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Welcome to our web site

We do not have news letters; we have what we call Monthly Messages. It is simply a poem that the Lord had so graciously given me, and my comment on that particular poem.

POEMS . . . T-tr-tw


Friends are blessings, from God above,
Sent to comfort and cheer, in love.
Friends are something money can’t buy,
No matter your wealth, don’t even try.

When you need them, true friends are there,
Others abandon, true friends care.
True friends care what happens to you,
With love and compassion, thru’ and thru’.

Friends will share your hurts and sorrows,
There for you, both now and tomorrow.
Sharing your joy with love sincere,
‘Tis a blessing to have true friends near.

True friends won’t turn their back on you,
They understand; such a virtue.
Friends are there to help in your need,
Sent by God, in love, on wings of speed.
By: Connie Kramer May 13,1997 # C-6


Many waters cannot quench true love,
Love is a wonder, just from above.
Neither can treacherous floods drown it,
True love is there for you, ev’ry minute.

True love is so strong; even as death,
There with us always, ‘till our last breath.
Love the Lord, He’ll preserve all who stand fast,
With His true love, that will always last.

Love His salvation; magnify Him,
Seek Him and rejoice; life won’t be dim!
God is good; ready to love and forgive,
Love Him; hate evil, as you do live.

Love God with true love that will not fail,
For His great love, will always avail.
How much better is His love than wine,
It passes all knowledge; it is so fine!

What a wondrous, loving God above,
Willing to spread on us, His true love.
True love; His One Son, to us He gave,
That thru’ Christ, we have vict’ry o’er the grave.
By: Connie Kramer Mar.26,1997 # 316
(Song 8:6-7; 4:10; Jer.31:3; Ro.5:8; 8:35-39; Ep.2:4-5; 3:17-19; 1 Jn.3:1; 4:16; 1 Co.13:13; Gal.5:2; Pro.10:12; Ps.31:23;
Ps.40:16; 86:5; 97:10; Jn.3:15-18,36; 14:6)


True love will not disappoint, ever,
It flows calmly, like a gentle river!
True love will not grieve, nor make you cry,
It soars like an eagle, in the blue sky!

True love wishes only the best for you,
It tries from all wickedness, to rescue.
True love helps, in ev’ry circumstance,
It knows when you’re sad, at the briefest glance!

True love gives great peace, down in your heart,
It urges you, from stress to depart.
True love, to wondrous joy, gives access,
‘Tis an awesome ‘gift’ that continues to bless!

True love forgives us, when we do wrong,
Helping us to forgive, making us strong!
True love always seems to make things right,
Whether it’s deep darkness, or broad daylight!

The love of God is good, and kind and true,
With mercy to astound, both me and you!
God sent His Son, that we might have a ‘Way,’
To live in Heaven, with Him some day!

The true love of Jesus, Saviour and Lord,
Is something that anyone can well afford!
True love Jesus showed, when He paid the price,
Death on the Cross, a supreme Sacrifice!

No one can show true love more than He,
Great compassion Christ shows, to you and me!
This true love of Jesus, you can access,
Ask Christ into your heart, and God will bless.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.4, 1999 # 593


Joseph and Mary were nobodies in that day,
Peasants from a nothing town, pretty far away.
Slowly, they made their way, to tiny Bethlehem,
God was setting the scene, and His plan included them!

The baby Mary carried, was not a Caesar fraud,
Not a mortal ruler, who would claim to be God.
But a far greater wonder; God became a man,
What a wondrous event; and so hard to understand!

When they came to the inn; ‘twas no room to be had,
Just a crude stable, but they did not think it bad!
In this humiliation; the Son of God was born,
Not a prince or king; but a pauper forlorn!

We must ne’er forget; this is where it all began,
Christ comes to all those in need; this being God’s plan.
He is born in the hearts of those poor in spirit,
Another wondrous event; God and man are knit!

God’s angel told the shepherds, of this special birth,
Shepherds were a lowly group; and not of much worth.
The angel said the “Good News” was for all people,
Christ was born to save us, and make our lives more full.

Christmas is not enough, just about His birth to hear,
We must think about the Christ, in much Godly fear!
It’s not enough to look at all the manger scenes,
Then go about your business, like you’d not even seen!

Christmas may make you feel good; you love all those bells,
But unless Christ is “BORN IN YOU”; all roads lead to Hell!
He came into this world, for just one special aim,
That He be born in you, and for your soul to claim!
By: Connie Kramer Dec.15,1995 # 70
(Lu.1:26-37,50; 2:7,8,20; Is.57:15; Mt.18:4; Jn.10:16,30; 17:21;
Ac.10;35; Ps.4:4; 33:8; 89:7; Jn.3:3-8,15-18,36; 8:24)
My husband and I no longer celebrate "Christmas" as we once did.
We now consider it a pagan holiday and want no part of it. If it
were a "Godly" holiday, a day where people praised and honored and glorified CHRIST . . . WHY would SO many heathens celebrate it? We think Christ should be honored EVERY day, NOT just one day of the year. Christ was NOT born in December! See our article: http://www.hisservants.org/christmas_h_s.htm


Worship must come from deep down inside,
Where the Holy Spirit, does abide.
Sincere, earnest, from the heart and soul,
Spirit and truth, takes complete control.

Father, I’m a sinner, you must begin,
You truly must mourn, for all your sin.
You must repent, go the other way,
Beware, don’t return the v’ry next day.

In spirit and truth, we must worship,
It must come from within, not just our lip.
Sacraments, vain pray’r, He’ll not accept,
Outward worship, He’ll always reject.

We must humble ourselves, in God’s sight,
Our inner man, must want to do right.
If you’re God’s child, it must mean much to you,
Be grateful to Him, in all that you do.

God does not want, rituals and ceremonies,
Nor million dollar buildings, or finery.
Worship of statues must not take place,
If we want to see our Lord Jesus’ Face.

God is Spirit, we must not bow to something seen,
His awesome, unseen Presence we must esteem.
We must tremble before His majesty,
If we want to be with God, eternally.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 5, 2004 # 1023


All those who on our God rely,
Will join Him in Heaven, by and by,
Blest is he that makes the Lord his trust,
Almighty God states: faith is a must.

Some folk insist they can work their way,
On up to Heav’n where it’s always day!
There is only ONE work, you can present,
“That you believe on Him, whom He hath sent.”

Church for others, is the way to go,
Baptism, rituals; all a big show.
You must belong to THIS church, they say,
Friend, church CAN’T save you, on any day!

You must rely on Almighty God,
Trust Him completely, as Earth you trod.
Believe His Words; He has NEVER lied,
He gave us His Son, who for us, died.

God made a Plan to save us from Hell,
IF you accept it; in Heav’n you’ll dwell.
THE Plan He provided, is His Son,
Believe on Christ; your life’s just begun.

We cannot please our God, without faith,
We must believe and trust, ‘till our last breath.
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,
Trust Him always, and never depart.
By: Connie Kramer May 15,1996 # 220
(Heb.11:6; Ps.40:4; Jn.6:29; Rev.21:25)

Trusting God

As protective as a she-bear,
Is our majestic God who cares.
He is my Rock, He will deliver me!
So shall I be saved, from my enemies.

‘Neath the shadow of His wings, He does keep,
When we turn to Christ, comfort we reap.
As a mother bird, her young she protects,
God’s help is there, if Christ we accept.

As a canine friend, with great loyalty,
Is our grand God, of eternity.
His faithfulness will never fail,
His lovingkindness, always prevails.

As a true friend, who is there always,
Our great God is with us, all our days.
O’er flowing rivers, cannot touch me,
He has promised: “I will be with thee.”

Ev’n in old age, when our hair is white,
Our God will carry us with His might.
He will never leave us comfortless,
Through Christ He’ll encourage, also bless.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.23, 2003 # 978
Ps.18:2-3; 17:8; Deut.32:4, 11; Mat.23:37; Ps.9:10; 89;33; 1 Cor.10:13; Ps. 91:15; 94:14; Isa.42:16; 43:2; 46:4; John 14:18; Heb.13:5.


Trusting Jesus gives perfect peace,
A fountain of joy, that will just increase!
Unwavering faith keeps doubt away,
You feel assur’d, day after day!

Jesus will choose the best for you,
You have contentment, each day anew!
What e’er your lot in life may be,
Jesus will ne’er be far from thee!

You can be satisfied ev’ry day,
Just trust Jesus, for He is your stay!
Anything you lack, He will supply,
It’s a Promise He’ll not deny!

Be content with what God does bring,
Praise be to Jesus, for He is King!
Jesus will your strength and comfort be,
He can set your soul from trouble free!

Dear Lord, we should in Thee delight,
For You are there in all our plight.
Contentment learns on Thy care depend,
For You are out true, unfailing Friend!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.23, 2000 # 619


Lord, You never, ever lie to me,
You are there when I need Your mercy.
Your love shines thru’ be it day or night,
You’re there for me, no matter my plight.

Trouble may come, but You never leave,
You’re there for me, when my soul does grieve.
Your amazing grace stands firm and true,
There are many reasons I trust You.

My friends and fam’ly may forsake me,
But You are there, for eternity.
You never change, You’re always the same,
Lord, I do trust, Your most Holy Name.

When I repent, forgiveness is mine,
Your mercy for me, truly does shine.
You are trustworthy, You are so true,
My precious Lord, let me trust in You.

You are my Shield from the fiery darts,
That Satan wields to my trusting heart.
You are my Shepherd, You care for me,
Lord, I’ll trust You, for eternity.

You promised to save me from dark Hell,
You promised that in Heaven I’d dwell.
I claim Your Promises that You make,
I trust that You will never forsake.

By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.3,2002 # 910


As I look back over my life’s years,
‘Tis plain, I could have avoided most tears.
If I had learned sooner, to trust You,
Life would have taken on a diff’rent view.

Trusting You, is the only way to go,
It can prevent so many sorrows.
Worry and stress could have disappeared,
So many things, I need not have feared.

Trusting You, brings great blessings each day,
You give me answers, and guide my way.
You ease burdens; help carry my load,
And You shed light, on my bumpy road.

Trusting You, gives such awesome peace,
And from sin’s tight chains, I find release.
Special love from You I truly feel,
For my broken heart, You always heal.

Trusting you, gives me amazing grace,
Always sufficient in troubles I face.
You show to me, such tender mercy,
Great compassion, on a sinner like me.

Trusting you, put me on the narrow path,
And You keep me from the Father’s wrath.
Trusting You Jesus, sends me Heav’n bound,
What glorious blessings in You I’ve found.

Trusting You, gives me a mansion above,
Reserved for me, by Your wondrous love.
Where I will have life eternally,
Just by trusting You, You do this for me.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb. 1, 2001 #772


The Truth is simply absolute,
Truth is faultless, we cannot refute.
Nothing we do, can change its course,
Truth surges on, with driving force.

We may not like what Truth does say,
But we can’t change it, any day.
‘Tis our loss if we don’t believe,
We must accept it, to achieve.

Rejecting Truth, won’t make us ‘right’,
The Truth won’t change, in any light.
The Truth is perfect, pure and just,
There’s no other way, it is a must.

The Truth does so plainly state,
Jesus holds the ‘key’ to Heav’n’s gate.
You can say it’s a lie, but that’s not so,
To reject Truth, means Hell below.

You can turn away, but Truth is true,
Refusing to believe, hurts only you.
The Truth of God we must receive,
Heaven waits, for those who believe.

God absolutely cannot lie,
On His great Truth, you must rely.
Believe His truth, there’s no other way,
To abide in Heaven, one sweet day.

His Truth is true, believe God’s Word,
And access Heav’n, by Christ our Lord.
Hell is a place you don’t want to go,
Truth keeps you from eternal sorrow.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 14, 2000 # 706


Like tumbleweeds, rolling restlessly,
Are those without Christ, living carelessly.
Eternity never enters their mind,
With things of the world, they are entwin’d.

Like tumbleweeds, by the wind wildly blown,
Are those who refuse, to let Christ be known.
They never think of the horrors of Hell,
They never think, that it’s there they shall dwell.

Like tumbleweeds, rolling non stop along,
Are those choosing the broad road, which is wrong.
They live and lust just for worldly pleasure,
Never thinking about heav’n’ly treasure.

Like tumbleweeds, that are burn’d in a fire,
Are those who have an endless, sinful desire.
They too shall end up in great fires . . . of Hell,
And there for eternity, they shall dwell.

You need not be like a vain tumbleweed,
Turn to the Lord this day, and His Word heed.
He’ll change you my friend, and give you Heav’n’s key,
And there you shall live for eternity.
By: His servant: Connie Kramer Dec.31, 2003 # 986
Mat.6:19-21; John 1:12-13; 3:15-18,36; 5:25; 8:24; 14:1-6; Acts 4:12;
1 John 5:10-12; Luke 10:20; Rev. 3:5; Rev.20:15; 21:27.


When your troubles all but swallow you,
Turn to Jesus, who is always true.
When things in your life, get hard to bear,
Turn to Jesus, for He always cares.

When the roads of life, are rough and steep,
With rugged mountains, and canyons deep.
Many others travel roads like this,
Turn to Jesus, He’ll not guide amiss.

Heartache and sorrow plague the young and old,
And we are timid, when we should be bold.
To test our faith, God does allow grief,
Turn to Jesus, for He’ll bring relief.

Each hurt we bear, is a stepping stone,
But we don’t have to walk life’s path alone.
When you feel weary, when you feel weak,
Turn to Jesus, as His strength you seek.

As we journey on to Heav’n’s domain,
Our faith in Christ Jesus must remain.
The light of the Lord, brightens our day.
Turn to Jesus, He’ll show the right way.

We all must go thru’ heartache and strife,
Pain and sorrow are just a part of life.
Sometimes we’ll be happy, sometimes sad,
Turn to Jesus, you’ll have more good than bad.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.17, 2005 # 1082


There are just two families in the world, Eph.2:2; 1 John 3:10
God’s Word, this fact, plainly unfurl’d. Tit.3:7
Belief in God makes us God’s children, Jn.1:12-13; 3:3,15-18
And with this privilege, comes great gain. Phil.2:15

In all God’s children, His Spirit abides, Rom.8:9,14,17
And He, in us, forever does reside. John 14:16; 2 John 2
He’s there to guide, comfort, teach and aid, 1 John 2:27
Always there for us, when we’re afraid! John 14:17-18; Mat.28:20

When we’re born into God’s family, John 3:1-8
It’s done, thru’ Jesus’ identity! John 1:12-13
We’re “sons of God” thru’ God’s wondrous love, 1 John 3:1
And we’ll live with Him, in Heav’n above. John 14:2-3, 6

Another family this does leave, Col.3:6
Those who reject, and will not believe! John 3:18,36; 8:24; 2 Thes. 2:12
They are dead in trespasses and sins, Ep.2:1-3; 5:1-7
Satan their hearts, continues to win. John 8:44-45; 1 John 3:10

Two fam’lies, and two destinations, Col.3:1-17; Gal.5:14;23
One, headed for Heav’n, one for perdition. Mat.13:30,49; 25:32, 46
God’s children will have a mansion on high, John 14:2-3
The others, Hell; to eternally die! Rev.20:10-15; 21:8; 22:14-15
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.11, 1997 # 429


There are two groups of people today,
Just as always, from time far away.
There are those who love and fear the Lord,
And those who run from God, and Him discard.

“The children of God are manifest,”
Trusting Him always, and finding rest.
The children of Satan, too, are clear,
Those who hate; and want God no where near.

God’s children seek to do good and right,
Striving to do God’s will, day or night.
Satan’s children seek wrong, and darkness,
Loving all evil and wickedness.

A child of God has love for others,
Compassion and mercy for another.
A child of Satan loves only self,
Could care less if someone could use help.

“If the righteous scarcely be saved,”
These Words on our hearts should be engraved.
Where shall the ungodly sinner appear?
Why can’t they see, our God they should fear?

Satan’s children are God’s enemies,
They should consider eternity!
God’s children are granted life in Heav’n,
But to Satan’s children; Hell is giv’n.

You MUST believe God; all that He says,
Or you’ll be sorry, one of these days.
God made JUST ONE PLAN to save your soul,
Accept His Son; He gave Christ control!
By: Connie Kramer Apr.12,1996 #202
(Jn.1:12; 3:15-18,36; 14:6; Ro.1:18; 8:17; Phil.3:18;
Mt.12:50; 23:15; 13:38; 28:18; Ep.2:2-3;
Ac.13:10; 1 P.4:18; 1 Jn.3:10)


Two masters are in the world today,
And each person, just one can obey.
You have a choice; and no one will shove,
Do you want Hell? or Heaven above?

One ‘Master’ is Christ, the Son of God,
The other is Satan; a complete fraud!
Jesus will save you, and make you free,
With Satan, it’s Hell, for eternity!

Christ is the ‘Master’ of God’s children,
Loving, pure and just; always has been.
Satan will blind your heart and your eyes,
Tempting, lying, and Christ he defies!

Following Satan will put you in Hell,
Made for the devil; and with him you’ll dwell.
If you follow Christ, you’ll live with Him,
In wondrous Heav’n, where it’s never dim.

Which of these ‘Masters’ is yours this day?
One or the other; it’s the only way!
I pray you choose the Lord of Creation,
Just He can give eternal salvation!
By: Connie Kramer Apr.15,1996 # 204
(Mt.5:8; 13:38; 23:8,10; Ep.2:2; 2 Co.4:4; 1 Jn.2:15; 3:10;
Ac.26:18; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 8:44; 14:30)


There are two roads to eternity,
We are free to choose --- both you and me!
We’re given this time in life, to decide,
Just where in eternity, we will abide!

Wide is the gate, and broad is the way,
Trav’ling is easy, both night and day.!
This road to Hell is smooth and carefree,
But, it leads to eternal agony!

All who reject Christ, travel this path,
Their willful unbelief, kindles God’s wrath.
To the Lake of Fire, all these shall go,
For the broad road leads to Hell below!

There is another road we can choose,
With this decision, we cannot lose!
Strait is the gate, and narrow this way,
And this road leads to Heav’n’s array!

This narrow road at times, gets rough and steep,
But everlasting Arms, will hold and keep!
His amazing love will always guide,
Soothing our trails, as onward we stride!

As we on this narrow road do stay,
Things seem to go better ev’ry day!
He’ll ne’er give us more, than we can bear,
And in troubling times, He’s always there!

The broad OR narrow road; God lets you choose,
The narrow road, you win; the broad, you lose!
You’re at the junction, you must decide,
Where in eternity, you will abide!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.26,1999 # 516

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