
No matter when, morn or night so dim.
Your faith is precious to our Lord,
It’s simply taking God at His Word.

Faith is believing what God does say,
It’s trusting completely, night or day.
God won’t turn His back ever on you,
He will answer your faith so true.

Faith is not having one single doubt,
It’s knowing He will show the right route.
With His children’s faith, God is pleased,
Just go to Him, He’ll always appease.

Faith is always answered by Him,
Even tho’ to you things look dim.
God won’t ever turn His back on faith,
Not even when you take your last breath.

When we have faith, we have hope beside,
For the love of God in us does abide.
Hope of eternal life that He gives,
Thru’ answered faith, yet while we live.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.10, 1996 # 200
(Jn.6:28-29; Ro.5:1; Gal.3:6, 24; Phil.3:9; Heb.10:38; 11:6; 1 Jn.3:23)

Faith is the Channel

Faith is the channel, that we all need,
A channel, that is awesome indeed.
This channel brings you, to God, so near,
As His many blessings, do appear.

Faith is the channel, that brings God’s grace,
Just faith can bring a smile, to God’s Face.
Work of no kind, can salvation bring,
From faith alone, does salvation spring.

The channel of faith does justify,
For on God’s mercy, you can rely.
Just by faith, can you access God’s Throne,
We should rejoice, in God’s glory alone.

The channel of faith, God’s peace does bring,
From His loving grace, forgiveness does spring.
You are no longer, God’s enemy,
Faith in Christ, gives great victory.

You’re “born again”, by Jesus’ pow’r,
Receive Christ by faith, at any hour.
Faith’s channel brings sanctification,
Set apart for God, means He’ll ne’er shun.

Faith also does channel, righteousness,
For your “filthy rags”, God would ne’er bless.
Christ’s righteousness, God transfers to you,
The moment, to Christ, you say “I do.”

The channel of faith, makes you God’s heir,
The burden of God’s wrath, you’ll ne’er bear!
The golden road in Heav’n, does await,
You’ll ne’er see the mis’ry, beyond Hell’s gate.

Faith brings to you, life eternally,
A wondrous gift from God, giv’n so free!
Faith alone gives you a mansion on high,
If the Lord Jesus, you don’t deny.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.4, 2008 # 1169
Rom.1:17; 3:25; 4:5,7; 5:1-10; 8:17, 34; Eph.1:7; 2:8-9, 19; 3:12; Heb. 7:25; 1 John 2:1,20; Rev. 13:8; 20:15 Heb.2:11; 8:12; 13:12; 10:10; 13:12; 1 Cor. 1:30; 2 Thes. 2:13; 1 Peter 1:2; Col.1:14; James 5:15; 1 John 1:9; 2 Tim. 1:9; Titus 3:5,7; Isa.64:6; John 14:2-3; Gal.3:29; 1 Peter 1:3-7; Rev.21 & 22


Faith comes in many diff’rent forms and ways,
As we live our lives, our faith is display’d.
A baby in Christ, with faith all so new,
Satan will try to get you to change your view.

There are some believers whose faith is weak,
Strength from Christ Jesus, is what they should seek.
“Increase our faith,” the disciples did ask,
As in His love, they serenely did bask.

Those who are mature, their faith they do keep,
As strength and wisdom, from the Lord they do reap.
They finish the course, they fight a good fight,
Their faith keeps them walking, in Jesus’ light.

Then there are those, who from the faith go wrong,
They listen to Satan, he is so strong.
They err, backsliding from God’s Holy Word,
Leaving their “first love,” Christ whom they ador’d.

Then some believers, from faith do depart,
They forsake the Truth, from which they did start.
To seducing spirits, they now pay heed,
The doctrines of devils, they allow to lead.

Sad but true, some the faith they do deny,
No longer on Christ Jesus, do they rely.
They provide not, for their own family,
These shall be condemned, for eternity.

Concerning the Truth, some people do err,
Overthrowing the faith, please do not dare.
Our beliefs, with God’s Word, should always agree,
Or the shores of Heaven, we’ll never see.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 30, 2005 # 1067
(1 Tim.3:6; Rom.14:1; 2 Tim.4:7; 2:18; 1 Tim.6:21; 4:1; 5:8; Rev. 2:4-6; Luke 17:5. Also see; 1 Cor. 15:35; 2 Cor. 5:1-10; 1 Thes. 4:15-18).

Firmly I’ll stand by my Saviour’s side,
Loving, serving, and with Him abide.
But only thru’ His amazing pow’r,
For without Him near, I’d fear and cow’r.

By His pierced side, I’ll firmly stand,
Gathering strength from His nail scarr’d Hand.
For when I feel weak, and want to quit,
He’s always there to bolster my spirit.

Firmly I’ll stand by Him, all the way,
Thru’ the darkest night or brightest day.
Tho’ my road at times gets rough and steep,
By His awesome pow’r, He does keep.

Firmly I’ll stand on His promises,
For His love, peace and joy I possess.
And one day soon I’ll live with Him in Heav’n,
For He cannot lie; His Word He’s giv’n.

I can stand firmly, only by His grace,
On my own, I’d never see His Face.
Praise be to Jesus, precious and true,
Just He can grant Heav’n, to me and you.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.6,1997 # 407
(Mt.22:37; 2 Thes.3:5; Jude 21; Ep.3:17-19; Mt.9:6; Lu.8:25; Jn.17:2; Ro.16:25,27; Phil.4:13; Jn.15:4; Mt.11:28-30; 2 Co.12:9; Ep.4:7; 2 Tim.2:1; Jn.14:1-6)


As you walk in your garden, in early day,
With the wonders of nature, along the way.
The grass so green, and lovely flowers so bright,
And birds singing their songs, in the sky so light.

O, please consider what I have to say,
Hell won’t be like this, on any giv’n day.
NONE of these precious things will ever be there,
Only darkness and agony, and despair.

The beautiful roses, so much you do love,
Red ones, yellow and pink; all from God above.
Their wonderful fragrance, does so fill the air,
Of these priceless treasures, nothing can compare.

Again, I beg you, hearken to the words I say,
Hell WON’T be like this, in any of these ways.
The fires of God’s judgment, burn forever more,
And there is NO escape for you; NOT one door!

Friendship and love you have for fam’ly and friends,
A warm glowing feeling, seems to have no end.
The comfort, peace and joy, you have in your home,
Pleasures unnumbered, from God they do come.

O, please listen carefully to what I say,
HELL WON’T BE LIKE THIS, I pray, you I can sway!
Please turn to Jesus, accept God’s only Plan,
You do have a choice, and from Hell, you’ll be bann’d.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.7, 1995 #59
Scripture verses for above poem:
Deut.30:15; 1 Kings 18:21; Mat.8:12; Mt.18:8; Mt.13:42; Mt.25:41; Mark 9:47-48; Luke 16:22-25; John 3:15-18, 36; Jn.8:24

I Cannot Understand . . . August 2015 Message

I cannot understand, eternity,
Its endlessness, is a mystery.
Life in blissful Heav’n, life without end,
This awesome Truth, I can’t comprehend.

No more death, sorrow, crying or pain,
Just the glory of Heav’n’s, wondrous refrain.
God shall wipe away from our eyes, all tears,
And I can’t comprehend, no fears.

A mystery, that we’ll inherit all things,
I simply can’t comprehend, God’s blessings.
God the Father’s children, are with Christ joint heirs,
The best life on Earth, with this can’t compare.

I won’t ever sin, in eternity,
My new body, like Christ’s, will be sin free.
There’ll be no sin in Heav’n, of any kind,
Life without sin on Earth, you’ll not find.

I can’t comprehend, on gold I’ll walk,
And with my loving Saviour, I will talk.
In this city of pure gold, I will be,
With God and His family, eternally.

Jesus loves me, this I know so well,
For He has paid, to keep me from Hell.
I can’t comprehend, my mansion above,
But He has promised it to me, with His love,

So many things, I can’t understand,
But I know I trust Him, I’ll take His Hand.
I believe His Promises, all so true,
And I do understand, He loves me and you!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.29, 2009 # 1226
#1. John 3:14-16; 4:14; 5:24-25; 17:2-3 #2. Rev.21:4; 22:3, 5 #3. Psalm 37:29; Acts 20:32; 26:18; Rom.8:16-17; Eph. 1:11-14; Titus 3:7; Heb.1:14 #4. Rom.4:3-8; 5:1; 2 Cor.5:7; Hab.2:4; Mat.7:13-14; Gal.5:16; Rev.21:7; #5. Rev.21:18-21 #6. John 10:11; 13:34; 14:21; 15:9,13; Rom.5:7; 8:38-39; ph.3:19; 5:2; #7 Psalm 34:9;37:3,40; 84:12; Isaiah 28:16; 57:13; Mat.17:20; 21:21; 24:22; Mark 9:23; John 1:12; 3:14-16 3:36; 5:24; 6:35; 11:26; 12:46; 14:12; Rom.1:16; Gal. 3:16; Heb. 3:14; 1 Peter 2:6
Titus 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie,
 promised before the world began; (KJV)

I Can’t Comprehend

I can’t comprehend, Your love for me,
And how You set, my burd’ned soul free.
I can’t comprehend, Your amazing grace,
And how You assist, as I run my race.

I can’t comprehend, You made the world,
You spoke; at Your command, things unfurl’d.
I can’t comprehend, Your awesome pow’r,
At Your beck and call, at any hour.

I can’t comprehend, Your forgiveness,
When I repent, You forgive and bless.
My vile sins, You remember no more,
Cast in the sea, won’t e’er come up on shore.

I can’t comprehend, You see my heart,
This urges me, from sin to depart.
I can’t comprehend, You know my thoughts,
I must beware, and think as I ought.

I can’t comprehend, all that You know,
You saw my ev’ry move, as I did grow.
I can’t comprehend, You’re watching me,
Knowing I was Yours, for eternity.

Eternity, I can’t comprehend,
A million years, and still no end!
I can’t comprehend, living in Heav’n,
This wondrous Gift, You’ve so freely giv’n.

I can’t comprehend, that golden street,
Where one day I’ll walk, and my friends meet.
I can’t comprehend, a mansion awaits,
When I walk thru’, those huge pearly gates.

I can’t comprehend, Jesus died for me,
He hung on that cross, in agony.
I can’t comprehend, He loved me so,
He saved me from all, of Hell’s sorrow.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.28,2008 #1196
Tremendous Promises from God:
John 3:15-18; Gen.1; Ps. 103:12; Mic.7:19; Mat.9:4; Heb.4:13; Eze.11:5-b; Isa.42:9; 46:9-10; Jer.10:10; Mat.25:46; Mk.10:30; John 10:28-29; Rom.6:23; Eph.2:8; Rev.21-22; Mat.20:28; 26:53; John 19:17-18; Eph.5:2; 1 Thes.5:10


When You come in the clouds, all believers will see,
All those ‘round the world, including me.
I can’t comprehend, I can’t understand,
But I know I’ll rise, to Your outstretch’d Hand.

How can You be here? and elsewhere too?
For all believers, this event will view.
I can’t understand, but I do believe,
That none of God’s children, will You leave.

Your shout shall be heard, both far and near,
Being left behind is not a fear.
You will catch us up, and take us away,
This shall be such an amazing day.

I can’t comprehend, yet I truly believe,
That all believers, You shall receive.
You shall take us all, to Heav’n above,
Where we all shall live, in Your glorious love.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.15, 2003 #965

I Can’t Comprehend

Our finite minds cannot comprehend,
How You have no beginning, or no end.
You are the Triune God of eternity,
We cannot understand, this mystery.

I can’t comprehend, how all things You know,
You watch the world, Your eyes go to and fro.
Before a thing begins, You know the end,
Yet on Your awesomeness, we can depend.

I can’t comprehend, Your Almighty pow’r,
‘Tis abundantly with You ev’ry hour.
Nothing is impossible for You,
Yet Your love stays, ever firm and true.

I can’t comprehend, Your wisdom so great,
That most in the world, underestimate.
Far beyond us, is finding out Your ways,
Yet You stoop to assist us, ev’ry day.

Your majestic Presence, I can’t comprehend,
And the fact that You call, true Christians “Friend.”
A mystery, that in me God abides,
And that “forever” there He’ll reside.

That this awesome God, e’vn considers me,
Is truly to me, a great mystery.
Our God’s character, I can’t comprehend,
But I’m eternally grateful, I’m His friend.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.8, 2005 # 1057
Isaiah 57:15; Micah 5:2; Jer.10:10; Ex.15:18; Deut. 32:40; 33:27; Ps.9:7; 2 Chron.16:9; Isaiah 42:9; 44:7; 45:4; 45:21; 46:10; 48:3; 48:5-6; 66:18; Gen.18:14; Job 42:2; Isa.26:4; Mat.19:26; Luke 1:37; Acts 26:8; Job 36:5; Psalm 104:24; 136:5; 147:4 Pro.3:19; Isaiah 40:13; Jer.10:12; 51:15; Dan.2:20; Rom.11:33; John 14:16; 2 John 1:2;

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t ev’n begin to imagine,
How much You hate any and all sin.
I can’t imagine, Your purity,
And how much You hate my iniquity.

I can’t imagine, Your holiness,
And my sins You forgive, when I confess.
I can’t imagine, that my sins You cast,
Into the deepest ocean, O so vast.

I can’t imagine, Your abundant love,
Such as You portray, from Heav’n above.
I can’t imagine, the love You express,
But I humbly accept it, each time You bless.

I can’t imagine, Your awesome grace,
My sins . . . forgiv’n and gone, without a trace.
I can’t imagine, Your grace so free,
Amazing grace, always there for me!

I can’t imagine, what lies in store,
Hope of eternal life, on Heav’n’s shore.
I can’t imagine, the beauty there,
Nothing in my mind, can ev’n compare.

I can’t imagine, how life there will be
But I know I’ll sing praises to Thee.
I can’t imagine, life for e’er more,
Where my Lord and Master, I’ll adore.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.12, 2005 # 1099
Ps.103:4-12; Heb.8:12; Eph.1:7; 1 Jn.1:7-9; Rom.6:2,18; 1 Pet.2:24;
Rom.8:5-8; 11:6; 2 Tim. 1:9; Eph. 2:5; John 1:17; Rom.6:14; 1 Pet.5:12; Rom.15:15;
1 Cor. 15:10; Eph. 3:8; 1 Pet.1:13; Rev.21 & 22.

I’d Rather . . . March 2012 Message

I’d rather serve my Master, and be at His Feet,
Than be a rich man, being served dainties so sweet.
We all have decisions, in this life to decide,
Will we serve the Lord in Heaven? . . . or in Hell reside?

I’d rather be a poor man, and the Lord believe,
Than be a rich man, and the devil’s lies receive.
Many choices stand before us, as this life we live,
It depends what we choose, on what place the Lord gives.

I’d rather follow Jesus, on the path of light,
Than traipse after Satan, on broad roads black as night.
The Lord will guide us, on those narrow roads so strait,
To keep following Satan, you decide your own fate.

I’d rather love the Lord, and be the Father’s child,
Than to listen to Satan, and from Heaven be exiled.
When you choose the devil, and all his wicked ways,
You’ll spend eternity in Hell, all of your days,

I’d rather obey God, and always do His will,
Than allow Satan, worldly desires to instill.
There are only two places, in eternity,
The Lake of Fire, OR Heaven’s amazing beauty.

I’d rather be a fool, in this world’s evil eyes,
Than be an unbeliever, who my God denies.
Choosing another god, is the wrong way to go,
It will lead just to Hell, and eternal sorrow.

I’d rather go to Heaven, and live with the Lord,
Spending ev’n one hour in Hell, I cannot afford.
Lord, help me always to choose, Your will and right paths,
For I ne’er want to face, the judgment of Your wrath.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.6, 2010 #1254

I Know

I know one day, I’ll go to Heaven,
That Promise to me, is clearly given.
I Know I’ll see Jesus, Face to face,
When I arrive, in that awesome Place!

I know for now, I must trust and obey,
As I walk with Jesus, ev’ry day.
The practice of sin, is not for me,
For I dearly want, life eternally.

I know that Jesus, is the only Way,
That anyone can get, to Heaven one day.
I know that millions, think that’s not so,
But the Bible says, to Hell they’ll go.

I know the Promise, a mansion above,
Prepared for us, with God’s own love.
Our inheritance, reserved for us,
Incorruptible, pure and precious!

I know Almighty God, cannot lie,
Eternal life is ours, in the by and by.
This wondrous hope, we look forward to,
The beauty of Heaven, one day we’ll view.

I know that the Bible, we must believe,
Or the wrath of God, we will receive.
We have life, just thru’ own Son,
When we believe, that life has begun!

Calling Him “Father,” He does permit,
If to Christ Jesus, we do submit.
I know just Jesus, can justify,
When by faith in Him, we do rely!

I know just thru’ Jesus, can we have peace,
From the bond of Satan, we have release.
I know just Jesus, can give peace of mind,
Just with Jesus, will Heaven’s gate you find.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov. 24, 2010 #1276
John 20:31; 1 Jn.5:13; Rom.15:4; John 3:16, 36; 5:24; Ac.4:12; Jn.14:1-3,6; 1 Pet.1:4;
Tit.1:2; 1 Jn.5:11-12; 3:1; Rom.5:1-10; Rev.21-22


I look to the day, when sin is no more,
When I’ll be living on Heav’n’s blissful shore.
ALL evil things will gone and done,
I’ll be in the Presence of God’s own Son!

I look to the day, when pain’s gone away,
When I live in Heav’n’s glorious display.
No sorrow, no crying, no more grief,
For Heav’n gives only rest and relief.

I look to the day, I’m carried Home,
And never more from my God to roam.
My angels will carry me far above,
To God’s never ending, blissful love!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 27, 1999 # 539


Lord, one day soon, I'll meet you Face to face,
As I view the beauty, of that heav'n'ly place.
Lord, that's all the glory, I'll ever need,
Loving You first and always, is my creed.

Let me serve You, till it's my time to go,
Death to me, is not a worry or woe.
Absent from the body, present with You,
I claim this Promise, for I know 'tis true.

You are preparing, a "mansion" for me,
That I may live wih You, eternally.
Reserv'd for me, Your Holy Book does say,
Thank You Jesus, for showing me the way.

I look to the day, when I sin no more,
And I walk on that wondrous, heav'n'ly shore.
If I have rewards, I'll give them to You,
For I am so grateful, I'm one of the "few."

Me, without sin, it's hard to believe,
But it's true, when new bodies we receive.
We'll walk with Him in white, in Glory Land,
Walking on that street of gold, Hand in hand.

We must love and trust Christ, and Him profess,
Or our name in Heav'n, He will not confess.
In the Lamb's Book of Life, our name must be,
Or we in Hell, will spend eternity.

Each of us have, a certain number of years,
And with each hour, our time to go draws near.
One day, Face to face with Jesus you'll stand,
Are you with the goats, or on Christ's right hand?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 16, 2011 #1308
Mat.25:33-34 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand,
but the goats on the left. 34 Then shall the King say unto
them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father,
inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:
Dan.12:3; Ps. 17:15; Mat.7:13-14; 16:27; 22:30; Luke 20:35-36;
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You never seemed important to me,
As I lived my life, so sinfully.
I stayed on the road, to wickedness,
And not once did I, my sins confess.

I never thought of the horrors of Hell,
I never thought, that there I might dwell.
I never once thought of my evil ways,
Instead it was “me, me” ev’ry day.

Lord Jesus, I never once thought ‘bout You,
Never once thought, that You were always true.
Never once thought ‘bout Your awesome love for me,
And I never thought, ‘bout eternity.

Strange how one day, my eyes open’d wide,
Strange, I then wanted You, to come inside!
God works in strange and mysterious ways,
Now, I think of Christ Jesus, ev’ry day!

Now Jesus is so, important to me,
As I try to live life, victoriously.
I now travel on the small, narrow road,
The one that leads to my heav’nly abode.

I always think of Jesus’ love so great,
Love so awesome, I can’t calculate.
I now think of my “mansion” on high,
For I know that on Jesus, I can rely.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.29, 2003 # 983


Let me live with eternity in mind,
To lost souls, don’t let me be blind.
Dear Lord, grant me love, and compassion too,
Grant me boldness, and ‘words’ to bring them to you.

Lord, I don’t think enough ‘bout eternity,
And all the lost ones, in Hell’s agony.
Grant me more love, that the Gospel I’ll share,
Exchange this hard heart, for one that does care.

Hell is a ‘place’ where ALL lost souls will go,
And forever, have nothing but sorrow.
Unending thirst, and eternal darkness,
Let me tell them of Christ; let me witness.

Let me have concern for all the lost souls,
Lord, let bringing the Gospel, be my goal.
Let me live in light of eternity,
Lord, grant me compassion, and mercy.

In light of eternity, let me live,
That the Good News of Jesus, I might give!
Let me show more love, from a tender heart true,
Please give me ‘words’ that might bring them to you!

Don’t let me be selfish with your great love,
Let me tell them ‘bout blissful Heav’n above!
Let me live in light of eternity,
Let me tell of ‘Salvation’, a GIFT so free!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 11, 1998 # 483

I Realize

I realize, that death waits ahead,
Because of You Lord, I have no dread,
But before I opened, my heart’s door,
I was terrified of death, and much more.

I realize, death lies down the road,
But You promise, a heav’n’ly abode..
A great inheritance, waits for me,
Your grand gift, of life eternally.

I realize, when death comes my way,
‘Twill be a start, to a brand new day.
Absent from the body, present with the Lord,
A tremendous Promise, in Your Word.

Let me walk by faith, not by sight,
Keep me from that broad road, dark as night.
In the Holy Spirit, I must walk,
And stay away from Satan, as he stalks.

When Jesus in the clouds, does descend,
My life on Earth, would come to an end.
Be it death or the Rapture, I know not,
I do not want, off guard, to be caught.

When my time shall come, I do not know,
I must keep close, as Jesus I follow.
I look forward, to my mansion on high,
Reserv’d in Heav’n, my Lord won’t deny.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.25, 2009 # 1225
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I had a dream, and it made me moan,
So deep within me, my soul did groan.
In this strange dream, diff’rent things took place,
And diff’rent expressions, on the man’s face.
I saw a man, as he read a Book,
Filthy rags he wore, I could not look.
As he read from the Book, tears did flow,
I could clearly see, great sorrow.

His frightful cry of “What can I do?”
His sincere agony, was in full view.
“Lord, I’m a sinner, I do confess,”
This man was in, dreadful stress.

Many tears did fall, as he did read,
It seemed the words, he wanted to heed.
The words he read, deeply touched his heart,
Then he cried “From sin I’ll depart.”

“Woe is me” the man in rags did cry,
“My Saviour and Lord, I did deny.
God’s judgment awaits the likes of me,
For He is God, of eternity.”

This man in rags, had a burden great,
‘Twas hard indeed, to estimate.
He trembled in horrible agony,
Friend, this man in rags, was none but me.

When I consider ways of my past,
I realize, into Hell I’d have been cast.
I praise God for making plain to me,
I need salvation, thru’ Christ’s victory.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec. 30, 2003 # 984
John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:11-13; John 3:3, 15-18, 36; 5:24; 8:24; Mat. 25:41,46


You’re on a journey, to eternity,
Just what will your destination be?
Only two roads from which you can choose,
The narrow road you win, the wide one, you lose!

As on your journey, you speed,
Be careful, that warning signs you heed.
Two diff’rent guides, will attempt to lead you,
One a deceiver, the other One true!

On to eternity, as you journey,
Your destination, you choose freely.
Many will be, on that road so wide,
But only a “few” with Christ will abide!

Most important, is this journey you take,
Critical, is the decision you make.
In Heaven, you can live joyously,
Hell will bring only agony!

As you journey, to eternity,
Ponder, what will your destination be?
Jesus can give you Heaven’s grand key,
Satan can give only agony!

Which precise road are you on today?
Only Jesus can show the right way!
Just He can lead you to Heav’n above,
Trust Him to guide you in perfect love.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.6, 2002 # 894

Judgment Day

Are you ready to face, Judgment Day?
My friend, it’s certain to come your way!
So many times, the Bible does tell,
There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell!

Believers shall stand, at the Judgment Seat,
These will not feel the torment, of Hell’s heat.
In a big fancy car, the rich may ride,
The poor walk, but none from judgment can hide!

We all shall stand poor this day, ‘fore His Face,
Stripped of everything, but His awesome grace.
Our mem’ry may fail, as we try to look,
But all we’ve done, is in His trusty Book.

Will there be sadness, in my Master’s Eyes?
If I make excuses, to justify?
Have I been proud, of Jesus’ Holy Name?
Or will I cringe, and bow my head in shame?

All believers will be heirs, to Heaven,
Because their faith in Christ, they are forgiven.
They will spend eternity, with the Lord,
Because they believed God, and His pure Word!

Unbelievers stand, ‘fore the Great White Throne,
For their every sin, they shall bear alone.
And Judge Jesus, shall condemn them to Hell,
Where there for eternity, they shall dwell.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Apr.26, 2017 #1400
Judgment Day: Mat.10:15; 11:22; 12:36; Mk.6:11; Rom.2:5; 2 Pet.2;9; 3:7; 1 Jn.4:17; Jude 1:6. Rom.14:10; Luke 16:19-25; Books: Dan.12:1; Mal.3:16; Lk.10:20; Rev.20:12,15. 1 Cor.3:11-15; Mat.24:45-47; 25:21-23; Heirs: Jn.14:1-3; 1 Pe.1:3-4; Rom.8:14-17; Gal.3:29; Tit.3:7; Jam.2:5. Heaven: Jn.14:2; 1 Pet.1:4; Heb.4:9; 11:16; Rev.14:13; Rev.21 & 22; The wicked excluded from: Gal.5:21; Eph.5:5; Rev.22:15. HELL, where you do NOT want to go: Isa.5:14; 14:9, 15; Mat.25:41, 46; Lk.16:23-26; Jn.3:18,36; 2 Thes.1:8-9; 2 Pet.2:4; Rev.14:10-11; 19:20; 20:10, 15; 21:8. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  Rev. 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (KJV)  Only JESUS can put your name in the Book of Life! Do NOT turn your back on Jesus!

Judgment Seat? Great White Throne?

Jesus can see, deep down in your soul,
As your life actions, He does patrol.
There is nothing from Him, you can hide,
For His Spirit, in you does abide.

Your heart within, our Lord Jesus knows,
Words and actions, from your heart flows.
Ev’ry word you say, all things you do,
All have their start, in the heart of you.

We all must face Christ, on Judgment Day,
To this awesome Judge, what will you say?
Excuses won’t work, neither will lies,
All is recorded, on which He relies.

Accountable, each one of us will be,
To the Judge, King of eternity.
What e’er His verdict, twill be just and true,
No one can change it, not me, not you!

The Judgment Seat? Or the Great White Throne?
Accept or reject Christ . . . Each to his own.
Which of these two places, will you stand?
The decision lies, just in your hand.

At the Judgment Seat, to Heav’n you’ll go,
At the Great White Throne, ‘twill be Hell’s woe.
Jesus can see deep down, in your soul,
My friend, give Him your life, to control.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Dec. 29, 2008 # 1211
Book of Life: Rev. 3:5; Rev. 13:8; Rev. 21:27; Exodus 32:32-33; Psalm 69:28; Daniel 12:1; Phil. 4:3. Books opened: Daniel 7:10; Psalm 56:8; 139:4,16; Mal.3:16; Rom.2:15-16; John 12:48; Gal. 3:10. Judgment Seat of Christ: 1 Cor.3:10-15; Rom.14:10. 2 Cor. 5:10. Great White Throne Judgment: Rev.20:11-5. References to judgment: John 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; Mat.25:31-32, 40-41,46; John 12:48.


To those who rule in power and might,
I’m just a nobody, in their sight.
No fame nor glory can they see,
For there’s none at all, in humble me.

To those who flourish in wealth untold,
I’m just a nobody, left in the cold.
They look at me in disgust and shame,
They are not interested in my name.

The rich and mighty have such great pride,
They want all nobodies just to hide.
I’m just a nobody in their eyes,
And the likes of me, they do despise.

Do any of these things bother me?
No, they don’t, I’m content, and happy!
For there is One with more power than these,
And they are all, His enemies.

I am not saddened by these things,
For I am gladly, a child of the King.
All God’s great riches, belong to me,
And I’ll live in Heav’n, for eternity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.19,1997 # 294
(Ps.41:1; 62:10; Pro.19:17; 28:20; 23:5; 27:24;
Mt.6:19-20; 19:23; 1 Tim.6:7; Jam.2:5; Pro.10:22;
Ro.8:17; Tit.3:7; Jn.1:12)

As people live, most don’t think of Hell,
Yet it is a place, where millions dwell.
Folks won’t admit it, but this fact is true,
To avoid Hell, the choice is up to you.

If you won’t accept what God has to say,
You will acquire Hell as your home one day.
When you arrive, you’ll see you were wrong,
As you join, that agonizing throng.

God speaks only Truth; He never lies,
“We don’t believe” is how people reply.
They just long for ways, this life to enhance,
But one day they’ll beg, for just one more chance!

But when they beg, God’s mercy will be gone,
There’ll be no more chances, in a new dawn.
God now reaches out in love, to you and me,
Off’ring the GIFT of life eternally!

“Just one more chance” Hell’s residents will cry,
“You called Me a Liar” will be God’s reply!
God will ne’er change His mind, once you are there,
Eternal anguish, with millions you will share.

“Please God, just one more chance” they will plead,
But God’s grace is gone; their screams He won’t heed!
No more chances for you, after you die,
Believe God now, and on Jesus rely!

You are free to choose Jesus this day,
Just He can send you, to Heav’n’s blissful array.
The only chance you need, is now before you,
Heaven or Hell? my friend, what will you do?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.16,2001 # 777
2 Cor.6:2; John 3:15-18,36; 1:12-13; 3:3; 8:24; 14:6; 1 John 5:10-12; 2:23;  Rev.20:11-15; 21:8, 27; 22:14-15; John 6:27-29; Mat.13:47-49; 24:36-44; 25:13
NOW is the day of salvation if you don’t know Christ!


When you were young, playing with your friends,
Did they run off and leave, and you offend?
It happen’d to me, and it worried my mind,
To be happy at play, then left behind!

There’s a day coming, and not far away,
Jesus will come, in the clouds on that day.
He’ll descend from Heaven, with a great shout,
Calling all God’s children, from here and about.

In a moment; a twinkling of an eye,
He’ll come and take us with Him, in the sky!
He’s just coming, God’s children to find,
What about you, will you be left behind?

No one knows the hour, or day, He will come,
Not ev’n the angels; just God, in His Home!
No warning! but as a thief in the night,
Christ shall come in the clouds; O’ what a sight!

Two men shall be working, out in the field,
But lo, just one of them, to Christ shall yield!
The other, a good man, moral and kind,
Would not accept Christ; so was left behind!

Just one simple question, I’d ask of you,
When Christ was presented, what did you do?
There’s just one way, you can go on this trip,
Trust Christ to save you, let me give you this tip.

Jesus is the “Way, the Truth, and the Life,”
Without Him, eternity will be the worst strife!
Trust Christ to save you; He’s loving and kind,
If you don’t, I’ll warn you; you’ll be left behind!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.1,1995 # 48
Scripture verses for above poem:
(1 Thes.4:14-18; 1 Th.5:2-11; 1 Co.15:51-58; Mt.24:36-44;
Jn.3:15-18,36; Jn.5:24; Jn.8:24; Jn.14:6)


There is life beyond the grave; indeed,
So the Gospel of Christ we must heed.
Trust Jesus as your Saviour today,
Only with Him will you go the right way!

For certain, there’s life beyond the grave,
List’ to the Gospel; be bold and brave.
To access God, you must go thru’ His Son,
Or the gates of Heaven can’t be won!

Beyond the grave, there’s eternity,
All souls are eternal; both you and me.
There’s two destinations, where we could go,
To blissful Heaven, OR Hell below!

As we on this Earth, our lives do live,
A free will; our gracious God does give.
He will not force us, to go His way,
He gives us freedom, to decide each day!

Accept OR reject Jesus, God’s Son,
This decision is an eternal one.
Only Christ, your soul from Hell can save,
For friend, there IS life, beyond the grave.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.30,1998 # 491
Scripture verses for above poem:
Jn.3;15; Jn.36; Jn.5:24; Jn.6:40; Jn.17:3; Gal.6:8; Ro.6:23; Ro.8:6; Jam.1:15; Jam.5:20; Rev.21:8; 2 Thes.1:8; 1 Pet.4:17; Jn.14:6; Mt.7:13-14


Lord, let them consider You, ‘fore it’s too late,
Let them know that just You, can open Heav’n’s gate.
Millions do not consider, eternity,
And only You, Jesus, can set their soul free.

In the body of flesh, the soul is bound,
And without Jesus, no pardon can be found.
E’er so deep, Satan has the imprisoned soul,
But Jesus can release it, He has full control.

Before it’s too late, please do consider this,
Without Jesus, you’ll ne’er realize Heav’n’s bliss.
Condemn’d you will be, to the gate of Hell,
And there for eternity, you shall dwell.

Lord, let them consider You, this is my pray’r,
This world is so fickle, with no love or care.
Only with Jesus’ awesome, amazing grace,
Can you have victory, in life’s long, hard race.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 2, 2007 # 1151
Eternal Life: Mat.19:25-26; John 8:31-32; 14:6; Acts 4:12;
Rom. 6:23; 8:1-4, 37-39; 10:9-10; Gal. 5:1; Phil.3:4-11; 1 John 5:4-5; Eternal death: Mat. 25:46; Mark 3:29; Heb. 6:2; 2 Thes. 1:9; Mat. 18:8; 25:41; Jude 1:7; Eternal existence of God: 1 Tim. 1:17; Rom.1:20; 16:26; Eternal existence of Christ: Rev. 1:18.
The eternal duration of the sufferings of the lost: Mat. 25:46; Jude 1:6. Their condition after casting off the mortal body is spoken of in these revealing and terrifying words: “Fire that shall not be quenched” (Mark 9:45-46), “fire unquenchable” (Luke 3:17), “the worm that never dies,” “the smoke of their torment ascending up for ever and ever” (Rev. 14:10-11).


The pain in my soul, is agony,
When lost souls around, the Truth can’t see.
Deaf ears and blind eyes, and stubbornness,
The Laws of God, they love to transgress.

When I see the hardness, in lost souls,
It’s so clear, that Satan has control.
Their utter unbelief makes my soul cry,
For Jesus, they reject and deny.

My heart is sad, as I look around
For the Saviour, lost ones have not found.
Christ has given us all, a command,
Go ye therefore,” into all the land.

If we know Jesus, we must obey,
We must tell of Jesus, ev’ry day.
Lost souls are there, where ever we go,
When we tell of Christ, true love we show.

If we love Jesus, of Him we’ll tell,
For we want no one to go to Hell.
Each of us will answer to the Lord,
We’ll be held accountable, by The Word.

When you stand before, Jesus one day,
Will you stand tall, because you obey’d?
Will you receive rewards meant for you?
Or will you be ashamed, that you were not true?

Lost souls should to us be a concern,
“Go ye therefore” Christ wants us to learn.
ALL believers must always obey,
We all must reach out to lost souls today.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.11,2001 # 849
(Mat.28:19; Mk.16:15; Acts 1:8; 2 Tim.4:2; Luke 24:47; Rom.10:13-17; Pro.11:30; Dan.12:3; 1 Cor.3:13-15; Rev.22:12)


Most folk don’t think ‘bout eternity,
They live their life, happy go lucky.
But this life on Earth will one day end,
Will you go above? or will you descend?

Each person belongs to two fam’lies,
God plainly states; ‘tis no mystery. 1 Jn.3:10
Earthly fam’ly; and spiritual too,
We belong to two fam’lies; me and you.

Our physical fam’ly, with kinfolk dear,
Mean much to most folk; they want them near.
Fam’lies go back to Adam and Eve,
Physical fam’lies, to each other cleave.

Without Christ, to Satan we belong, Ep.2:2-3; 1 Jn.3:10; Jn.8:44
Chasing evil, with an ungodly throng. Ro.1:18; Pro.2:14-15; 14:12
This spiritual fam’ly will go to Hell, Jn.3:18,36; 8:24; Mk.8:36
And there, eternally, these will dwell. Rev.20:15; Mt.25:41, 46

The other spiritual fam’ly, is God’s, Jn.1:12-13; Ro.8:14; 1 Jn.3:10
When we no longer on wrong paths trod. Mt.7:13
Jesus can place you on this right road, Mt.7:14; Lu.1:79; Jn.10:3-4
To Heav’n above; the Father’s abode. Jn.14:2-3; Rev.21:22-23

Physical fam’ly, and spiritual too,
We belong to both these, me and you!
We’ll live forever, spiritually,
Just where will you live, eternally?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.13, 1998 # 457


One day my angels will carry me,
On my last, but my greatest, journey.
The moment I die, my soul they’ll bear,
Into the presence of my God who cares.

On this wondrous journey through the air,
The soul of His servant, they will bear.
My angels will carry, safe and sure,
And from Satan’s grasp, I’ll be secure!

My angels will carry me away,
To be with my Jesus, e’er alway.
I’ll be in His Light for ever more,
Where I’ll love and praise and always adore.

Into the vast expanse of God’s Home,
Into the presence of His great Throne.
On my last, but my greatest journey,
To Heaven, my angels will carry me.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 10, 1998 # 468


There are times my heart simply does break,
When I ponder o’er lov’d ones, for their sake.
They simply can’t see what lies ahead,
Many tears fall as I lay on my bed.

Some have hearts that are as hard as stone,
The Gospel is hidden, ev’n when shown.
Each time they hear, and don’t let Him in,
They’re harden’d the more, thru’ deceit of sin.

Ears of most are heavy and stopped,
They won’t listen, when the Word is dropped.
Turning their ears away from His Word,
It’s just as if they had never heard!

Then there are those who walk in the dark,
They can’t see Christ, nor Him do they hark.
This disturbs me, gives me great distress,
Why can’t they see Christ? and Him confess?

Satan blinds them; they do not believe,
They don’t understand; they can’t percieve.
If their minds were clear; I pray again,
The light of Jesus would shine on them.

I know I should pray, “All in His will,”
But with these lost ones, it’s hard to be still!
I don’t know who are His ‘chosen’ ones,
I’ll just keep praying they’ll see His Son!

The most crucial decision they’ll e’er make,
Eternal destination, is what’s at stake!
Thru’ tears of anguish, I pray on my bed,
I love them so much, but their future I dread!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.24,1995 # 37
(Heb.3:13; Ac.4:12; Ep.4:18; 2 Co.4:3-4; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:6) This is yet another poem concerning ‘me’

My Soul Is In His Hands

I have a Friend, who takes care of me,
And He does it each day, lovingly.
My soul is in His capable Hands,
Faith in Him, is all He demands.

In His sufficient Hands, my soul does rest,
For He sees me thru’, my toughest test.
He’s always there, He’ll never forsake,
Of His love, I will gladly partake.

His kind and gentle Hands, support me,
When I stumble, and fall to my knees.
He’s there, when I fall flat on my face,
His Hands lift me up, with amazing grace.

His comforting Hands, give me great peace,
Any doubt and worry are released.
Wondrous contentment, He gives to me,
For my soul’s in His Hands, eternally.

In His mighty Hands, my longing soul rests,
For I know He’ll give me, His v’ry best.
The City of Gold, is awaiting me,
Where God’s children shall live, eternally.

My Soul is in His Hands, He qualifies,
Heav’n is yours, if on Him you rely.
To eternal Life, Christ is the only Way,
Is your soul, in His belov’d Hands this day?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.20, 2006 # 1104


My time on Earth will soon end,
I thank Him, for calling me “friend”,
As my time to go does draw near,
I’m so grateful, I have no fear.

I have no fear of what’s to come,
For I’ll be with Christ, in His Home.
My Heavenly ‘home’ does await,
Angels will carry me, thru’ the gate.

I have no fear at all of Hell,
That’s not the place where I shall dwell.
Christ paid the price; redeemed my soul,
I’m Heaven bound; He’s in control!

God sent His Son, that I might live,
If I believe, my sins He forgives.
Believing on Christ’s wondrous Name,
Puts me in Heaven, His Word is plain!

Belief in Christ takes away fear,
E’vn tho’ my time to go is near.
For if from my body I am absent,
I know with God, I am present!

Do you have fear of where you’ll go?
Will it be Heav’n? or Hell below?
Only CHRIST can give you Heav’n’s key,
And give you peace, and set you free.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.1,1996 # 155
(Ps.103:15-16; 1 P.1:24; 1 Jn.4:18; Ro.3:24; 2 Co.5:8;
Jam.4:14; Lu.16:22; Jn.15:15; 14:1-3,27; 3:15-18,36)


Daily troubles will not go away,
But Christ assists; He is my Stay!
Firmly He grasps my trembling hand,
With my Saviour, I’ll take my stand!

In deep, dark nights when I cannot see,
I have Christ there, walking with me!
By my trembling hand, He leads me on,
His brilliant Light, makes fear be gone!

In storms of life, with winds so wild,
Fiercely they blow, but I’m His child!
My trembling hand reaches for His pow’r,
He won’t forsake me, at any hour!

This life’s path, I know I must tread,
With Jesus near, I feel no dread!
‘Tis He that holds my trembling hand,
As I stumble thru’ this troubl’d land!

With my trembling hand, I’ll hold tight,
Securely gripping with all my might!
Christ will lead me to the Promis’d Land,
By my weak and frail, trembling hand!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.25, 2000 # 624

MY REWARD . . . Oct.2006 Message

Serving You, Lord, on that street of gold,
My reward will be, Your Face to behold.
Being with You, is enough for me,
There’s no greater reward, in eternity.

Lord, let me serve You, for ever more,
As I live on Heav’n’s eternal shore.
No greater reward, could there be for me,
Than serving my Lord, eternally.

To be with my Lord, who for me died,
Reward for me, is with Him to abide.
I could never His great love repay,
My reward, to be with Him every day.

A reward I simply do not deserve,
My soul in Heav’n, You will preserve.
Abundantly each day, You bless me here,
‘Tis such a privilege, to know You’re near.

You shall grant a reward, for staying true,
A “rest” for me has been prepared by You.
An inheritance, that will never fade away,
Joint heirs with Christ, for eternity’s days.

‘Tis God’s good pleasure, this Gift to give ,
Everlasting, is the life I shall live.
By our awesome God this is prepared,
A reward for His children, for He cares.

Is the reward of Heav’n waiting for you?
Believing God in faith, is what you do.
Only by faith can you ever succeed,
Blissful Heav’n awaits, when you take heed.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.18,2003 # 966

Being with Christ. John 12:26; John 14:3; Phil. 1:23; 1 Thes. 4:17
Beholding the face of God. Psalm 17:15; Mat.5:8; Rev. 22:4
Beholding the glory of Christ. John 17:24
Everlasting life. Luke 18:30; John 6:40; John 17:2-3; 2:7; 6:23; 1 John 5:11
Being glorified with Christ. Rom.8:17-18; Col. 3:4; Phil. 3:21; 1 John 3:2
Sitting in judgment with Christ. Dan.7:22; Mat.19:28; Luke 22:30; 1 Cor. 6:2
Reigning with Christ. 2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 3:21; Rev. 5:10; Rev. 20:4
Inheritance with saints in light. Acts 20:32; Acts 26:18; Col. 1:12
Saints may feel confident of. Ps.73:24; Isa.25:8-9; 2 Cor. 5:1; 2 Tim. 4:8
Reigning for ever and ever. Rev. 22:5
A crown of righteousness. 2 Tim. 4:8
A crown of glory. 1 Peter 5:4
A crown of life. James 1:12; Rev. 2:10
An incorruptible crown. 1 Cor. 9:25
Joint heirs with Christ. Rom.8:17
A kingdom. Mat.25:34; Luke 22:29 Heb. 12:28
Inheritance of all things. Rev. 21:7
Inheritance eternal. Heb.9:15
Inheritance incorruptible. 1 Peter 1:4
Shining as the stars. Dan.12:3
Everlasting light. Isaiah 60:19
An enduring substance. Heb.10:34
A house eternal in the heavens. 2 Cor. 5:1
A city which had foundation. Heb.11:10
Entering into the joy of the Lord. Mat.25:21; Heb.12:2
Rest. Heb.4:9; Rev. 14:13
Fullness of joy. Psalm 16:11
The prize of the high calling of God in Christ. Phil. 3:14
Treasure in Heaven. Mat.19:21; Luke 12:33
An eternal weight of glory. 2 Cor. 4:17
Is great. Mat.5:12; Luke 6:35; Heb.10:35
Is full. 2 John 1:8
Is sure. Proverbs 11:18
Is satisfying. Psalm 17:15
Is inestimable. Isaiah 64:4; 1 Cor. 2:9
Hope of, a cause of rejoicing. Rom.5:2
Be careful not to lose. 2 John 1:8
God’s good pleasure. Luke 12:32
Prepared by God and Christ. Heb.11:16; John 14:2


My time on Earth will soon end,
I thank Him, for calling me “friend”,
As my time to go does draw near,
I’m so grateful, I have no fear.

I have no fear of what’s to come,
For I’ll be with Christ, in His Home.
My Heavenly ‘home’ does await,
Angels will carry me, thru’ the gate.

I have no fear at all of Hell,
That’s not the place where I shall dwell.
Christ paid the price; redeemed my soul,
I’m Heaven bound; He’s in control!

God sent His Son, that I might live,
If I believe, my sins He forgives.
Believing on Christ’s wondrous Name,
Puts me in Heaven, His Word is plain!

Belief in Christ takes away fear,
E’vn tho’ my time to go is near.
For if from my body I am absent,
I know with God, I am present!

Do you have fear of where you’ll go?
Will it be Heav’n? or Hell below?
Only CHRIST can give you Heav’n’s key,
And give you peace, and set you free.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.1,1996 # 155
(Ps.103:15-16; 1 P.1:24; 1 Jn.4:18; Ro.3:24; 2 Co.5:8;
Jam.4:14; Lu.16:22; Jn.15:15; 14:1-3,27; 3:15-18,36)


No pitter patter of a soft gentle rain,
No musical notes of a bird’s sweet refrain.
No cool breeze to soothe our hot aching body,
Or to stir the leaves gently up in the trees!

No luscious green grass, where children do play,
And no more laughter from them, on any day.
No beautiful flowers with fragrance so rare,
No fruit on the trees; for no trees will be there!

No majestic purple mountains, O’ so high,
No lush green valleys far from the sky.
No lakes, no rivers, not any where around,
No bright sunshine to cheer, shall ever be found!

No loving companionship, of man, or beast,
No joy, peace, or contentment; no more feast.
No windows, no exit doors, no where at all,
And no way of escape; don’t bother to call!

No friendship, no love, no caring for others,
No comforts of home; for you or another.
No rest or relief from your pain or distress,
No more pardon from God; no need to confess!

No mercy, compassion, or pity; no grace,
No water to cool you; a terrible place!
Do you want to go to this place called “Hell”?
If you reject Jesus; for sure there you’ll dwell!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.30,1995 # 81
(Lu.16:22-26; Mt.8:12; 13:41,42,49,50; 22:13; 23:33; 25:41,46;
Ps.9:17; Mk.16:16; Heb.10:26,27,31; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6)


Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (KJV) . . .  Gates are used for opening and shutting. The torment of Hell has gates that will OPEN to let one in, and SHUT to keep them there FOREVER. The gates of Hell will NEVER close upon a TRUE Christian.

There seem to be many gates, into Hell,
This place of torment, where millions shall dwell.
Are you on your way, to one of those gates?
You can change your course, for it’s not too late!

Since Heav’n has twelve gates, maybe Hell does too,
We could guess all day, but we have no clue.
It matters not, how many gates there be,
Enter into one, it shuts eternally!

Any sin, can put a person in Hell,
A place where you, do NOT want to dwell!
Multiple sins are rampant, the world wide,
Instead in Christ Jesus, you must abide.

Cast away all sin, from your life today,
Believe God, accept Christ, is the right way.
Because all do it, does NOT make it right,
Wickedness in God’s eyes, is black as night!

God is a just God, so holy and pure,
My friend, there is NO sin, that He will endure.
E’vn a small sin, He will not tolerate,
All sin will lead you, to one of Hell’s gates!

Adultery, homosexuality,
Are on Satan’s road, to Hell’s eternity. 
Sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars,
Are speeding their way, to the Lake of Fire.

Heav’n is yours, if in Christ Jesus you believe,
Eternal life is what, you will receive.
If you care for your soul, choose carefully,
Heav’n, or the gates of Hell, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   Aug.29, 2015 #1380
Salvation: (John 1:12-13; 3:3-8,15-16,36; 5:24; 1 John 5:10-13) Hell: (Deut 32:22; 2 Sam.22:6; Job 11:8; 26:6; Ps.9:17; 16:10; 18:6; 55:15; 86:13;116:3; 139:8; Pro.5:5; 7:27; 9:18; 15:11,24; 23:14; 27:20;  Isa 5:14; 14:9,15; 28:15,18; 30:33; 33:14; 57:9; Eze.31:16-17; 32:21,27; Amos 9:2; Jonah 2:2; Mat.3:12; 5:22;29-30; 7:13-14; 8:11-12; 10:28; 11:23; 13:38-42,49-50; 16:18; 18:8-9,34-35; 22:13; 23:33; 25:28-30,41,46; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 3:17; 10:15; 12:5; 16:23-28; Acts 1:25; 2:27,31; 2 thes.1:8-9; Jam.3:6; 2 Pet.2:4; Jude 1:6-23; Rev.1:18; 2;11; 6:8; 9:1-2; 11:7; 14:10-11; 19:20; 20:10,13-15; 21:8) Sinful Lifestyle: (Mal.3:5; Mat.15:18-19; Mark 7:21-32; Rom.1:21-32; 1 Cor.6:9-10; 10:20-21; 2 Cor.12:20-21; Gal.5:19-21; Eph.4:17-19; 5:3-6; Col.3:5-8; 1 Tim.1:9-10; Tit.3:3; Heb.12:24; 13:4; Jam.3:14-15; 1 Pet.4:3-4; 1 John 3:15; Rev.21:8; 22:15)
God can and will forgive ANY sin IF you accept what His only begotten Son, Jesus did on the cross for you. NO one has to go to Hell! NO one has to hear those gates slam shut after them! Heaven is available to whosoever! That means YOU! Believe God!

NO PLACE LIKE HOME . . . June 2014 Message

There’s no place like home, most people say,
We find such comfort there, in these days.
We can be ourselves, not put on airs,
There, we can cast away, many cares.

Our home here on Earth; it will not last,
All that we own, one day will be past.
We’ll leave this Earth, for another place,
Will you, my friend, see Heav’n, by God’s grace?

There’s no place like home; that one that waits,
If you know Christ, He’ll open the gate!
It will be a mansion, plain and true,
If you know Christ, He’ll reserve it for you!

No more death, nor sorrow, no more pain,
And to all our needs, God will sustain.
No more crying; all tears gone of this day,
For former things are all passed away.

God will keep us in comfort and bliss,
None of the things of Earth, will we miss.
The ecstasy of Heav’n can’t compare,
The greatest joy of Earth, won’t ev’n fare.

There’s no place like the Home we’re goin’ to,
But it’s reserved, for only a “few”.
Only Christ Jesus can grant access,
To the future Home, of so much promise.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.7,1997 # 302
(Ps,39:5; Jam.4:14; Pro,12:28; Eze.33:19; Jn.6:28-29; 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 1 P.1:4-5;
Rev.ch.21; 22:1-5; Mt.7:13-14; Is.54:1)

None of us know, what tomorrow may bring,
Are you one who worries, ‘bout everything?
Has worry e’er taken, your trouble away?
Worry is just lack of faith, on display.

God has a plan, for each and every one,
First and foremost, is that we trust His Son.
To not believe God, is a sin indeed,
To the Holy Word of God, we must heed!

The plan of God, is that we be His child,
To be sep’rate from the world, so defiled.
In the Spirit, the Lord wants us to walk,
And imitate Christ, in His deeds and talk.

Jesus trusted His Father, with His all,
He had no worry, ‘bout what would befall.
Jesus knew exactly, what would come His way,
He trusted completely, each single day.

Shouldn’t Christ Jesus, our Example be?
As we walk the small path, to eternity.
Jesus did not worry ‘bout anything,
May His right Life to us, be a blessing!

Worry should not be, the first thing on our mind,
All our troubles can be left, far behind.
Let us ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?”
Strength from His Father, He would pursue!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Aug.21, 2015 #1379
Worry: (Ps.37:5; 55:22; 127:2; Pro.16:3; Jer.17:7-8; Mat.6:25-34; 10:16-42; Lk.12:22-34; Phil.4:6-7; 1 Pet.5:6-7; Heb.13:5). Faith: (Lk.17:5; 18:8; Rom.10:17; 14:23; 1 Cor.2:5; 2 Cor.5:17; Gal.5:6; Eph.3:12; Phil.1:6; Heb.3:6,12-14; 10:35; Ch.11; 1 Jn.3:21; 5:14) Power of God: (Mk.10:27; Lk.1:37; 3:8; 18:27; Rom.4:21; 11:23; 2 Cor.9:8; Eph.3:20; Phil.3:21; 2 Tim.1:12; Heb.2:18; 7:25; Jude 1:24). God’s grace: (Ps.84:11; Acts 11:23; 13:43;  1 Cor.3:10; 15:10; 2 Cor.1:12; 6:1; Gal.2:21; Eph.3:7; Heb.2:9; Jam.4:6; 1 Pet.5:5) Justify: (Rom.3:26-28; 5:1) Few: (Mat.7:13-14; 1 Pet.3:20-21). He will Never leave, never forsake: (Heb.13:5; Isa.40:29-31; 41:10; Ps.29:11; Zec.10:12; John 15:1-7; 2Cor.12:9-10; Eph.3:16; 6:10; Phil.4:13; Col.1:11)
One Day . . . July 2009 Monthly Message

One day I’ll look down at my feet,
and they will be standing on gold!
When Heav’n’s door is open’d to me,
Such great wonders, I’ll behold!

One day as I survey Heav’n’s bliss,
and gaze at my “mansion” there,
I’ll be grateful to my Saviour,
for His eternal love and care!

One day, in but a multitude,
as I wander ‘bout Heav’n’s domain,
Ten thousand years, and a million more,
For eternity, I’ll remain!

One day I’ll sit at Jesus’ Feet,
and behold His awesome glory,
And as I walk, in His vast Light,
I’ll praise His Name, eternally!

One day I’ll talk, to godly men:
Noah, Elijah, Daniel too,
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego,
These are just some of God’s faithful “few.”

Not just one day, but fore’er more,
I’ll serve my Master, ev’ry day!
So gratefully and willingly,
In the splendor of, Heav’n’s display!

One day I’ll be in my Home on high,
To live with Christ, eternally!
Privileged! I am one of the “few,”
My faith and belief gave vic’try!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  June 3, 2008 # 1178


Our clock keeps ticking, the hours rush by,
We cannot stop time, no need to try.
God gives each soul, a number of days,
When our time is gone, He’ll take us away.

Then shall the dust return to the Earth,
No matter who, or how much your worth.
When our Creator beckons, we must go,
And leave all we have, here on Earth below.

But you do have an eternal spirit,
At death, your spirit will still exist.
God’s Word is as plain as it can be,
Just read with an open mind, and see.

Our spirit shall return unto God,
He gave it; He’ll take it; the world abroad.
There is no soul sleep as some do say,
Your soul is awake, for ALL your days.

Just what will God do with your spirit?
It goes back to Him, you must admit.
Will your angels carry you to Heav’n?
Or will the prison of Hades be giv’n?

Our clock keeps ticking; time on Earth is brief,
When God takes your soul, will it find relief?
Christ can grant the key to Heaven’s door,
And Hell will be gone from you, for e’er more.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.18,1996 # 245
(Jer.31:35; 33:20; Ps.148:1-6; 89:37; 104:19,29; Ec.12:7; 3:20;
Gen.2:7; 1:27; Job 32:8; Ac.7:59; 2 Co.5:8; Lu.16:19-26; Phil.1:23; 1 Thes.4:17; 1 P.3:19-20; 1:10,24; 2 P.2:4; Jam.4:14; Ps.91:11; Heb.1:14; Jn.14:3; 17:24; 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:6)


We’ll find many hard roads on life’s journey,
As we wind our way to eternity.
But we have a Guide, who will lead us right,
For His light will shine in the darkest night!

Upward we climb, on a steep, rocky trail,
But if our Guide directs, we cannot fail!
We’ll not slip and fall as we journey on,
But we must trust our Guide; God’s own Son!

As we travel down a rugged crevasse,
Our Saviour will lead us, and He will bless!
We must keep our faith when we’re down and out,
Always trusting our Guide, never to doubt!

We will come to many detours in life,
Satan will tempt us with troubles and strife.
But ‘round those bumpy paths, our Guide will lead,
If only His right counsel, we will heed!

A constant, smooth road, our trip will not be,
As we journey on, to eternity!
We’ll have ups and downs; sunshine and rain,
But vict’ry is ours, our Guide will sustain!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.5, 2000 # 751


Flesh and blood is our body today, Mt.16:17
An earthly body that will decay. Gen.3:19; Job 19:26; Ec.12:7
But when in Christ we trust and believe, Jn.6:28-29; 1 Jn.5:4
A spiritual body one day we’ll receive. 1 Co.15:44; Phil.3:21

Our present body is sinful and weak, 1 Co.42-43
Without Christ, our end is gloomy and bleak. Jn.3:18,36; 8:24; 14:6
But when we trust Christ to save our soul, Ac.2:21; Ro.10:13
A new body awaits; Christ does control. Mt.28:18; Heb.1:2

Our natural body returns to the dust, Ge.2:7; Ec.3:20; Job 19:26
God plainly states, so it is a must! Gen.3:19; Job 21:23-26
A new Heav’nly body we’ll receive, Lu.20:36; Jn.1:12
But we must first trust Christ, and Him believe. Jn.14:6; Ro.5:9-10; 1 Jn.10-12

Do you want to live in Heav’n above? Rev.ch.21; 22:1-5
And be surrounded by His glory and love? Rev.21:23-24
Flesh and blood cannot to God’s Home go, 1 Co.15:49,53
A Heav’nly body God must first bestow! 2 Co.5:1-5

From the grave, God’s children, He’ll redeem, Ps.49:15; Jn.5:25; 6:40; 11:25
And life in Heav’n will seem but a dream! Rev. ch.21; 22:1-5
Flesh and blood shall change to flesh and bones, Lu.24:39
Christ shall present us faultless ‘fore God’s throne. Heb.7:25; Jude 24
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.26, 1998 # 454


Out of my sin, and darkness so deep,
Out of a carefree and threat’ning sleep.
Into the brightness and glory of God,
Into His service, each day as I trod.

Out of the valley’s shadow of death,
Out of the stench of the Wicked One’s breath.
Into Christ’s safe Arms, ever so strong,
Into a life where He keeps me from wrong.

Out of sin’s bondage and heavy chains,
Out of Satan’s grip, where sin does stain.
Into a life of great joy and peace,
Into forgiveness, and burdens releas’d.

Out of calamity, and decline complete,
Out of my conflict and chilling defeat.
Into a life of contentment and rest,
Into a life where I’m happy and blest.

Out of my sorrow, bondage and shame,
Out of wickedness; to evil to name.
Into Christ’s righteousness and peace that lasts,
Into great Light, that from Him is cast.

Out of my guilt, and Hell’s appalling gloom,
Out of dreaded judgment, panic and doom.
Into hope and comfort without a ploy,
Into a life of such perfect joy.

Out of my hard heart and prideful will,
Out of my yearning that nothing could fill.
Into a life of happiness, I now dwell,
Into Christ Jesus; more blest than I can tell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.4, 2000 # 651

Out of the Pits of Hell . . . May 2012 Monthly Message

Out of the pits of Hell, into Jesus’ Arms,
Believing removes us, from Satan’s harm.
What we are, is a child of the wicked one,
Until we believe and accept, God’s own Son!

Children of the devil, go to fiery Hell,
There eternally, in agony they’ll dwell.
God’s children will go, to the opposite place,
To blissful Heav’n, where we’ll see Jesus’ Face!

To live in disobedience, brings God’s wrath,
But there are so many, on that big, broad path.
A child of God loves the Lord, will trust and obey,
He walks with Jesus, for there’s no other way!

Going Satan’s route, is the wrong way to go,
For it will only bring, eternal sorrow.
But walking with Jesus, in His precious Light,
Will lead you to Heav’n, a most glorious sight.

The Lord gives every one, a will of their own,
And He gives the Bible, so the Way is shown.
The choice is before us, we must decide,
Just where in eternity, we will reside.

Do you want the pits of Hell? Or Jesus’ Arms?
Believing God removes you, from Satan’s harm.
Will you keep on, as a child of the wicked one?
Or will you believe God, and accept His Son?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  Nov. 5, 2010    #1273


Payday will come for all lost souls,
All those not found on Heav’n’s roll.
God’s grace is gone! His wrath does start!
For from His Son, you did depart!

Rejecting Christ thru’ unbelief,
Will cause lost souls, eternal grief.
The wages of sin is death, my friend,
You’ll go to Hell where pain won’t end.

Unbelief to God is the worst sin,
Is today; always has been!
It’s telling God He’s a liar,
Your payday will be the ‘Lake of Fire’.

Payday will come on ‘Judgment Day’,
The ‘Righteous Judge’ you will not sway.
The ‘Books’ will be opened wide,
There’ll be NO place for you to hide.

You can avoid ‘Payday in Hell’,
Instead, you can in Heaven dwell!
BELIEVE AND ACCEPT what God has said,
TRUST CHRIST TO SAVE; you’ve nought to dread.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.4,1996 # 192
(Heb.9:27; 2 P.2:9; 3:7; Jude 13-15; Rev.14:10-11; 20:11-15; 21:8; Dan.7:10; 12:1-2; Mal.4:1; Mt.3:12; 13:41-42; 1 Thes.5:3; 2 Thes.1:9; Ro.2:8; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:23-24; 8:24; 16:9; 6:28-29;
Mk.9:43-48; 1 Jn.5:1, 10-12)


You reached out to me, in eternity past,
Before the foundation of the Earth was cast.
So very long ago, You chose humble me,
To live with You in Your House, eternally!

Predestinated --- humble me You chose,
Heaven’s gates to me, You will never close.
You’ve prepared a “mansion” that’s reserved for me,
Where I’ll walk that street of gold, eternally!

Predestinated --- You have adopted me,
I was chosen in Christ, for Your family.
To the praise of the glory of Your grace,
One day I will see Your majestic Face!

Predestinated --- You chose me in Your Son,
Before Creation, You had ever begun.
In Your mercy and grace, You reached out to me,
That humble me might have life, eternally!

I’m not noble, nor wise, least of all mighty,
Your choosing me, is a great mystery.
Yet You chose me, knowing I’d stumble in weakness,
And bestow upon me, Your blessedness.

My only desire is to glorify You,
In everything that I think, and say and do.
I just want to praise You for all You have done,
Blessing me completely, thru’ Thine own Son!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 21, 2001 # 792
Eph. 1:4-12; 1 Cor. 1:26-31;


When you plan a trip, to go away,
Do you prepare for that special day?
If you’re like most, you plan well ahead,
With preparations; so there’s no dread.

Most people never prepare or plan,
For the most important trip of man.
Most live as if they won’t ever die,
Death is certain, don’t try to deny.

When your day comes; just where will you go?
Your soul lives for e’er, you’d better know!
Just two destinations; Heav’n or Hell,
You’re headed for one, for e’er to dwell.

Have you made preparations for that day?
When you will leave this Earth, and go away.
You will leave, there is no doubt at all,
When your time is up, our God will call.

Hell is the place folks don’t want to hear,
But it is there, and a place to fear!
You don’t want to go Hell below,
Instead, our Saviour, you need to know!

Only Christ can take you to Heav’n’s land,
You must prepare, and be well planned.
Your most important trip is soon to come,
Just WHERE will be your eternal home?
By: Connie Kramer Jan.19, 1996 # 115
(2 Chron.19:3; Li.1:17; 13:32-37; 21:34-35; 2 Tim.2:19-26;
Mt.24:27; 25:6-10; 1 Thes.5:3; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:2-3,6)


Like a brutal blizzard blinds your eyes,
Keeping you from Jesus, Satan tries!
He will make your heart so cold and hard,
Your eyes are blinded, your way is barr’d!

Like a sandstorm, where you cannot see,
Satan keeps you bound; won’t set you free.
From the Lord, he will keep you away,
He’ll blind your eyes, ev’ry single day!

In prison, is where, Satan wants you,
Far away from the Lord’s love so true!
The Truth, he does not want you to see,
He does not want Christ, to set you free!

Behind prison bars, in darkness so deep,
Is where the old devil wants to keep!
He doesn’t want you to know the King,
His lies keep millions from God’s blessings!

In this dark prison, you need not stay,
Jesus has for you, a better way!
He can make the sky, cloud-free and bright,
He can give those blind eyes, precious sight!

The Light of Jesus can shine on you,
He can remove your hard heart too!
That prison of darkness, need not be,
Christ can give you life, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 25, 2000 # 717


Hell will be a prison of darkest despair,
There are so many things that will be there.
Fire and brimstone, suff’ring and agony,
Weeping and wailing; God’s final decree!

Mem’ry and remorse, for eternity,
No turning back; not a chance to be free!
No doors or windows in that awful place,
And never, ever, the light of Christ’s Face!

The fearful, unbelievers, all liars,
All these will have part in the “Lake of Fire”.
The abominable, and all who hate God,
All who reject Christ, while Earth they do trod!
By: Connie Kramer Jan.3, 1996 # 94-B
(Rev.20:10,15; 21:8; 22:14-15; Ro.1:28-30;
Mt.8:12; 13:41, 42, 49, 50; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6)


As you consider at the set of sun,
Counting the good deeds that you have done.
Did you do those things to glorify
Our loving Saviour, in His Home on High?

As you reflect o’er the day that’s past,
Will things you’ve done, in eternity last?
All our works will be tried, one by one,
All motives will be judged by God’s Son.

A reward will be giv’n if our works stand,
All we do for Christ, while in this land.
All works done selfishly will be burned,
All our proud motives will be spurned.

Before the Great Judge, we’ll stand one day,
Do you know my friend, what you will say?
In His awesome Presence, truth will out,
We’ll suffer loss; OR we’ll sing and shout!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 15, 1997 # 373
(1 Cor. 3:11-15)

Road of NO Return

Are you on the road, of no return?
Do you for worldly things, lust and yearn?
The world has so many things, to offer you,
But the ones who pass it by, are few!

Are you one who entered, the wide gate?
As you walked life's road, defying fate?
Are you walking, the devil's broad road?
If so, you will wind up, in his abode!

The devil will tempt, with worldly things,
With each temptation, more courage he brings!
And if you keep on, that wicked path,
You anger GOD, and bring on His wrath.

As you walk the road, of no return,
Think where it leads, that place where it burns.
Going thru' the wide gate, is so wrong,
For it only leads, to Satan's throng.

That wide gate, will lead you to Hell's gate,
Consider this, before it's too late.
Once in Hell, you cannot change your mind,
Ann the grace of GOD, you will not find!

Hell's one way gate, is one of NO return,
Think of this, if for Heaven you yearn.
Be wise, take the strait gate and narrow way,
Christ will not let you, be Satan's prey.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.9, 2018   #1409
Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (KJV)
Revelation 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (KJV)
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (KJV)
John 14:1-2 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (KJV)
1 Peter 1:3-5 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, 5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. (KJV) There is only ONE way to God the Father, who is in Heaven. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV) Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)

Roads To Heaven

On the brink of disaster, this world stands,
This whole Universe, is in the Lord’s Hands.
Immorality, and such wickedness,
The Almighty Creator, will not bless.

As each of us walk, in the world today,
Oh! So many are trav’ling, the broad way,
They follow their master, who leads to Hell,
And there for eternity, they shall dwell.

Great, lofty mountains, and canyons so wide,
Will cross our path, as in this life we stride.
Those who are wise, will walk the narrow path,
In the light of Christ, which keeps us from God’s wrath.

We may come to a huge canyon, so deep,
Along the edge, we must cautiously creep.
We must obey the Spirit, as He guides,
Always correct directions, He’ll provides.

A wild raging river, comes into view,
How will we cross over? What shall we do?
Many are the obstacles, on our road,
As we keep on, to our heavn’ly abode.

Are you standing, at a junction this day?
Don’t let the old devil, your mind to sway.
If you’re on the broad road, get off right now,
Let the Holy Ghost, with wisdom endow.

Trials and tribulations, each day arrive,
The Spirit of Christ, your strength can revive.
From all temptations, you can walk away,
You can do all things, through Christ every day.

Many obstacles could come, across our road,
But the light of Christ, on us is bestowed.
Privileg’d we are, with Jesus on our side,
We must keep our faith, and in Him abide.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Feb.1,2015 #1365
Heavenly citizenship: (Mat.6:1,20; Lk.10:20; 22:30; Jn.14:2-3; Phil.3:20; 4:13; 1 Pet.1:3-4; Rev.21:27). Hell: (Isa.5:14; 14:9; 30:33; Ps.49:14; Pro.27:20; Eze.32:18-30; Hab.2:5; Mat.7:13; Rev.20 13-15).
Matthew 7:13-14  Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (KJV)

So Many

So many consider this Earth, as home,
As wildly and recklessly, they do roam.
They ne’er think, they’ll live eternally,
So they just continue on, sinfully.

So many, not once, consider our Lord,
They don’t believe the Bible, is God’s Word.
Selfish they are, “What can I do for me?”
Greedily they lust, for pleasure and money.

So many think, they will avoid God’s wrath,
As they continue, on that big, broad path.
They ne’er think, that God will cast them to Hell,
So many think, that all in Heav’n will dwell.

So many false doctrines, are taught today,
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, stalking for new prey.
People reject, and against God rebel,
They refuse to believe, He will cast them to Hell.

God cannot lie, but so many won’t believe,
Most will do nothing, His grace to receive.
Believe on Christ, eternal life you gain,
Reject Christ, you shall experience Hell’s pain.

So many reject Jesus, are you one?
Heav’n can be achieved, ONLY by God’s Son!
Jesus is the Way, He holds Heav’n’s ONE key,
Belief in Him gives life, eternally.
By His servant, Connie Kramer May 5, 2009 # 1230
John 1:12-13; 3:14;18, 36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:1-6; Acts 4:12;
Mat. 7:13-14; 25:41; 1 John 4:4; 5:10-13; Rev.20:11-15; 21:8,27
Only Jesus has Heaven’s ‘key’ John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:10-12
John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (KJV)
John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. (KJV)
Believe God! He CANNOT lie! (Titus 1:2)


Walking on that strait and narrow road,
Sometimes we carry a heavy load.
But He is there, our burdens to bear,
He really does love us; and does care.

When we walk that road; narrow and strait,
We finally come to Heaven’s gate.
At times we cannot see what’s ahead,
But Christ is there; we’ve nothing to dread.

On that road, that’s so strait and narrow,
There may be times of hardship and woe.
Looming ahead may be difficulties,
But beyond; Heav’n for eternity!

As we’re walking that difficult way,
Remember, He’s with us, night and day.
Keep on going, serving Him; don’t stop!
Produce much fruit, for Him a good crop!

Don’t come to a standstill along the way,
Keep serving the Lord, quick to obey!
Follow the same road, trod by our Lord,
You can’t go wrong when you obey His Word!
By: Connie Kramer Mar.26, 1996 # 179
(Mt.7:13-14; 11:28-30; 28:20; Heb.13:5-6,15-16; Ac.17:27;
Ps.145:18; Jer.23:23; Jn.14:21; 15:10)

“Transfer” . . . June 2012 Monthly Message

My horrible wicked sins, He takes away,
The Father then sends, Christ’s righteousness my way.
God forgives my sins, Christ gives me victory,
He shed His precious Blood, on the cross for me.

When we believe in Christ Jesus, we “overcome,”
Our faith will lead us, to our eternal Home.
When we believe God, and Christ Jesus receive,
Never ending life in Heaven, we achieve.

Transferring my sins, for Jesus’ righteousness,
‘Tis beyond my wildest dreams, I must confess.
Christ’s love for us, I simply can’t comprehend,
And no one, any where, is a better Friend!

We have an awesome Saviour, who loves us so,
Only Jesus can save us, from Hell below.
When we trade eternal death, for eternal life,
Jesus takes away, all our worry and strife.

My abominable sins, God takes away,
Then He sends the righteousness of Christ, my way.
When He forgives my sins, He does justify,
On my precious, beloved Saviour, I can rely.

Has Jesus transferred your sins, to righteousness?
Have you accepted Christ, so the Father will bless?
This “transfer” occurs, when you trust and believe,
Believe God, accept Christ; and this “transfer” receive!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  Nov. 16, 2010    #1274


Life on Earth is a time of transition,
We must take this into consideration’
This time is given for us to decide,
Where, in eternity, we will abide.

This is a topic most tend to neglect,
And only on today, do they reflect.
I ask that you consider, seriously,
Just where will you live for eternity?

Belief in Jesus, will place you in Heav’n,
Reject Him, my friend, and Hell will be giv’n.
Believe on Jesus; God will not condemn,
Instead, you will be, one of God’s children.

Transition from Earth, to another place,
I ask you this day, will you see His Face?
He’s not willing that any should perish,
But, His Son, you must accept, and cherish!

Your soul lives forever; the Bible tells,
In Heaven, or Hell; which place will you dwell?
Heaven is where our wondrous God abides,
Hell is where Satan’s children reside.

Transition time: have you thought about it?
Where will God send your immortal spirit?
For those who believe, blissful Heav’n awaits,
But those who reject Christ will be shown Hell’s gate.
By: Connie Kramer Feb.20,1997 # 296
(Ec.12:7; Lu.16:22-23; Mt.10:28; 1 Co.15:53-54; 1 Thes.4:17;
Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:22; 8:51; 1:12; 17:3; 2 Tim.1:10;
Gal.6:8; 2 P.3:9; 1 Jn.3:10; 5:10-12)

Vast Realm of Eternity, The . . . June 2009 & Jan.2011 Messages

Consider the life that is to be,
In the vast realm of eternity.
Do you think, of what the future holds?
Will you e’er walk, on that street of gold?

The river - - - clear and pure, did you know?
The water of life, from God’s Throne flows.
In the midst of the street, on each side,
Is the tree of life, that God provides.

No more curse, shall e’er again be found,
Just blessings from the Lord, will abound.
We shall at last see, His precious Face,
And first hand feel, His amazing grace.

There shall never be, any more night,
Just the brilliance, of our Saviour’s Light.
No sun or moon, will this City need,
Glory from God and the Lamb, shall proceed.

No more death, sorrow, crying or pain,
From all these things, we shall abstain.
Nothing that defiles, shall enter in,
Gone will be, all wickedness and sin.

Consider now, the other life to be,
In the vast realm of eternity.
Most will go in, thru’ Hell’s one lone gate,
The Lake of Fire, is the sinner’s fate.

No exit doors, just smoke and darkness,
Here, God’s Glory is gone; He won’t bless.
God’s wondrous Presence, you won’t e’er see,
You’ll be bann’d for e’er, from His mercy.

Agonizing screams, will never cease,
Christ is not there, so you’ll have no peace.
All the wonder of Heav’n, you’ll never see,
Just non-stop suff’ring, eternally.

Only TWO roads, to eternity,
One leads to bliss, the other - - - agony.
Your future in your own hands, you hold,
Eternal suff’ring - - - OR the street of gold.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.24,2007 #1162
Rev. 21 & 22; 20:11-15, 2 Thes.1:9-10; Mat.7:13-14; John 14:27. Hell: Mat.5:22; 5:29-30; 10:28; 18:9; 23:15; Mat. 23:33; Mark 9:43; 9:45; 9:47; Luke 12:5; Jam. 3:6


Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Jesus says this oft, to you and to me.
And whene’er He uses these special words,
I advise you to listen; He wants to be heard!

Nicodemus came to Jesus in the night,
To discuss God’s Kingdom; that was the plight.
Jesus simply said to him, e’er so plain,
Verily, verily, you must be born again.

The Jews tried to trap Him, what e’er He’d do,
He did great wonders; they did misconstrue.
Verily, verily,” He said to them in strife,
You must believe God sent me to have eternal life.

Jesus tells we can’t live by bread alone,
We must accept His work, our sins to atone.
Verily, verily, He’s the One God has giv’n,
The ‘True Bread’ the Father has sent from Heav’n.

Verily, verily, I say unto you,
I pray you listen, for His words are true.
He that believes on me, has eternal life,
What little to ask, and we’re rid of strife.

He offers eternal life; o’er and o’er again,
A ‘gift’ of God, thru’ Christ, He tells so plain!
Verily, verily,
” He’s saying to you,
Open your heart; let Him in; so easy to do!
By: Connie Kramer Nov.30,1995 # 47
(Jn.3:1-3,15-18,36; 5:24; 6:48-51; 8:24; Deut.8:3;
Mt.4:4; Ep.2:8-9)


With Christ my Saviour, vict’ry is mine,
His great light on my path truly shines.
I praise You Lord, my Saviour and King,
You are indeed, my number one blessing.

Vict’ry is mine, as I live my life,
Jesus is near, to lessen my strife.
He helps take doubt and worry away,
He is my Sunshine, day after day.

Vict’ry is mine, Christ is on my side,
He’s given me His Spirit, to abide.
An awesome blessing, is the Spirit’s pow’r,
He guides and strengthens, hour after hour.

Vict’ry is mine, I need have no fear,
Christ’s loving Presence is always near.
He comforts and encourages me,
He truly sets my troubl’d soul free.

Vict’ry is mine, sin no longer binds,
Great joy and peace, each new day I find.
God the Father does certainly bless,
When I repent, I receive forgiveness.

Thank You Jesus, You’ve made vict’ry mine,
How Your great Light in my life does shine.
Just You can help me, be pleasing to You,
Faithfully guiding in all that I do.

Vict’ry is mine, for Heaven awaits,
You promis’d You would open those gates.
You have reserv’d a “mansion” for me,
I praise You Jesus, for my vict’ry.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan. 29, 2001 # 770

When I Consider

When I consider, Christ has always been,
And His greatest desire, is souls to win.
Precious Jesus, You are God Almighty,
 Wanting all to have, life eternally!

When I think He left Heav’n, so willingly,
 Knowing what lay ahead, was agony.
He came, knowing He would suffer and die,
Yet the Father’s wish, He would not deny!

When I really think, of Gethsemane,
 And how He suffered, mental misery.
He knew that the cross, was the only way,
He had to be the Sacrifice, that day!

I think of the high priests, who condemned Him,
A horrible thing, to satisfy their whim.
Also false witnesses, stood up and lied,
Paving the way for Him, to be crucified!

I think of the crowd, that laughed Him to scorn,
They one day shall regret, that they were born.
Be not far from Me, for trouble is near,
There was none to help, in His time of fear!

His Hands and Feet, to the cross they did nail,
Their Messiah, these vile people, did fail.
They rejoiced, and mocked Him in glee,
Feeling no remorse, for His agony!

When I consider, what He did for me,
His Sacrifice brought, life eternally.
Faith in Your precious Blood, does justify,
All who accept You Jesus, and not deny!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   May 30, 2017 #1401

Jn.1:1; Lk.22:39-44; Mat.27:22 46; Mk.15:10-15; Jn.19:15; Ps.22:7,11,16-17; 69:4,7-8,14-20. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  

#1. Christ would be rejected by His own people. Ps.69:8; Isa.53:3; Jn.1:11; 7:5
#2.Christ would be a priest after the order of Melchizedek. Ps.110:4; Heb.5:5-6
#3. Christ would be called King. Ps.2:6; Zec.9:9; Mat.27:37; Mk.11:7-11
#4. Christ would be praised by little children. Ps.8:2; Mat.21:16
#5.Christ would be betrayed. Ps.41:9; Zec.11:12-13; Mat.26:14-16; Lk.22:47-48
#6. Christ's price money would be used to buy a potter's field.Zec.11:12-13; Mat.27:9-10
#7. Christ would be falsely accused. Ps.35:11; Mk.14:57-58
#8. Christ would be silent before his accusers. Isa.53:7; Mat.26:63; 27;12-14; Mk.14:61; 15:5; Lk.23:9; Jn.19:9; 1 Pet.2:23  
#9. Christ would be beaten, spat upon and struck. Isa.50:6; Mat.26:67; Mk.14:65; 15:19; Lu.22:63-64; Jn.18:22
#10. Christ would be hated without cause. Ps.35:19; 69:4; 109:3; Jn.15:25             
#11. Christ would be crucified with criminals. Isa.53:12; Mat.27:38;            Mk.15:27-28; Lk.22:37; 23:25           
#12. Christ would be given vinegar to drink. Ps.69:21; Mat.27:34; Mk.15:28; Lk.22:37; 23:25, 32-33; Jn.19:28-30  
#13. Christ's hands and feet would be pierced. Ps.22:16; Zec.12:10; Mat.27:35; Mk.15:24; Lk.23:33; Jn.19:23, 37; 20:25-27. They pierced my hands and my feet refers to the crucifixion of Christ. There simply cannot be another meaning, for nothing else would make any sense at all.
#14. Christ would be mocked and ridiculed. Ps.22:7-8; 109:25; Mat.27:29-30; Mk.15:19-20, 36; Lk.23:11, 35-37; Jn.19:28-30       
#15. Soldiers would gamble for Christ's garments. Ps.22:18; Mat.27:35-36; Mk.15:24; Lk.23:34; Jn.19:23-24
#16. Christ’s was beaten so terribly that His bones were revealed. Ps.22:17; 102:5; Isa.52:14; Job 33:21-22. The Lord Jesus suffered dreadful humiliation and shocking blows. The above verses state the terrible treatment Jesus suffered at the hands of the Romans because the Jews insisted they CRUCIFY HIM! Luke 23:21 But they cried, saying, Crucify him, crucify him. (KJV)
#17. None of Christ's bones would not be broken. Ex.12:46; Ps.34:20; Jn.19:33-36
#18. Christ would be forsaken by God. Ps.22:1; Mat.27:46
#19. Christ would pray for His enemies. Ps.109:4; Lk.23:34
#20. Soldiers would pierce Christ's side. Zec.12:10; Jn.19:34
Christ would be buried with the rich. Isa.53:9; Mat.27:57-60; Mk.15:43-46; Lk.23:50-53; Jn.19:36-42; 1 Cor.15:4        
#21. Christ would be resurrected from the dead. Ps.16:10; 49:15; Mat.28:2-7; Acts 2:22-32.
#22. Christ would ascend to Heaven. Ps.24:7-10; Mk.16:19; Lk.24:50-51; Acts 1:9-11
#23. Christ would be seated at God's right hand. Ps.68:18; 110:1; Mk.16:19; Lk.22:69
#24. Christ would be a Sacrifice for sin. Isa.53:5-12; Rom.5:6-8

The life of the flesh is in the Blood of Christ. 

The meaning of the Christ . . . Lev.17:11
Redemption through His precious Blood . . . 1 Pet.1:18-19
Forgiveness is through the Blood of Christ . . . Eph.1:7
Justification is through the Blood of Christ . . . Rom.5:1, 9
Peace is through the Blood of Christ . . . Col.1:20
Cleansing through the Blood of Christ . . . 1 John 1:7
Loosing from sin through the Blood of Christ . . .  Rev.1:5
Enter the Holy Place by the Blood of Christ . . .  Heb.10:19
Victory through the Blood of Christ . . . Rev.12:11
Glory everlasting through the Blood of Christ . . . Rev.7:14-15
Does the precious Blood of Christ Jesus mean all this to you? Pouring out His Blood was pouring out His life so that all these things could be yours.  That was the joy set before Him.  THANK YOU JESUS!


Does God’s Word state, who’s doomed to Hell?
Friend, over and over, it does tell.
Except that a man be ‘born again’,
He’ll not see Heaven; ‘tis very plain!

You must be born into God’s family,
And from all sin you must want to flee.
All that love God, are begotten of Him,
You must obey, or Heaven is dim.

The Gospel of our Lord, you must obey,
Or vengeance will fall on Judgment Day.
Eternal separation, God will give,
In Hell, for eternity, you will live.

If you choose this day not to know God,
Rejecting salvation, as you trod,
The ‘Day’ will come, God won’t want you near,
Your cries of pure agony, He won’t hear.

Our life here on Earth is very fleet,
One day soon, Almighty God we’ll meet!
When He does issue your last decree,
Will it be: “HELL FOR ETERNITY”?
By: Connie Kramer Mar.28,1996 # 181
(Ro.1:18; 1 P.4:18; 2 P.2:4-5; 3:7; Heb.10:29;
Rev.20:11-15; Jn;3:3-6,15-18,36; 1:12; 5:24; 8:24)


Lord, who shall dwell in Thy Holy Hill?
Just those who love You, and do Your will.
Lord, You clearly state who that will be,
Your Holy Book tells us, so clearly!

We must walk uprightly, on our path,
If we are to avoid, Your righteous wrath.
We must work righteousness, as we go,
Or Your displeasure, will cause us sorrow.

We must speak the Truth, we must not lie,
Or on Your blessings, we cannot rely.
Our tongue must not blaspheme, or backbite,
Our speech should always, be good and upright.

To our neighbor, we must do no wrong,
O Lord, Your Words on this, are quite strong.
We must not take reproach, to those around,
If we want Your blessings to abound.

Contemned is a vile person, in Your eyes,
Only Jesus, can ev’r make them wise.
Lord, You honor all those, that fear you,
Trust and obey, is what we should do!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 29, 2007 # 1146
Psalm 15; 24:4; Pro.8:7; Zech.8:16; Ex.23:7; Mat.7:12;
Gal.5:14; Eph.4:25; 5:9; Phil.4:8; Jam.2:8

Who Don't?

Who don't . . . want to go to Heav'n one day?
But, "few" choose to walk, that narrow way!
God's Word clearly states, "trust and obey,"
And says the Jesus, is the only Way!

Who don't . . . want God to forgive their sins?
Faith in Jesus, is the Way to win!
Justified by His grace, we are God's heir,
Because on the cross, our sin Christ did bear!

Who don't . . . want the blessing of God's peace?
And the chain of the devil, released?
With the armor of God, we stand tall,
Without it, Satan wins, and we fall!

Who don't . . . want the Lord's amazing grace?
And one day to see, His awesome Face?
When we can thank Him, for all He's done,
Our precious Redeemer, God's own Son!

Who don't . . . want to meet Christ in the sky?
This is for all, who would not Christ deny.
A special meeting, on a special day,
When our new bodies, we will display!

Who don't . . . want the Father's Divine love?
Great love sent from Him, from far above!
What a fantastic day that will be,
When we get to Heav'h, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 16, 2012 #1315
#1: Mat.7:13-14,21;12:50; Jn.14:6,21; 15:10; Acts 4:12; 5:29; 1 Pet.1:2,14; 1 Jn.5:3; 2 Jn.1:6; Lk.8:21; #2. Heb.9:14; Gal.3:6; Phil.3:9; Rom.5:9; Tit.3:7; Jn.3:145-18; #3. Jn.14:27; Rom.5:1; 13:12; Eph.6:10-21; #4. Ps.111:4; 116:5; 145:8; Eph.2:8-9; #5. Jn.14:1-3; 1 Thes.4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:49-58; #6. Jn.3:16-17; 17:22-26; Rom.5:5, 8; 8:37-39; Eph.2:4-8; 1 Jn.3:16; 4:10,16.


If God spared not the angels that did sin,
But cast them to Hades; all chained within.
Reserved in the darkness; judgment to wait,
Why would He spare you? for His Son you do hate.

If God spared not the old world, way back then,
But brought a flood, where the ungodly had been.
Saved just Noah’s family, out of respect,
Why would He spare you? for His Son you reject.

If God spared not Sodom and Gomorrha,
But turned them to ashes from brimstone and fire.
Made them an example, to not live in sin,
Why would He spare you? for His Son you won’t win.

God won’t spare filthy dreamers of today,
That preach Heaven by some other way.
And the ones that listen, and take it all in,
Won’t be spared either, for it’s all sin!

God made just one Way of salvation for man,
We must BELIEVE Him; accept His only plan!
God sent His own Son to take away our sin,
Unless you believe and accept Christ; you can’t win!
By Connie Kramer Dec.27,1995 # 77
(2 P.2;4-9; 1 P.4:17-18; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6)


Why do people refuse, to believe God?
And instead they believe, the devil’s fraud?
Why do so many, believe all these lies?
As the Lord Jesus, they constantly deny.

Why do so many, call God a “liar”?
They’ll all be condemned, to the lake of fire!
They refuse to believe, about God’s Son,
Salvation by Him, was paid for and done!

Why don’t people believe, what God states?
Instead of thinking, they must participate?
Did God lie? Is eternal life not free?
Didn’t Christ pay sin’s penalty, for you and me?

Jesus said: “I am the Truth and the Way,
You must believe this, to see Heav’n one day!
Refusing to believe, leads you to Hell,
God will condemn you, and there you shall dwell!

So many false religions, around the world,
Satan controls, as falsehood is unfurled.
Going the path, with Satan and his throng,
Leads to eternal doom, and is so wrong!

Our awesome God, wants what is best for you,
Believing what He says, He wants you to do!
God never lies, He wants none to go to Hell,
He wants all to be with Him, in Heav’n to dwell!

Are you wise? What God states, do you believe?
Do you, Jesus as your Saviour, receive?
Or are you a fool, and believe Satan’s lies?
If so, you shall hear, Hell’s eternal cries!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   Dec.16, 2018   #1424
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  Acts 4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)
Only JESUS can save your soul! Please believe this!

Scriptures for the above poem:
John 3:15-18 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18  He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (KJV)
John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. (KJV)
John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. (KJV)
Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (KJV)
Romans 8:9  But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. (KJV)
John 14:16-17 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; 17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. (KJV)
2 Thes. 1:7-9 And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, 8  In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: 9  Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; (KJV)
1 John 5:10-13 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. 11  And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12  He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. 13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. (KJV)
Matthew 25:41-46 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: 42  For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: 43  I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. 44  Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? 45  Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. 46  And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. (KJV)
Revelation 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.  (KJV) . . . Eternal agony for those who refuse to believe God! PLEASE believe the Truth that God states over and over again!

Without Jesus, O’ where would I be?
In the dark depths, of Hell’s agony.
God’s Plan was to save, sinners from Hell,
And give access to Heav’n, where He dwells,

God sent, His only begotten Son,
The Old Covenant, was ended, done.
The Gospel of Christ Jesus, took its place,
Bloody sacrifice was replaced, by God’s grace.

Without Jesus, we’re God’s enemy,
Future things to come, we cannot see.
With faith in Christ Jesus, all things change,
The Holy Ghost, our life does rearrange.

When Christ Jesus, is our Advocate,
With God the Father, we highly rate.
Faith allows us, a great distance see,
Things that to most, are a mystery.

We can see, Jesus come in the clouds,
And we can see ourselves, in that crowd.
We too see, things we don’t want to see,
Millions, headed for Hell’s agony.

The Kingdom of Christ, we see out there,
We too see obedience, everywhere.
 With a rod of iron, Jesus shall reign,
The perfect will of God, He’ll maintain.

We too can see, the Heav’nly city,
And we get a glimpse, of its glory.
We can also see, the mansions there,
Prepared by the Saviour, in loving care!

Our inheritance in Heav’n, we can see,
Our future home, for eternity.
No more to roam, as pilgrims on Earth,
We see a place, of much better worth!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   June 16, 2014  #1356
The Book of Hebrews; 1 Jn.2:1; 5:10-12; 1 Thes.4:13-18; 1 Cor.15:51-53; Psalm 2;  Mat.6:10; Lk.11:2; Rev.21-22; 1 Pet.1:3-5


The best life possible, here on Earth,
In Heaven would be, simply no worth.
It surely would be sheer misery,
In blissful Heaven’s eternity.

Earth’s greatest riches cannot compare,
To the glory of Heaven, as God’s heir.
God’s children will live in Heav’n on high,
He shall dwell with us, in the by and by.

Delightful comfort, here in this place,
Would be agony, when we see His Face.
Any happiness that we now know,
Would in Heaven, be a drear shadow.

The greatest joy ever known to man,
Would be just sorrow, in Heaven’s span.
Life here on this Earth cannot compare,
To life with Jesus, in Heaven’s fare.

Heaven is too wonderful for words,
‘Tis the Home of our glorious Lord.
We can’t imagine Heaven’s beauty,
It’s there, we will live eternally.

If you know Jesus as Saviour and Lord,
Heav’n is yours, according to His Word.
Contentment, peace, joy, and perfect rest,
All wait in Heav’n, for God gives His best.
By: Connie Kramer Oct.25, 1996 # 272
(Jn.14:2-4,6; 3:15-18; Ps.23:6; 1 Co.2:9; 2 Thes.1:7; Heb.4:9; 11:9-10,16; 1 Jn.3:2; 2 P.3:13; Phil.1:21,23; 3:20-21; Rev.7:15-17; ch.21; 22:1-5,14-15; Is.60:19-20)


There are not many sermons preached on Hell,
Preachers are reluctant, this subject to tell.
Most speak only on what people want to hear,
Only the nice things, to ease those itching ears.

But friend, I’m here to tell you,” Hell does exist,”
You are sure to go there, if Christ you resist!
If you do not believe, nor accept God’s Son,
You shall reach Hell; and your agony begun.

Hell is a choice; one that you make on your own,
Only you can decide, when the ‘WAY’ is shown!
There are just two destinations: Heaven, Hell,
You make the choice my friend; which place will you dwell?

Are you headed this day for the judgment of Hell?
‘Twill be total darkness; the pain, I can’t tell!
Agony and suffering; complete distress,
All this can be avoided, if Christ you confess!
By: Connie Kramer Dec.6, 1995 # 55
(2 Tim.4:1-5; 2 P.3:17; 2 Thes.1:9; Mt.25:41, 46; 8:12; 22:13; Deut.30:15; 1 K.18:21; Jos.24:15; Ex.32:26; Mk.10:21; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6; 6:66-67; Ro.10:10,13; Rev.14:10-11; 19:20; 20:10,14-15; 21:8,14-15)


There’s not many sermons preached on ‘Hell’,
Preachers are reluctant, this subject to tell.
Hell is so very real; it does exist,
And you will go there, if Christ you resist!

Hell is a choice; one you make on your own,
Just you can decide; when the “Way” is shown.
There’s just two destinations; Heav’n and Hell,
You make the choice, which place you shall dwell.

Are you headed for the judgment of Hell?
‘Twill be total darkness, the pain I can’t tell!
Agony and suffering; complete distress,
All this you can avoid, if Christ you confess!
By: Connie Kramer Jan.5,1996 # 95-A
(2 Tim.4:1-4; 2 P.2:1-9; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 1 Jn.3:5-10; 5:11-12; Mt.25:46; Gal.6:8; Ro.2:7-8; 6:23; Rev.14:11; Dan.12:2)


If you choose the broad road that leads to Hell,
That place of judgment, where all evil dwells,
You will have memories; for ever more,
God’s Word does tell what is held in store!

ALL who reject Christ, will end up in Hell,
A terrible place, where for e’er you’ll dwell.
Rejection of Jesus, they’ll see in remorse,
If they had yet a chance; they’d change their course!

The great anger, pain, misery, and thirst,
All the suffering; their minds near do burst.
They’ve a clear memory of when on Earth,
Great regrets of rejecting Christ and His worth!
By: Connie Kramer Jan.5, 1996 # 95-B
(Mt.7:13-14; 25:46; Lu.16:22-26; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24;
Rev.20:11-15; 21:8; Ro.2:7-8; 6:23; Rev.14:11; Dan.12:2)

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