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Time spent with Jesus, just you and He,
This time is precious, it’s quality.
You’ll never regret, not one moment,
Any time with our Lord that you’ve spent.

‘Tis such a blessing, to spend some time,
With our Saviour, and His love so fine.
Time spent with Jesus, is of great price,
All other hours, cannot suffice.

Time spent with Jesus, is time so dear,
It is wonderful, to have Him near.
All my doubts and fears, fly far away,
He gives joy and peace, for e’er to stay.

A remarkable Friend, He is to me,
Time spent with Him, is pure quality.
His counsel to me has great value,
With untold wisdom, and always true.

‘Tis quality time, spent with my Lord,
Walking with Him, and reading His Word.
The most desirable part of the day,
Choice, select, and outstanding, alway.

O what a blessing I do receive,
Such a blessing, I want not to leave.
Quality time, spent with my Saviour,
Nought can compare, ‘tis joy and grandeur.
By: Connie Kramer Oct.24,1996 # 271
(Ps.73:28; 119:165; Is.26:3; Jn.14:18,23,27; 15:15; 1627,33;
Ac.17:27; Ro.35-39; 14:17; Heb.13:5; Phil.4:7; 1 P.1:8; 5:7)


Are you one who is true to the end?
Are you considered a trustworthy friend?
When you make a promise, do you follow thru’?
Or do you speak words, that mean nothing to you?

Do you love God with all your heart, mind and soul?
Have you allowed Jesus to make you whole?
Has your life changed since you became God’s child?
Or do you still live a life, wicked and wild?

Do you “do unto others” each and ev’y day?
Or does greed, pride and selfishness get in the way?
Do you love your neighbor, as you love you?
Or does hate and bitterness, your heart ensue?

Do you believe ALL that God has to say?
Or do you try to invent ‘another’ way?
Are you walking that road, narrow and strait?
Or are you speeding onward, to Hell’s gate?

Do you believe that Christ is the only Way?
To reach your “mansion” in Heaven some day?
Do you trust Him with your body and soul?
Do you know that God gave Christ full control?

Do you have peace and joy in your heart?
Do you know these come from Christ, and won’t depart?
Do you know Jesus as your Saviour and Lord?
Do you truly believe God’s Holy Word?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.4,2000 # 604
Pro.12:19; 23:23; Zec.8:16; Ep.4:24-25; 6:14; Col.3:9;
Mat.7:12-14; 22:37-40; Rom.12:2; Jn.14:1-6,27; Mat.28:18

QUESTIONS TO THINK ABOUT . . . Aug.2005 Message

Is your life ablaze, with God’s Holy pow’r?
Does your light shine brightly, hour after hour?
Do you tell others, what Jesus can do?
Do you His lost sheep, intently pursue?

Do you willingly serve Jesus, the King?
Do you each and ev’ry day, His praises sing?
Do you thank Him for blessings He bestows?
At His precious Name, does your soul glow?

Do you have Christ’s peace, way deep down inside?
Does His own Spirit, within you abide?
Does your heart rejoice, ev’ry single day?
The hope you possess; do you proudly display?

Do you really consider Christ, your Lord?
Are you steadfast, in studying His Word?
Do you truly believe, and trust Him always?
The commandments He gives; do you obey?

When God takes you, will you go to Heaven?
Will a reserv’d mansion, to you be given?
Do you know that Christ is the only way,
To enter the bliss of Heaven someday?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.22,2000 # 729

QUICKSAND . . . Feb.1997 Message

Life without Jesus is like quicksand,
We’ll sink, unless our Lord takes our hand.
Each day, in our sins, we sink some more,
On our own, we’ll never see Heav’n’s shore.

Sin’s quicksand drags us down; down so deep,
Our sins keep piling; such a great heap!
We’ll sink in the depths of the quagmire,
On our own, we’re headed for Hell-fire!

We grow so weary in the quicksand,
Sins push us deeper; we cannot stand.
Without Jesus’ help to lift us high,
We are doomed for Hell, by and by.

Such muddy waters do flood my soul,
Satan tries so hard to take control.
We need Christ Jesus to take our hand,
And pull us up, from the deep quicksand.

Turn your life over to Christ our Lord,
He just waits for your cry to be heard.
He’s there to help you rise from below,
Out of the quicksand; out of sin’s woe.
By: Connie Kramer Apr.9,1996 # 199
(Gal.1:4; 5:19-21; 6:7-8; Ro.6:23; Heb.2:2-3; 7:25;
2 P.2:13-15; 1 Jn.2:2; 1 Tim.1:15; Jn.3:15-18,36; Rev,1:5-6)


Almighty God in Heaven above,
Fill my heart and soul with Your great love.
Let me delve into Your Holy Word,
Let me study in willing accord.

Don’t let me think that I know it all,
For if I do, that’s when I will fall.
Quiet time with You, I need each day,
‘Tis easier then, for me to obey.

Let me read Your Word; then meditate,
On how loving You are, and how great!
Quiet time with You, I truly need,
For at this time, my soul You do feed.

I hunger Lord, after righteousness,
And in my quiet time, You do bless.
I sit and worship You quietly,
As I wait for answers patiently.

I know You are God, as I sit so still,
There is no doubt, as my soul You fill.
I’m so content to be alone with You,
These quiet times are the best things I do.

These inspiring quiet times refresh me,
They just seem to set my spirit free.
Time alone with You is a wondrous thing,
My quiet times; what an awesome blessing!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.20, 2001 # 767


Quiet time with Christ, I really need,
For on His love and strength, I feed.
I love feeling His Presence, so near,
He chases away, all my doubts and fears.

I need that quiet time with my Lord,
This time when I tell Him, He’s ador’d.
A time when my heart nearly bursts with joy,
An awesome feeling, no man can destroy.

Quiet time with Jesus is a must,
A time when I tell Him: “It’s You I trust.”
Such gratitude from within does flow,
A time when I forget pain and sorrow.

Quiet time, as I lay on my bed,
I feel so close to Jesus, and have no dread.
I thank and praise Him for all He’s done,
My awesome Saviour and Lord, God’s own Son!

In my quiet time, of serenity,
I tell my Lord what He means to me.
I thank Him for His amazing grace,
And look to the day I see Him, Face to face!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 21, 2002 #874


Are you one, who all races compare?
Consider, we all breathe the same air.
Tho’ the color of our skin may vary,
Racial prejudice, we should not carry.

Do you hate others, who are not the same?
God made us all; from Him, we all came.
Must not we all, of His food partake?
Don’t look down on others, nor forsake.

Don’t we all have troubles and sorrow?
Not one knows if we’ll be here tomorrow.
We should live with eternity in mind,
Get rid of hate, be loving and kind.

There’s no respect of persons with God,
Nor should there be with us, as Earth we trod.
God says that this is sin, if we do,
We should love one another, me and you.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 21, 2001 # 783


Ready and willing to do as You ask,
Always doing my best, no matter the task.
I know for each chore, You wisely equip,
I must keep my faith, and take a firm grip.

Ready and willing Lord, to do Your will,
With your wisdom, I ask, that my heart You fill.
Let me fellowship, and with You abide,
Let me feel the pow’r, as Your Spirit resides!

Ready and willing, be it day or night,
For You’re always there, to aid in my plight!
You strengthen, comfort and encourage me,
Giving me joy, peace and serenity!

Ready and willing, Lord always for You,
I must persevere, in all that I do!
I must try to please You Lord, ‘tis my plan,
For ‘tis folly indeed, to try to please man!

Ready and willing, of Jesus to tell,
All fears and doubts, I must quickly expel.
For my dear Lord, I must carry the flame,
I must never of Him, be ashamed!

Ready and willing, each hour of the day,
For precious Jesus, will show me the way!
We’re not ready to live, ‘til we’re ready to die,
Live boldly for Christ, don’t ever deny!

Ready and willing, to come Home to You,
So a life of obedience, I must pursue!
I must be watching, in great love and fear,
For You’ll come in the clouds, and Your Voice I’ll hear!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.9, 1999 # 594


From the curse of the law, we are free,
Redeemed by love, for eternity!
Justified so freely; our sins are gone,
There’s peace with God; we’re not Satan’s pawn.

We have forgiveness of sins; thru’ Christ’s Blood,
Redeemed by love, thru’ His crimson Flood!
From our vain lifestyle, we are set free,
His precious Blood redeemed, you and me.

Redeemed by love; all of mankind,
All o’er the world, God’s children you’ll find!
Jesus, our Saviour; wondrous and true,
Redeemed us by love; both me and you!
By: Connie Kramer May 29,1997 # 342
(Gal.3:6-14; Ro.3:23-26; 5:1-10; Col.1:14; 1 P.1:18-19; Rev.5:9)


The way that I take, the Lord truly knows,
His Eye is on me, His love clearly shows.
When He tries me, let me come out as gold,
Let me trust Him, and His pow’r, tightly hold.

Our God will try us, as silver is tried,
Dross purges away, when His Hand is applied.
He refines us in the furnace of affliction,
God cleanses His children, ‘tis His prediction.

All His true children, God will purify,
Refined like silver; us He will try.
More precious than gold, is our trial of faith,
Let us praise and honor Christ, with our ev’ry breath.

Don’t think it strange, when trials come your way,
For God may refine you, this very day.
Prove Thou my heart Lord, as You visit me,
That I may be worthy, for eternity.

Only upon The Rock, Lord, let me build,
And let my soul, with Your Spirit be fill’d.
Our work shall one day, be made manifest,
Lord, I humbly ask, help me do my best.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 13, 2002 # 878
(Job 23:10; Psalm 17:3; 48:10; 66:10; Is.1:25;
Luke 6:48; 1 Pet.1:27; 4:12; 1 Cor. 3:13)


The things that I think, or say, or do,
Should always reflect dear Lord, on you.
Yet all too often it’s not that way,
Lord, I fall short each and ev’ry day!

My thoughts, my words, my actions too,
My daily life should reflect on you.
But in this life, temptations are great,
The devil we oft’ underestimate!

My thoughts become words; words become deeds,
Deeds become habits; so I must take heed.
Habits mold my very character,
I need reflect on you, to endure!

Ev’ry thought, ev’ry word, ev’ry deed,
Should reflect on you, with light’ning speed.
With your help alone can I e’er do right,
So with each step, I must walk in your Light.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 9,1998 # 470


Your busy day is now nearly past,
Did you help just one? ‘fore night was cast?
Was there a kind word to one so low?
Did your smile help lift someone’s sorrow?

Is there any one happier, since you pass’d by?
Did you wipe the tears, of one who cried?
Did you give a hug, to one so alone?
Was love and compassion, by you shown?

Was there a lone soul, you did befriend?
Or did you with cross words, one offend?
Did you cause one’s heart to rejoice?
Or were they sorry, to hear your voice?

A hug, a smile, or a friendly word,
Friend, these are things, we can well afford!
The fading hopes of someone near by,
Can be chang’d to courage, they can’t deny.

Did you waste your day? or was it gain?
Did you spread kindness? or cause one pain?
As o’er your busy day you reflect,
Did you love, cheer, and help? or reject?
By: Connie Kramer Apr.17,1997 # 323
(Ac.20:35; Ro.12:9-18; 15:1; Gal.6:2; Col.3:12-13; Jam.1:27; 1 P.3:8-11; Ep.4:32; Pro.14:31; 22:16)


Adam refused, God to obey,
Starting back, many years, far away.
God has called; most refuse His call,
He offers His Hand; but they’d rather fall.

Times have not changed, from way back then,
We too, refuse God, o’er and o’er again!
But all who refuse God, and rebel,
All who disobey; the verdict is ‘Hell’.

Even Christians turn their back on God,
Won’t turn back to Him when He does prod.
His correction, they simply refuse,
Their rights as His children, they abuse!

Thru’ deceit they refuse to ‘know’ the Lord,
Stacking evils and lies, like they’d not heard.
Turning back to sins of long ago,
Serving other ‘gods’, like God they don’t know.

So many today refuse to hear,
God tries to correct, but they have no fear.
Our Mighty God, we must trust and obey,
Or the verdict you’ll hate, on ‘Judgment Day.’
By: Connie Kramer Mar.12,1996 # 163
(Gen,3:6; 2 Thes.1:8; Heb.2:2-3; 3:13; 10:29; Jer.9:6;
Col.2:8; 2 P.2:4-9; Rev.20:11-15)

REGRETS . . . October 2013 Message

I do regret, all those wasted years,
I heard Him knock, but stopp’d up my ears.
Many things I did, I should not have done,
I just turned my back, on God’s own Son.

Wasted years, when I could have obey’d,
But my hard heart, sent me the other way.
Never thinking, of eternity,
I just kept on, with my iniquity.

Those regrets brought on, some awful woes,
Then one day I thought about, Hell below.
Of death, I was simply, terrified,
I feared what would happen, if I died.

Those wasted years, I really regret,
When I realized, Christ paid my debt.
On the cross, Christ Jesus died for me,
From Hell’s horrid pit, I have vict’ry!

I could have been serving, my dear Lord,
Holding onto His belov’d, Hand nail scarr’d.
Reaching out, to His many, lost sheep,
Telling them Christ could, tenderly keep.

Just how many souls, could I have reached,
With the Good News, I should have preached.
A big, dark blot, are all those wasted years,
In my conscience, a horrible spear.

Now I serve Him, e’er so willingly,
For I know there’s life, eternally.
When you hear Christ knock, OPEN the door,
There is much to consider, much in store!

God will never, force you to serve Him,
But life without Him, is dreary and dim.
You too, like me, can regret what you do,
Open or shut your heart’s door, it’s up to you!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 5, 2011 #1305
Rev. 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (KJV)


Rejection of Jesus brings judgment,
There WILL come a day when you will lament.
Rejection makes you God’s enemy,
Immediately, and for eternity.

Rejection of Christ brings judgment on you,
Condemned to Hell, with NO rescue!
You’ll be judged by ALL the deeds you’ve done,
When you stand before the ‘Judge’, God’s Son.

You will stand before that ‘Great White Throne’,
No one will help you; you’ll be alone!
The books will be opened up, wide,
ALL you’ve done, will be written inside.

The ‘Book of Life’ will be open too,
The record of God’s fam’ly, so true.
If your name is not written inside,
For ever, in Hell, you will abide.

You need NOT stand ‘fore that ‘Great White Throne’,
Christ can save you, and your sins atone.
You MUST believe what God’s Word does say,
QUIT rejecting! accept Christ this day.

You MUST accept Christ, to avoid God’s wrath,
You must follow on the narrow path.
You must trust and obey our Saviour,
He’ll save your soul, and Heaven ensure!
By: Connie Kramer June 19,1996 # 235
(Jn.3:18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:1-6; 1 Jn.5:12; 1 Thes.1:10; Ro.1:18; 2:1-11; Rev.20:11-15; 2 Co.6:2; Ep.5:6; Mt.7:13-14)


Look close, my friend, and you will see,
That the Lord God, truly does love thee.
Be patient, joy comes after the pain,
You can’t have a rainbow, without the rain!

Do not close the door to your heart,
Do not from, the Lord God depart!
Remember His Promise, “I will not leave,”
Rejoice my friend, each time you grieve.

Rejoice! knowing full well that He’s there,
Rejoice! for the Lord truly does care!
Rejoice! for His Promise in not in vain,
He will be with you, in trouble or pain!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.24, 2002 # 933
Ps.5:11; 16:9,11; 32:11; 35:27; 89:16; 98:4; Hab.3:18;
John 15:11; 16:24, 33; 17:13; 1 Co.10:13; Rom.8:28; 14:17;
Jam.1:2; 1 Pet.1:6,8; 4:12.


Praise God! I’m released from the chains of sin,
Christ is on my side, the devil can’t win.
The pow’r of the Spirit is great within me,
I have overcome; I have victory.

Praise God! I’m released from condemnation,
Christ has giv’n me, eternal salvation.
I have believed in Jesus’ precious Name,
My sins are now washed away, with my shame.

Praise God! I’m released from God’s holy wrath,
Christ has shown to me a small, narrow path.
Tho’ steep and rocky, He guides with His Light,
He’s my Saviour and Lord, and my Delight!

Praise God! I’m released; I’ll never see Hell,
Christ has me a place, where in Heav’n I’ll dwell.
A “mansion” that’s close to the street of gold,
For He made me God’s child, I’m in His fold.

I’m released from the burden of my mind,
Praise God! wondrous peace, in Jesus I find.
He is my Saviour, my Lord and my Friend,
And Jesus to all my needs does attend.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 18, 2002 # 882
1 John 4:4, John 3:15-18; Is.1:18; Mat.7:13-14;
John 14:1-6, 27; 1:12-13; Phil.4:13, 19.

Relief in Jesus

Any time, you are overwhelmed with grief,
Turn to the Lord Jesus, to find relief.
Please do not withhold not thy tender mercies,
Lord, let thy lovingkindness preserve me.

Countless evils have compassed me about,
Lord deliver me, show me the right route.
My sins have grabbed me, and taken hold,
Help me cast sin away, help me be bold.

Be pleased Lord Jesus, to deliver me,
I ask O Lord, make haste to hear my plea.
Many are Thy perfect works, thou hast done,
To You gracious Lord, I again beckon.

Lord, You are good, so ready to forgive,
As we trod this grievous road, as we live.
Your awesome grace, is plenteous in mercy,
And available to all, who call upon Thee.

Give ear O Lord, to my humble prayer,
I claim Your Promise, to always be there!
 In my trouble, I will call upon thee,
And I am assured, You shall answer me.

Who in Heav’n can be compared to you?
No one else could e’er come to our rescue!
Great to be feared, in the assembly of saints,
To be held in reverence, of all the quaint.

Thou shalt guide me dear Lord, with Thy counsel,
For I trust Thy guidance, to not be a hassle.
After this life is o’er, You shall receive me,
To the glory of Heav’n, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   Jan.23,2022   #1466
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV) . . . If you want to go where the Father is, you must go through Jesus! Are you allowing the LORD to guide you to the bliss of Heaven? If not, WHY not? God loves you. Trust Him to help you! He will! Scripture verses for the poem: Ps.40:5,11-13; Ps.86:5-7; Heb.13:5; John 14:16; Mat.28:20; Ps.89:6-8; Ps.73:24-26; The Scripture verses run parallel with the poem.


Remorse! when I think of God’s purity,
For I am so filled, with iniquity.
Dear Lord, I mourn for my wickedness,
Only thru’ Christ, can I have cleanness.

Remorse! when I think of God’s truthfulness,
For I am filled with lies; truth I suppress.
Forgive me O God, in Christ’s Name I pray,
Only Christ Jesus can bring truth my way.

Remorse! when I think of God’s love, infinite,
For I am filled with a hateful spirit.
Bitterness and malice, seem to plague me,
Tis only Christ Jesus can set me free.

Remorse! when I think of God’s forgiveness,
For I am filled with revenge and bitterness.
It seems that I just want to retaliate,
Only Jesus, my heart, can penetrate.

Remorse! when I think of God’s compassion,
For I am so filled with dereliction.
Failure, unconcern and neglect trouble me,
Help me Lord Jesus, please hear my plea.

When I think of God’s pure perfectness,
I see clearly my willing wickedness.
My hateful evil I cannot control,
Only Jesus can heal my sinful soul.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept. 10, 2002 # 897

RESTLESS DISCONTENT . . . June 2001 Message

In all aspects, save one, in my life, Is.32:17
I’m perfectly content; and have no strife. Phil.4:11; 1 Tim.6:6-8; Heb.13:5
But all the lost souls really bother me, Mt.25;32,46; 2 Thes.1:9
For they’re destined to Hell, eternally. 2 Co.11:13-15; Phil.3:19

Such restless discontent, floods my soul, Ps.77:2-3; Is.59:8; Gal.6:6-8
Desperate to pluck these from Satan’s control. Eze.7:25
Why can’t these lost ones see what lies ahead? 2 Co.4:3-4
They’re on that wide road leading to Hell’s dread. Mt.7:13-14

I have restless discontent ev’ry day, Ps.126:5-6; Gal.6:9
Hoping some lost ones will find the right way. Lu.10:2
The harvest is ready; but laborers few, Mt.9:37; Jn.4:35-36
Tell others of Jesus each day anew! Mt.28:19-20; 2 Tim.4:2-4

We need to be ready; for Christ will come, 1 Thes.4:14-18; Mt.24:36-44; Tit.2:13; 1 Jn.2:28
Looking ahead to our eternal Home. Jn.14:1-6; Mt.6:20; Rev.22:14
We can’t sit idle; Him we must obey, Mt.28:19-20; 7:21
We must go, tell lost ones, of Christ this day! Ac.5:20-21; Tit.2:15

Restless discontent, in my heart alway, Mt.28:19-20
Lord, let me lead a lost one to you this day. Rev.20:15; 2 Thes.1:9
So short, is time for us here on this Earth, Jam.4:14; 1 P.1:24
Let’s reach the lost ones; show Jesus’ worth! Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:6
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.6,1998 # 449


Salvation will result in your change,
Your life, Christ Jesus will rearrange.
Your old wicked ways go out the door,
Makes way for the new you held in store.

We’re freed from sin and degradation,
A great result of our salvation.
We are no longer God’s enemy,
We’re justified thru’ Christ; victory!

Salvation will make us God’s children,
His Spirit abides in us; great gain!
Heirs of His Kingdom, with Him we’ll live,
And even now, great blessings He’ll give!

A result of salvation; fruit we’ll bear,
Serving Him, showing others you care.
A privilege; direct access to God,
He’ll hear our prayer, the world abroad.

A great foundation; our “Cornerstone”,
We are His church, for He did atone.
Salvation grants assurance so great,
If we’ll hold fast, Heaven is our fate.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 23,1997 # 357
(2 Co.5:17; Ep.5:17; 2:18; 3:12; Jn.1:12; 8:36; 14:16-18; 15:1-8;
Ro.5:1-11; 8:9,14,17; 6:22; 1 Jn.4:13; 1 P.3:10,12; Jam.2:5;
Phil.1:11; Col.1:10; 2 Tim.1:12; Tit.3:5,7)


As you consider at the set of sun,
Counting the good deeds that you have done.
Did you do those things to glorify
Our loving Saviour, in His Home on High?

As you reflect o’er the day that’s past,
Will things you’ve done, in eternity last?
All our works will be tried, one by one,
All motives will be judged by God’s Son.

A reward will be giv’n if our works stand,
All we do for Christ, while in this land.
All works done selfishly will be burned,
All our proud motives will be spurned.

Before the Great Judge, we’ll stand one day,
Do you know my friend, what you will say?
In His awesome Presence, truth will out,
We’ll suffer loss; OR we’ll sing and shout!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 15, 1997 # 373
(1 Cor. 3:11-15)


When into the water, a stone I throw,
Such pretty ripples, wander to and fro.
This makes me think, of what we should do,
Tell others of Christ Jesus, me and you!

Serving Christ, is like a pretty little wave,
For we are reaching out, lost souls to save!
Each one we reach, has a ‘ripple’ effect,
Jesus’ command, we must not neglect!

Just as ripples, are caused by a stone,
A lost one is reached, by God’s Word, alone!
So we must the Gospel, to lost souls take,
Jesus’ command, we must not forsake!

Just as ripples wander to the shore,
God’s Word into hearts, we must try to pour!
Then that person, will reach to another,
And into God’s family, comes yet one other!

As a ripple, each one of us must be,
Reaching out to lost souls, constantly!
Do you tell others, just Jesus can save?
Do you ripple, as a pretty little wave?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.23, 1999 # 591

RIVER OF LIFE . . . Nov. 2003 Message

As you sail down the river of life,
You pass many dangers, toils and strife.
Where have you moor’d your vessel this day?
Have you tied to Christ? or dock’d far away?

Do you not know, your vessel is weak?
Do you not know, ‘tis Christ you should seek?
When life’s angry waves envelope you,
Grab hold of Christ, He will see you thru’!

If you moor to something, that is not strong,
You will break away, before too long.
When you tie to Christ, you are secure,
And thru’ storms of life, you will endure!

When sailing is smooth, and things go right,
Most don’t think of His wisdom and might.
But when a great storm of life explodes,
You’ll wish He were there, for that episode!

Why consider ev’n one day alone?
When Christ’s glorious Presence, you can own.
When you tie to Christ, you moor safe and sound,
Ev’n when those great storms of life abound!

You’ll ne’er be alone, when to Christ you tie,
Don’t go somewhere else, and pass Him by!
He patiently waits, throw Him your rope,
On this river of life, He’s your only hope!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.31,2002 #936

Road of NO Return

Are you on the road, of no return?
Do you for worldly things, lust and yearn?
The world has so many things, to offer you,
But the ones who pass it by, are few!

Are you one who entered, the wide gate?
As you walked life's road, defying fate?
Are you walking, the devil's broad road?
If so, you will wind up, in his abode!

The devil will tempt, with worldly things,
With each temptation, more courage he brings!
And if you keep on, that wicked path,
You anger GOD, and bring on His wrath.

As you walk the road, of no return,
Think where it leads, that place where it burns.
Going thru' the wide gate, is so wrong,
For it only leads, to Satan's throng.

That wide gate, will lead you to Hell's gate,
Consider this, before it's too late.
Once in Hell, you cannot change your mind,
Ann the grace of GOD, you will not find!

Hell's one way gate, is one of NO return,
Think of this, if for Heaven you yearn.
Be wise, take the strait gate and narrow way,
Christ will not let you, be Satan's prey.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.9,2018   #1409

Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (KJV)
Revelation 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (KJV)
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (KJV)
John 14:1-2 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (KJV)
1 Peter 1:3-5 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, 5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. (KJV) There is only ONE way to God the Father, who is in Heaven. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV) Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)

Road Map
Psalm 73:24 Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. (KJV)  

More like Jesus, I know I should be,
As I walk onward, to eternity.
So many obstacles, as I walk,
I must beware, of thoughts, deeds and talk.

We all have a “road map” as we go,
But few use it, causing great sorrow.
We will face many detours, on our way,
We all should use our “road map” ev’ry day.

The Bible will show us, only right paths,
Keeping us away, from God’s Holy wrath.
Temptation will come, as we walk on,
Ask yourself, “What would Jesus have done?”

Mors like Jesus, the Bible will show,
So, to the “road map,” we all must go.
The “road map,” will never wrongly lead,
If we would just consult it, and pay heed.

The Bible will guide us, in all right ways,
God will gladly lead us, all our days.
But we must truly trust Him, and obey,
For to reach Heaven, there’s NO other way!

Our road in life, may get rough and steep,
Count on the “road map,” to safely keep.
The Bible keeps us, on right roads each day,
And makes us more like Jesus, on our way.

When you take a trip, a “road map” you need,
On our trip to Heave’n, the Bible we must heed.
Trust Jesus to help you, each single day,
For the Bible says, He’s the ONLY Way!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   May 8, 2011   #1294
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)   (KJV)  Right Paths: (Ps.16:11; Ps.23; Ps.25:10; 19:35; Pro.2:9,20; 4:11,18; 12:28; Isa.30:21; Jer.7:23; 42:3; Mat.7:13-14; Guidance: (Ps.32:8; 37:23; 48:14; 73:24; 139:10; Pro.36; Isa.42:16; 49:10; 58:11; Protection: (Job 1:10; 10:9,27-28; Isa. 1:18; Rom.10:17; 1 Thes.5:8; Heb.4:12; 1 Jn.5:4,18; Eph.6:10-17; Phil.3:20-21; 4:19; Believers: (Jn.:12-13; 3:15-18,36; 17:11-24; 1 Jn.3:1; 5:10-13; Victory in Jesus: (Ps.44:5; Mal.4:3; Lk.10:19; 8:35; 2 Cor.10:4; 1 Jn.5:4; Rev.15:2; Overcoming: (1 Jn.5:4-5; Rev.2:7,11,17,26; 3:5,12,21; 21:7; Jun.14:6; Acts.4:12; 1 Pet.1:4)

Roads To Heaven

On the brink of disaster, this world stands,
This whole Universe, is in the Lord’s Hands.
Immorality, and such wickedness,
The Almighty Creator, will not bless.

As each of us walk, in the world today,
Oh! So many are trav’ling, the broad way,
They follow their master, who leads to Hell,
And there for eternity, they shall dwell.

Great, lofty mountains, and canyons so wide,
Will cross our path, as in this life we stride.
Those who are wise, will walk the narrow path,
In the light of Christ, which keeps us from God’s wrath.

We may come to a huge canyon, so deep,
Along the edge, we must cautiously creep.
We must obey the Spirit, as He guides,
Always correct directions, He’ll provides.

A wild raging river, comes into view,
How will we cross over? What shall we do?
Many are the obstacles, on our road,
As we keep on, to our heavn’ly abode.

Are you standing, at a junction this day?
Don’t let the old devil, your mind to sway.
If you’re on the broad road, get off right now,
Let the Holy Ghost, with wisdom endow.

Trials and tribulations, each day arrive,
The Spirit of Christ, your strength can revive.
From all temptations, you can walk away,
You can do all things, through Christ every day.

Many obstacles could come, across our road,
But the light of Christ, on us is bestowed.
Privileg’d we are, with Jesus on our side,
We must keep our faith, and in Him abide.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Feb.1,2015 #1365
Heavenly citizenship: (Mat.6:1,20; Lk.10:20; 22:30; Jn.14:2-3; Phil.3:20; 4:13; 1 Pet.1:3-4; Rev.21:27). Hell: (Isa.5:14; 14:9; 30:33; Ps.49:14; Pro.27:20; Eze.32:18-30; Hab.2:5; Mat.7:13; Rev.20 13-15).
Matthew 7:13-14  Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (KJV)

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