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Path of Light, The . . . May 2007 & Jan 2012 Messages

On the path of light, with You I’ll walk,
So You can assist, when Satan stalks.
I’ve not a chance, against Satan’s darts,
If You and I Lord, are far apart.

On the path of light, with You I’ll stay,
For I need Your Presence, ev’ry day.
Without You Lord, I would surely fall,
But with You Lord, I can do it all.

I’ll stay with You, on that lighted path,
‘Tis how I avoid, the Father’s wrath.
Darkness and evil, from me will flee,
For You dear Jesus, take care of me.

Staying with You, on the path of light,
Removes my worries, doubts and my fright.
Such a comfort, to have You so near,
Your perfect love, casts out all my fear.

On the path with You, lighted so well,
Eliminates all terror of Hell.
I will with Your help, on that path walk,
And fellowship with You, as we talk.

Keep me please, Lord, on that narrow path,
For I want none of, the Father’s wrath.
In Heaven with You, I want to dwell,
And just You Lord, the Father’s wrath can quell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.18.2006 # 1113
1 John 4:18; Ephes. 6:10-17; Phil.4:13,19; Gal.5:16, 25; 1 John 1:1-6


When we go, to the Father in pray’r,
Let us start with “Our Father,” for He cares!
As His children, we are privileged to go,
Because His Son, we accept and know!

When in pray’r we go to God above,
We are worshipping Him, in truth and love!
Hallowed and holy is His precious Name,
Worship should be our utmost aim!

As subjects to our majestic King,
Let us pray in faith, truly believing!
Very soon Lord, let Thy Kingdom come,
Let us prepare ourselves from Your Word!

Thy will be done Lord, always and only,
Let us rejoice as we serve willingly!
If it’s not your will, let us keep away,
And just Your commands should we obey!

Lord forgive us when we do sin,
We must confess wrongs as pray’r begins!
Help us to forgive, as You do Lord,
For we don’t want from Your Throne to be barr’d!

From all temptation, lead us away,
For Satan will try us, day after day!
Let us submit to Your loving care,
And the devil will flee, as we go in pray’r!

For Thine is the Kingdom, pow’r and glory,
Both now and for all eternity!
Lord we do thank You for love so true,
And that we have an awesome God like You!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan. 20, 2000 # 614
Mat.6:9-15; Jam.4:7-10


Payday will come for all lost souls,
All those not found on Heav’n’s roll.
God’s grace is gone! His wrath does start!
For from His Son, you did depart!

Rejecting Christ thru’ unbelief,
Will cause lost souls, eternal grief.
The wages of sin is death, my friend,
You’ll go to Hell where pain won’t end.

Unbelief to God is the worst sin,
Is today; always has been!
It’s telling God He’s a liar,
Your payday will be the ‘Lake of Fire’.

Payday will come on ‘Judgment Day’,
The ‘Righteous Judge’ you will not sway.
The ‘Books’ will be opened wide,
There’ll be NO place for you to hide.

You can avoid ‘Payday in Hell’,
Instead, you can in Heaven dwell!
BELIEVE AND ACCEPT what God has said,
TRUST CHRIST TO SAVE; you’ve nought to dread.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.4,1996 # 192
(Heb.9:27; 2 P.2:9; 3:7; Jude 13-15; Rev.14:10-11; 20:11-15; 21:8;
Dan.7:10; 12:1-2; Mal.4:1; Mt.3:12; 13:41-42; 1 Thes.5:3; 2 Thes.1:9;
Ro.2:8; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:23-24; 8:24; 16:9; 6:28-29;
Mk.9:43-48; 1 Jn.5:1, 10-12)


Peace takes control, when my sins I confess,
In my quiet time, O Lord You truly bless.
You’re slow to anger, with abundant mercy,
Your forgiveness, gives complete serenity.

In my quite time with You, peace takes control,
Such amazing peace, flowing thru’ my soul.
This fellowship with You, I truly need,
Many thoughts do come, on which my soul does feed.

Peace takes control, in these quiet times always,
Giving me wisdom, to help me live my days.
I feel Your awesome Presence, ever so near,
It hurriedly chases away any fears.

Peace takes control, urging my heart to be still,
Quietly I listen, that I may know Your will.
Lord, I feel Your vast love, O so near to me,
This love You give, comes unconditionally.

Peace takes control, and my faith does increase,
In this quiet time, comfort never does decrease.
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all within me,
Praise His awesome Name, for all eternity.

Peace takes control, O Lord You truly bless,
In these quiet times, my soul You do caress.
O Lord, I thank you for your amazing grace,
I look to the day, when I meet You Face to face.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec. 24, 2000 # 762


Salvation is a ‘gift’ God does give,
In our life here on Earth, as we live.
Sav’d by our faith, thru’ God’s wondrous grace,
The only Way we’ll ever see His Face!

To us, God gives gifts and blessings galore,
We know not, what all He holds on store.
God thru’ Christ Jesus, does bless each day,
Never forsaking, but there always!

When in Christ Jesus you do believe,
Abundant blessings you shall receive.
The peace, joy and contentment He brings,
Makes hearts of God’s children, want to sing.

Christ Jesus, awesome Saviour and Lord,
He is portrayed, all thru’ God’s Word!
Just He can give life eternally,
Only He holds blissful Heaven’s ‘key’!
By: His servant: Connie Kramer Nov.15,1998 # 505


With righteousness Christ shall judge the poor,
Corrupt judges are gone; that’s is sure!
The strong will not exploit nor oppress,
For the meek and the poor: happiness!

‘Twill be a great time of calm and peace,
All wars and conflict did end and cease.
The wolf also shall dwell with the sheep,
The cow and the bear, shall feed and sleep.

The leopard shall lie down with the kid,
The calf, young lion, and fatling amid!
A little child, them will lead and play,
‘Twill be a wondrous time in that day.

Babies will play on the hole of a snake,
And what a wonder! no danger at stake!
No fear or violence in that day,
No hating each other; but love, alway.

Each man will work to live; and be glad,
Giving to the lazy, is a lost fad!
Ev’ry man shall sit under his own tree,
There shall be peace; and all shall be free.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.29,1996 # 183
(Isaiah ch.11)

PERFECTION . . . January 2013 Message

Perfection, is what believers strive for,
To be like Jesus each day, more and more.
Whey do I sin, why do I go astray?
Perfection for me, seems so far away.

I love the Lord Jesus, deep in my heart,
 So why is it, from His love I depart?
I must walk in the light, on that small path,
If I am to avoid, the father's wrath.

Far from perfection, when someone I hate,
Dimmer and dimmer to me, is Heav'n's gate.
Malice and vengeance, should be far from me,
If I want to have, life eternally.

Why do I do, the bad things that I do?
It should always be, good things I pursue.
Why do I say, nasty things that I say?
Perfection is to go, the other way.

Why do I have, such a bad attitude?
My disposition, should never be rude.
My manner should be, one of love and peace,
Conflict and hatred in me, must decrease.

Oh! what a terrible sinner am I,
And this is something, I cannot deny.
I look to the day, when perfect I'll be,
No sin of any kind, e'er again for me.

One day I'll have, a sinless new body,
This sinful one, will no longer be with me.
Completely perfect, like my dear Lord,
That in itself, is a wondrous reward!

I look forward, to when perfection arrives,
For now I'll pray, and fro it always strive.
A sinner am I, and always will be,
'Till the Lord Jesus, gives perfection to me.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  Sept.4, 2010
Deut.32:4; 2 Sam. 22:31; 2 Chron.19:7; Job 34:10; Psalm 18:32; 101:2; 101:6; Pro. 2:21; 11:5; Mat. 5:48; Luke 6:40; John 17:23; 2 Cor.1:9; 4:14; 2 Cor. 13:9,11; Eph. 4:13; Phil. 3:15; Col. 1:28; 4:12; 2 Tim. 3:17; James 1:4; 2 ;22; 1 Peter 5:10; 1 John 1:5; 2:5; 3:3,5; 4:12;  Job 9:20; Ecc. 7:20; Phil. 3:12; Rom.3:10,23; James 3:2; Rev. 3:2; 1 Cor.6:12-14; 15:19, 22, 35; 42, 49, 52, 54, Luke 24:36-43; John 20:27


Most gracious Father in Heav’n above,
I thank You for your amazing love!
Thank You for your Plan to save sinful man,
Thank You for eternal life, now began!

Father I thank You for all blessings,
You’re an awesome God and Almighty King!
I thank You for choosing the likes of me,
To live with You in eternity!

Lord I simply cannot comprehend,
That You consider this sinner, a friend!
I’m not worthy to ev’n kiss your feet,
Yet your wondrous love makes me complete.

Such immense wisdom that made the world,
You simply spoke, and ev’rything unfurl’d!
This wondrous pow’r I can’t understand,
You’re so majestic; still You hold my hand!

Thank You Lord, for all You do for me,
I thank You, great God of mystery!
To be your child is a privilege indeed,
I humbly beg, that You always lead!

Lord, You are righteous, pure and true,
I can’t imagine life without You!
You cannot lie, and You’re always near,
Dear God of Hope, what have I to fear?

Merciful Lord, You always forgive,
For my sins are many as I live.
You will always be, faithful and just,
On You Perfect Lord, I place all my trust.

Without You in my life, I’m nothing,
But, with You Lord, I’m a child of the King!
Tis a privilege to know You’re on my side,
Help me, help me Lord, to always abide!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 22, 2000 # 697


Praise the Lord, O my soul: and all that’s within me,
For He does certainly watch over me closely.
Praise and honor, be to His most holy Name,
For He and He alone, knows my humble frame.

Praise the Lord, and forget not all His benefits,
His mercy and compassion; they never quit!
Forgiving all our iniquities each day,
Every time we sin, or go out of His way!

He redeems our life, from destruction of Hell,
And reserves a place in Heav’n, for us to dwell!
O, He crowns us daily with lovingkindness,
Tender mercies flow, to take away stress.

Praise Him for providing our daily supplies,
And protection from danger, we can’t deny!
Renewing our strength every time we are weak,
Lifts us when we fall, puts is back on our feet!

Praise the Lord, O my soul: and all that’s within me,
For His mercy, grace, and love; all which are free!
All these are in abundance; He’ll not run out,
Just thinking of all this, makes me want to shout!

He does not always chide, or rebuke, or scold,
And He won’t let His children out in the cold.
He doesn’t hold grudges, like you and like me,
His anger is short lived; then it does flee!

We do need to praise Him for all He does do,
Casting our sins FAR away, for me and you!
He doesn’t reward us according to our sins,
Praise Him for that; for no one, Heaven could win!
By: Connie Kramer Dec,16,1995 # 73
(Ps.103; 1 P.1:4)


Give praise to our holy God above,
Praise Him for His wisdom, and His love.
Praise Him for the sunshine, and the rain,
For the Earth’s abundant, fruitful gain.

Praise Him for always answering prayer,
For His ever present concern and care.
Praise Him for not granting all requests,
For He’s all-knowing, and knows what’s best.

Praise Him for blessings He gives each day,
And for knowing He’s with us, alway.
Praise Him for strength when we’re low and weak,
For expelling pride, and making us meek.

Praise Him for His promises so great,
For His wondrous grace that we don’t rate.
Praise Him for His most tender mercy,
That comes from His love for you and me.

Praise Him for the vast vict’ry we’ve won,
Eternal life, thru’ Jesus, His Son.
Praise Him for forgiving all our sins,
And for peace and joy that knowing Him wins.

Praise Him for our mansion in Heaven,
That to His children, is freely given.
Praise Him for His watch care ‘til we go,
Praise Him each day, for love He does show.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.7,1997 # 408

LOVE: Jer.31:3; Jn.3:16; Ro.5:8; Ep.2:4-5; 1 Jn.3:1,4,9.16
WISDOM: Ps.104:24; Pro.3:19; Jer.10:7; Dan.2:20; Ro.11:33; 1 Co.1:25
ANSWERED PRAYER: Ps.91:15; Is.58:9; 65:24; Jer.33:3; Lu.11:9; Jn.14:13-14;
Jn.15:7; 1 Jn.3:22; Mt.6:33
BLESSINGS: Ps.65:9; 68:19; 107; Jer.24:7; Eze.11:19; Mt.11:28; Lu.11:13
Jn.10:28; Jam.1:17
PROMISES: 1 K.8:56; Ro.4:21; 2 P.1:4; 1 Jn.2:25; Is.43:2; Jn.14:1-3; 2 Co.12:9;
Rev.21:4; Mk.9:23; Ro.8:28; 11:24; Jn.3:15; 6:35; 12:46; Lu.11:9; 1 Co.10:13
VICTORY: Jn.16:33; Ro.8:35-39; 1 Jn.5:4; Ro.6:11; Gal.2:20; 5:24; Col.3:3; 2 Tim.2:11
PEACE and JOY: Jn.14:27; Ps.29:11; 119:165; Is.26:3; 48:18; Phil.4:7; 1 P.1:8; Jer.15:16
HEAVENLY HOME: Lu.10:20; 1 P.1:4; Mt.6:20; Jn.14:2-3; Rev.21; 22:1-5,14


Are you burden’d with a load of care?
Does life seem to give, more than you can bear?
Do you count blessings, or add up sorrows?
Do you worry ‘bout trials of tomorrow?

Do you e’er consider, blessings He gives?
Do you ponder His grace, each day you live?
Do you e’er think of all He does for you?
Don’t you know He’s faithful and always true?

Count all your blessings, name them one by one,
And soon you’ll be weighing them, ton by ton.
God is good to us in so many ways,
Blessings from Him ne’er cease, all our days.

We’ve been saved from Hell, by Christ Jesus’ death,
Shouldn’t we praise Him with our ev’ry breath?
But it’s sad; we fail to show our gratitude,
We all should be, living beatitudes.

Praise to our Lord should come naturally,
For all His blessings, and life eternally.
Let us all count our blessings, one by one,
Then gratefully thank and praise, God’s own Son!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer 5-19-03 #947


“Praise ye the Lord, praise Him all ye lands,”
For He does hold us all in His hands.
God does love the ‘sacrifice of praise’,
The fruit of our lips, to Him we should raise.

Many blessings He gives ev’ry day,
The beauty of nature’s fine array.
Fam’ly and friends, and loved ones so dear,
All blessings from God, whom we should fear.

Praise Him for warm sunlight and the rain,
Without them, food crops would have no gain.
Praise Him for the strength He gives to you,
To overcome trials, none too few.

Praise Him for wisdom that comes from His Word,
To help us live life in full accord.
Praise Him for His Hand, there when we fall,
To lift us high even ‘fore we call.

“So will we render the calves of our lips,”
And be grateful for our close fellowship,
“Take with you words, and turn to the Lord,”
Repent; from your heart, take mournful words.

“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,”
Be thankful, bless His Name; for He is “King”.
Sing in His presence, serve Him with gladness,
For ev’ry single day, the Lord does bless!
By: Connie Kramer June 4,1997 # 351
(Ps.100; 107:22; 116:17; 103:1; 111:1; 50:14; Jonah 2:9;
Heb.13:15; 1 P.2:5; 1 Chron.23:30; 1 Sam.15:22;
Am.5:21-24; Hos.6:6; 14:1; Is.1:11-17; Mt.5:4)

PRAISING GOD . . . Nov.1996 Message

Praising God creates humility,
Removes sinful pride, which is faulty.
My conceited ego flies away,
Giving room for meekness; a better way!

Praising God releases joy untold,
Joy that’s there always, to have and hold.
Joy unspeakable, and full of glory,
Now and for e’er, for eternity.

Praising God clears clutter from my mind,
Tensions are gone; worries are behind.
Calm and comfort, are freely given,
By our wondrous God high in Heaven.

Praising God casts out sin’s misery,
For when I repent, He forgives me.
When we confess our sins, one by one,
We’re cleansed by the Blood of God’s Son.

Praising God makes me want just His will,
I want to please Him, and good instill.
When His Spirit fills me to the brim,
The things of the world, grow very dim.

Praising God is an honor to me,
For He has given me victory.
Eternal life in Heaven above,
Thanks be to our Saviour’s precious love.
By: Connie Kramer Sept.18,1996 # 264
(Pro.22:4; 29:23; Is.57:15; Mt.18:4; Jam.4:10; 2 Co.1:3; 6:10; 1 P.1:8;
Mt.6:10; Ep.5:18-20; Ro.8:9; 14:17; Jn.3:15-18; 17:13; 1 Jn.1:7-10; 4:13)

Praising God

When I praise God, Him it magnifies,
I think of His pow’r and abilities.
Not of any troubles of the day,
Nor pain or worry, that come my way.

When I praise God, it greatly humbles me,
Any pride or ego, simply flee.
Praising our God, brings honor His way,
It should be a part, of ev’ry day!

Devotion to Christ, my praise reveals,
Praising God, shows how I truly feel.
In my live, I must give Him first place,
As I walk with Him, in this life’s race!

Praising God urges me, to live right,
I desire to be holy, in His sight.
I try to do His will, above my own,
As Hs Spirit guides, things are made known.

When I praise God, my faith does increase,
Worry and sorrow, simply decrease.
Faith and obedience, are jointly tied,
 Praise is opposite, of God denied!

Praising God, meekness and joy does create,
God’s great blessings, do not hesitate!
Blessings from Him, come day after day,
Praise keeps good things, coming our way!

Praising God, releases tension and stress,
This is just one way, that God does bless!
Praising God always, clears and calms my mind,
No greater comfort, can we e’er find!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   Jan.12, 2019   #1427
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  Acts 4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV) Only JESUS can save your soul! Please believe this!
Scriptures for poem: Mat.6:31-34; 10:37-40; 22:37; Lk.14:26; Jn.5:23; 15:1-5; 21:15-17; Phil.ch.4; 2 Cor.12:9-10; Eph.3:16; 6:10; Col.1:11.

PRAISING GOD FOR WHO HE IS . . . November 2013 Message

For who You are dear Lord, I praise You,
Almighty God, and Creator too!
Majestic Being, omnipotent,
The only One who is omniscient.

Of the universe, You have control,
From the starry Heav’n, to the rocky shoal.
The oceans their boundaries never leave,
Yet millions reject You; they won’t believe!

Why do You send tremors, this Earth to shake,
Splitting the Earth in a violent quake?
Are You trying to get people’s attention?
That they may flee to You, for salvation!

Molten lava down the mountain side spews,
Astonished people, their safety pursue.
Are You trying to tell them, You’re in control?
That You truly want to save their very soul!

Why do You send vicious hurricanes?
With destructive winds and tumultuous rains?
Are You showing Your majestic pow’r?
This we should consider, ev’ry hour!

O Lord, You control ev’ry single thing,
From fish in the sea, to birds on the wing!
You control the wind, sunshine and rain,
Nothing You ever do, is done in vain!

All natural disasters, You can bring,
These sorrows could be disguised as blessings.
We should ponder the pow’r and wisdom of You,
The One and only Almighty God so true!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.30, 2002 # 854


Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,
Sing praises to Him; we really should!
Let us praise the Lord, for His goodness,
And be grateful for His holiness.

I will sing praises to Christ’s Holy name,
Of my awesome Lord, I have no shame!
With thanksgiving, I will magnify,
My glorious Saviour, who lives on High.

Rejoice and be glad, as Jesus you seek,
Remember, God hates pride; so be meek.
Give thanks to the Lord, continually,
For His awesome Gift; life eternally!

Give thanks to the Lord; magnify Him,
His mercy and love, are never dim.
Full of longsuff’ring and compassion,
The only One who gives salvation!

Christ redeems me from Hell’s agony,
And crowns me with such tender mercy.
Jesus shall judge in all righteousness,
For He is our God, of holiness.

Thou O Lord, art full of compassion,
For You give us eternal salvation.
Abundant mercy, and e’er so true,
Lord, let me always sing praises to You!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.22, 2002 # 865
Psalm 107; 69:30-31; 86:15; John 3:15-18; 14:6. Acts 4:12


Prayer is the ‘key’ to God’s mercies all day,
The key to safeguard and protection, alway.
Prayer crowns God with honor, due His Name,
Our glorious God, who does not always blame.

Prayer is our spirit, speaking truth, to Truth,
And God always answers, He always rescueth.
Grant grace, so my prayer deserves to be heard,
Let it be heart-felt, not just many words.

Prayer won’t change God; but changes him who prays,
Prayer moves the arm which moves the world each day.
Prayer is love raised to its greatest power,
Prayer is peace of our soul; we needn’t cower.
By: Connie Kramer Jan.3,1996 # 93-B
(1 Chron.16:11; Mt.6:7,33; 7:7; 24:41;
Lu.18:1; Ep.6:18; 1 Thes,5:17; 1 Tim.2:8)

PRAYER . . . Oct.1996 Message

The less I pray, the harder things get,
Trials and troubles, always beset.
The more I pray, the better things are,
I need wisdom that comes from afar.

His best answers come at His own pace,
We must be patient, and wait for His grace.
He alone knows what for us is best,
Sometimes He’ll say “No” to our request.

Delayed answers are trials of faith,
Honor Him, with your every breath.
Confidence in Him should be steadfast,
Our faith should be strong, one that will last.

To be humble means we can’t go alone,
We need His help, lest we stumble and groan.
Your faith is renewed when you pray,
So go to Him oft’ thru’ ev’ry day.

Much words without heart; this God does hate,
Few words from the heart; will ne’er frustrate.
When you pray, you grasp God’s willingness,
Prayer from the heart; He’ll always bless!

God makes many promises; all so great,
All null and void, ‘less we grab them in faith.
They can come to life for me and you,
By trust, faith and prayer; always true.
By: Connie Kramer Sept.17;1996 #261
(Ps.27:14; 65:2; 91:15; Jer.33’3; Is.58:9; 65:24 Ro.8:26-28;
Rev.5:8; 8:3-4; Mt.6:33; 7:7; 26:41; Lu.18:1; 21:36; Ep6:18;
1 Thes.5:17; 1 Tim.2:8; Jam.1:5-6; 4:2-3; 5:13;
Jn.15:7; Mk.11:24; 1 JN.3:22; 2 Chron.7:14)


Gracious Father in Heaven above,
So great is Your mercy and love.
Honored and holy is Thy precious Name,
Let us always praise You, and have no shame.

Let Thy righteous Kingdom be soon to come,
And let Thy will, here on Earth be done.
Give us bread this day that we might go on,
Faithfully trusting in Your dear Son.

Forgive us our sins Lord, when we grieve,
As to Your grace we steadily cleave.
And let us not forget, we must forgive,
Our brothers and sisters as we live.

Dear Lord, leave us not in temptation,
Let us not ponder degradation.
Deliver us Lord, from the evil one,
Let us instead, to Christ Jesus run.

The Kingdom Lord, belongs just to Thee,
And Thine alone is the pow’r and glory.
Forever Lord, I will worship You,
For You and You alone, are just and true.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept. 20, 2002 #901
Matthew 6:9-13


Miracles can happen when Christians pray,
Much can be accomplished in this way.
Only faith can take you to God’s great throne,
Faith in Christ Jesus, this, and this alone!

We must humble ourselves, and seek the Lord,
We must walk with Him, in willing accord.
We’re not worthy of His mercy and grace,
Only with Christ, will we e’er see His Face.

When we go to Him, we must turn from sin,
We must truly repent; or not begin!
Be sorry for sin; turn from wicked ways,
He’ll forgive and forget, faithful each day.

We’ll receive what we ask, if we obey,
Pleasing Him in deeds, or what we do say.
Prayer is a power line, we need to use,
God will hear His children; ne’er to refuse.

Do you commune with the Lord as you should?
He wants to hear from you, ‘twill do YOU good!
Prayer cannot change God on any day,
But it will change YOU, in a special way!

Go to the Lord in prayer, in ALL things,
You may be amazed, at the peace it brings!
Trials, troubles; large or small, day or night,
Take them to God; He can make all look bright.

Set aside a quiet time, ev’ry day,
He’s your best Friend; why not treat Him that way?
On thru’ each day, He’s waiting your call,
Don’t hesitate, call Him, BEFORE you fall!
By: Connie Kramer May 28,1996 # 227
(Mic.6:8; 7:19; Is.43:25; 57:15; 2 Chron.7:14; Ps.103:12;
Mt.18:4; 5:4; Mk.9:23; 11:24; 1 Jn.1:8-10; 3:22; 5:14-15;
1 Thes.5:17; Jam.5:16)


Heavenly Father, You I truly praise,
Worship and devotion to You, I raise.
Hallow’d is Your name, and so holy,
I praise You for love, given so free.

Heavenly Father, I humbly ask,
That You be with me in ev’ry task.
Lord, I need Your pow’r, for I am weak,
Strength from You Lord, I should always seek.

Heavenly Father, please hear my plea,
Let me submit, that Satan may flee.
Lord, I need Your Presence, e’er so near,
That I may never have any fears.

Heavenly Father, I do beseech,
That Your great Throne I may always reach.
Lord, I need Your guidance, ev’ry day,
Wisdom from You will direct my way.

Heavenly Father, I do implore,
That You grant blessings You hold in store.
You promise to supply all my needs,
Let me to Your Word, always pay heed.

Heavenly Father, I humbly pray,
For deep down comfort, and peace alway.
Lord, I need Your grace and Your mercy,
I need Your forgiveness, desperately.

Heavenly Father, I truly need You,
In all that I say, or think or do.
I need Your love, and I need Your grace,
I need for You, my sins to erase.

Heavenly Father, I need Your pow’r,
If I am to get thru’ just one hour.
Your promise to ne’er forsake, I claim,
I pray all this in Jesus’ holy Name.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.16, 2000 # 743

PRECIOUS BLOOD . . . Feb.2000 Message

The precious Blood of Christ cleanses me, Mt.26:28
From the burden of sin --- I am free! Ro.8:21
The Truth, He alone, has freed my soul, Jn.8:32,36
In all sin and death, Christ has control. Ro.8:2,21; Mt.28:19

Jesus’ precious Blood; most do despise, Mt.8:38
Ones ‘of the world’ are truly unwise! Pro.1:7,22
They trample God’s Son beneath their feet, Heb.10:29
They’re headed for Hell; its fires and heat! 1 Co.11:29

Precious Blood of our Saviour and Lord, 1 P.1:19
Is something ev’ryone can afford. Ro.6:23; Ep.2:8-9
The ‘gift’ it buys: life eternally, Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24
For ‘whosoever’: that’s you and me! Jn.4:14

Just His precious Blood can justify, Ro.5:1,9
Declared ‘not guilty’ in God’s eyes. Ro.5:10
Removed from us is God’s great wrath, Ro.5:9
It opens the way to a friendly path. 1 Thes.1:10

His precious Blood from the Cross did flow, 1 Co.15:3; Rev.5:9
Cleansing all who humbly kneel below. Ac.4:12
It will cleanse of all unrighteousness, 1 Jn.1:8-9
When we accept Jesus, God will bless. Jn.3:16

Have you been washed in that wondrous Flood? Is.1:18; Rev.1:5
Sins are removed by His precious Blood. 1 P.1:18-19
Go to His Cross, and there humbly kneel, Mt.18:4
And His precious Blood your soul will heal! Rev.5:9; 7:14
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.7,1998 # 455

Precious Jesus

Precious Jesus, “Master” of our soul,
To love and serve Him, should be our goal.
If we call Him “Master” we must obey,
And His character we should display!

Precious Jesus, You are a great “Light,”
You lighten our path, ever so bright.
But we must accept You, we must ‘see,’
Just You can give life eternally!

Precious Jesus, “Bread of Life” so true,
He satisfies our hunger; me and you.
We’ll be filled completely; to the brim,
When we believe, accept and trust in Him!

Precious Jesus, “Living Water;” pure,
This Water is a wondrous Treasure!
To ‘drink’ of Him, we’ll not thirst again,
‘Tis an eternal ‘well’ for all men!

Precious Jesus, the one “Door” to Heav’n,
Just thru’ Him is eternal life giv’n.
He’s the only “Door” for all God’s sheep,
In Him we are safe; for He does keep!

Precious Jesus, the chief “Cornerstone,”
On Him we must build; on Him alone!
We must not build on wood, straw or hay,
If we want to see Heav’n’s wondrous array!

Precious Jesus, awesome “Prince of Peace,”
Only He, our worries can release.
Just He gives contentment, peace and joy,
That no mortal man can destroy!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.21,1999 # 551


Heaven is a dream, that one day will come true,
But Lord, I must walk, that narrow road with You.
Precious Jesus, give me wisdom to do right,
And in my dark times, shed on me Your glorious Light!

Heaven is a hope, that I shall realize,
But Lord, I must trust and obey, to be wise.
Precious Jesus, help me to be, who I should be,
As I come closer, to life eternally!

Heaven is a far off vision, I shall see,
But Lord, I must not ever, be blind to Thee.
Precious Jesus, let my faith, not ever fail,
Let my heart-felt love and trust, always prevail.

Heaven today, is an image out in space,
But Lord, it shall be real, and I’ll see Your Face.
Precious Jesus, let me always persevere,
For my hope of Heaven, draws O’ so near.

Heaven right now, seems dim and so far away,
But Lord, I know, I’ll see Your Face, one sweet day.
Precious Jesus, help me to walk, close to You,
For I truly want, to see Heaven’s wondrous view!

Precious Jesus, keep me from the devil’s snares,
But Lord, when I stumble, show me how You care.
Precious Jesus, help me to walk, that small path,
That I may ne’er be condemned, by the Father’s wrath.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.16,2013 #1336
Heaven is the future dwelling place of the righteous. Heaven is called:

  • A Garner. Mat.3:12
  • The Kingdom of Christ and of God. Eph. 5:5
  • The Father’s House. John 14:2
  • A Heavenly Country. Heb.11:16
  • A Rest. Heb.4:9; Rev. 14:13
  • Paradise. 2 Cor. 12:2; 2 Cor. 12:4
  • The wicked excluded: Gal.5:21; Eph. 5:5; Rev. 22:15

Love for Christ. (Mat.10:37; 28:1; Mk.15:41; Jn.8:42; 14:15-16,22-23; 16:27; 19:25; 20:14; Eph.6:24; 2 Tim.1:13; Philemon 1:5; 1 Pet.1:8).

Love for God. (Deut.6:5; 10:12; 11:1,13,22; 19:9; 30:20; Josh.22:5; 23:11; Ps.31:23; Mat.22:37; Mk.12:30; Lk.10:27; 11:42; Jn.13:34; Rom.8:28; Eph.1:4; 2 Thes.3:5; Jude 1:21)

Love of Christ. (Mk.10:21; Jn.10:11; 11:3; 13:1,34; 14:21; 15:9,13; 19:26; 20:2; Rom.5:7; 8:35-38; 2 Cor. 5:14; Gal.2:20; Eph.5:2,25; 1 Tim.1:14; 1 Jn.3:16)

Love's Test. (Jn.13:35; 21:16; 1 Cor.13:1; 1 Tim.1:5; 1 Jn.3:14-15; 4:20)

BEWARE!!! Satan is:

  • ruler of this world” (Jn.12:21);
  • the evil one” (Mat.13:38; Jn.17:15; 1 Jn.5:19).
  • god of this world” (2 Cor.4:4)
  • prince of the power of the air” (Eph.2:2; 1 Cor.2:12; Col.1:13; 1 Jn.4:4; Rev.12:9-10)

Hope: (Rom.5:2; 8:24; Gal.5:5; Col.1:5; 1 Tim.1:1; Heb.6:18-19; 7:19; 1 Pet.3:15; 2 Pet.3:13; 1 Jn.3:2-3; Tit.1:2; 2:13; 1 Pet.1:13)


Such precious thoughts in my mind so clear,
Thoughts of my Saviour, Jesus, so dear.
He left the peace and beauty of Heav’n,
Came to Earth, as Man; His life He hath giv’n.

Precious thoughts of His abiding love,
Giv’n to us by the Father above.
Pure, true love as this, is not known to man,
Redeeming our souls, ‘twas all God’s Plan.

Precious thoughts each day as He watches me,
I praise Him, that from sin, He’s set me free.
He lightens my path, as onward I go,
My Saviour loves me; this I know!

Such precious thoughts always give me chills,
‘Tis hard in His presence, to be still.
Knowing He is near, great comfort gives,
Greater comfort still; I know He lives!

Precious thoughts multiply, day after day,
He draws me closer in His loving way.
How I do adore and love my Lord,
And I know my prayers are always heard.

These precious thoughts of Christ linger on,
My very heart and soul He has won.
I’m so grateful for the life He gives,
Eternal life in Heav’n, where He lives!
By: Connie Kramer Feb.20,1996 # 140
(Jn.3:31; 6:38,46-51; 8:23,42; 15:9,13; 16:30; Gal.4:4;
Phil.2:8; 1 Tim.2:5; Ro.8:35; Ep.1:4-7; 1 Jn.3:16)


Precious is the time I spend with You,
You make each day start, so fresh and new.
Precious moments with You, I hold so dear,
Cherished mem’ries, I’ll always keep near.

Precious moments, I’ll treasure so much,
Your warm, loving Presence, and tender touch.
You touch my heart and my soul so deep,
I thank You for these blessings I reap.

The precious time with You are memories,
Held e’er so tight in my heart, joyously.
These precious mem’ries will not depart,
For You live within me, in my heart.

Simple pleasures in life, are always best,
Knowing You’re near, gives me peace and rest.
Time with You, Lord is a wondrous treasure,
No money could buy such joyful pleasure.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 31, 2002 #886


You reached out to me, in eternity past,
Before the foundation of the Earth was cast.
So very long ago, You chose humble me,
To live with You in Your House, eternally!

Predestinated --- humble me You chose,
Heaven’s gates to me, You will never close.
You’ve prepared a “mansion” that’s reserved for me,
Where I’ll walk that street of gold, eternally!

Predestinated --- You have adopted me,
I was chosen in Christ, for Your family.
To the praise of the glory of Your grace,
One day I will see Your majestic Face!

Predestinated --- You chose me in Your Son,
Before Creation, You had ever begun.
In Your mercy and grace, You reached out to me,
That humble me might have life, eternally!

I’m not noble, nor wise, least of all mighty,
Your choosing me, is a great mystery.
Yet You chose me, knowing I’d stumble in weakness,
And bestow upon me, Your blessedness.

My only desire is to glorify You,
In everything that I think, and say and do.
I just want to praise You for all You have done,
Blessing me completely, thru’ Thine own Son!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 21, 2001 # 792
Eph. 1:4-12; 1 Cor. 1:26-31;


When you plan a trip, to go away,
Do you prepare for that special day?
If you’re like most, you plan well ahead,
With preparations; so there’s no dread.

Most people never prepare or plan,
For the most important trip of man.
Most live as if they won’t ever die,
Death is certain, don’t try to deny.

When your day comes; just where will you go?
Your soul lives for e’er, you’d better know!
Just two destinations; Heav’n or Hell,
You’re headed for one, for e’er to dwell.

Have you made preparations for that day?
When you will leave this Earth, and go away.
You will leave, there is no doubt at all,
When your time is up, our God will call.

Hell is the place folks don’t want to hear,
But it is there, and a place to fear!
You don’t want to go Hell below,
Instead, our Saviour, you need to know!

Only Christ can take you to Heav’n’s land,
You must prepare, and be well planned.
Your most important trip is soon to come,
Just WHERE will be your eternal home?
By: Connie Kramer Jan.19,1996 # 115
(2 Chron.19:3; Li.1:17; 13:32-37; 21:34-35; 2 Tim.2:19-26;
Mt.24:27; 25:6-10; 1 Thes.5:3; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:2-3,6)


Like a brutal blizzard blinds your eyes,
Keeping you from Jesus, Satan tries!
He will make your heart so cold and hard,
Your eyes are blinded, your way is barr’d!

Like a sandstorm, where you cannot see,
Satan keeps you bound; won’t set you free.
From the Lord, he will keep you away,
He’ll blind your eyes, ev’ry single day!

In prison, is where, Satan wants you,
Far away from the Lord’s love so true!
The Truth, he does not want you to see,
He does not want Christ, to set you free!

Behind prison bars, in darkness so deep,
Is where the old devil wants to keep!
He doesn’t want you to know the King,
His lies keep millions from God’s blessings!

In this dark prison, you need not stay,
Jesus has for you, a better way!
He can make the sky, cloud-free and bright,
He can give those blind eyes, precious sight!

The Light of Jesus can shine on you,
He can remove your hard heart too!
That prison of darkness, need not be,
Christ can give you life, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 25, 2000 # 717


Hell will be a prison of darkest despair,
There are so many things that will be there.
Fire and brimstone, suff’ring and agony,
Weeping and wailing; God’s final decree!

Mem’ry and remorse, for eternity,
No turning back; not a chance to be free!
No doors or windows in that awful place,
And never, ever, the light of Christ’s Face!

The fearful, unbelievers, all liars,
All these will have part in the “Lake of Fire”.
The abominable, and all who hate God,
All who reject Christ, while Earth they do trod!
By: Connie Kramer Jan.3,1996 # 94-B
(Rev.20:10,15; 21:8; 22:14-15; Ro.1:28-30;
Mt.8:12; 13:41,42,49,50;
Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6)


There’s turmoil in the world; all around,
But Christ gives me peace that does abound!
Joy, for most people, is far away,
Yet I rejoice, each and ev’ry day!

Contentment, for most, is but a dream,
But with Christ near, it’s a steady stream!
The world is fill’d with wickedness,
But true Christians reveal Christ’s kindness!

A child of God is not of this world,
Character traits of Christ, are unfurl’d!
We must always be patient and meek,
And His guidance, we should always seek!

We should copy Christ with faithfulness,
When we persevere, our God will bless!
We must love, most important of all,
Being gentle and good, let us stand tall!

We are privileged, as God’s children,
Each day He blesses us; o’er again!
All those without Christ, receive God’s wrath,
Traveling with Satan, on Hell’s broad path!

Let’s pray for the “fruit” of self-control,
And commit to Christ, body and soul!
Just those “in Christ” can access God’s Throne,
For just the Blood of Christ, can atone!

You can be privileged, this very day,
If the Gospel of Christ, you obey!
Receive Christ, and believe on His Name,
And become God’s child; make it your aim!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug. 18, 2000 # 725
John 1:12-13; 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 1 John 3:1; 5:10-12.


Privileged to be, one of God’s own,
Accomplished by His love, that was shown!
He sent His Son, as a Sacrifice,
To pay my sin’s penalty, a great price!

Privileged to have, constant joy always,
I’m grateful to the Spirit, each day!
So many blessings, He does bestow,
And each and ev’ry one, with love does flow!

Privileged to have, an abiding peace,
Troubles and worry, have been released.
Freedom from care, as we start each day,
Christ Jesus is with us, all the way!

Privileged to have, an e’er present Friend,
He’ll be with us always, to the end.
Jesus will never, leave nor forsake,
Such a wondrous Promise, He does make!

Privileged to have, non-stop contentment,
Because the Spirit, is e’er present.
For He gives us strength, all prevailing,
Faith in Christ, brings us strength unfailing!

Privileged to have bold, confident access,
To God’s Throne of Grace, where He does bless!
Thanks be to Christ, for opening that door,
Not only that one, but many more!

Privileged to know, Heaven awaits,
Future glory is assured, God states!
And too, one day, we shall sin no more,
New bodies like Christ, are held in store!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   Jan.14, 2019   #1429
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  Acts 4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV) Only JESUS can save your soul! Please believe this!
Scriptures for poem: Phil ch.4; Eph.3:12-13, Jn.3:15-18, 36; 14:2-3, 16; 1 Pet.1:3-5; Rom.5:1-2; Phil.3:20-21.


How do you feel when someone lies to you?
Do you still want the friendship to pursue?
Broken promises hurt someone always,
Lies will make you the old devil’s prey.

Promises are made by everyone,
But all too often, they’re made in fun.
Most people don’t keep their word today,
Lies are too oft’ a common display!

You must keep it, if a promise you make,
God’s children should ne’er their word forsake!
If you don’t intend to do as you say,
Let the words from your mouth, stay away!

You become known for the words you speak,
God’s children should be mild manner’d and meek.
Lies should never on your lips arrive,
False promises you should ne’er contrive.

God is so different than me and you,
He never lies; His Words are always true!
A promise made by Him is trustworthy,
In the past, now, or in eternity!

God has promis’d Heav’n to all who believe,
But He plainly states His Son you must receive!
Believe on Christ; you’ll see life everlasting,
Jesus is the greatest Gift and Blessing!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.30,1999 # 601
Jn.1:12-13; 3:15-18, 36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:6; 1 Jn.5:9-12

Promises of God

The Promise of love, cannot compare,
With anything, that this world could share.
God’s love is care, concern and compassion,
The world gives strife, and persecution.

 The Promise of pardon, hovers near,
The world just offers, dreaded fear.
God’s pardon, casts sins and guilt away,
The world tempts and entices, each new day.

The Promise, sufficient is His grace,
Encourages us, as we run our race.
Amazing grace, is God’s great mercy,
His pardon of sin, is O so free.

The Promise to us, to justify,
While the world stubbornly, Christ denies.
The court of Heav’n, not guilty declares,
The evil world with this, cannot compare.

The Promise of Heav’n, for you and me,
Is there for all, in God’s family.
An inheritance, that won’t fade away,
Kept by God’s pow’r, for our special day.

All the Promises of God, He shall keep,
His true children, these Promises will reap.
Faith in Christ Jesus, is what it takes,
Standing firm in Him, ne’er to forsake.

The Bible is clear, we must believe,
If God’s Promises, we are to receive.
For all unbelievers, Hell awaits,
They will never see, Heav’n’s glorious gates.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Mar.22, 2015 #1369

God's Promises to the Righteous: Psalm 5:12; 11:7; 14:5; 31:18; Psalm 34:15,17-19; 37:25,29-30,39; 55:22; 58:11; 
64:10; 68:3; 97:11; 118:19; 140:13; 146:8; Prov. 2:7,20-21; 11:30; 18:10; Isa. 3:10; Jer. 20:12; Mat. 5:6,20; 6:33; 13:43; Jn.14:1-3; Rom.1:17; 3:22; 4:3,5,6,13; 10:10; 1 Cor. 1:23-30;  2 Cor. 5:21; Gal. 3:6; 4:24; 1 Pet.1: 2-9; 1 Jn.5:4-5; Rev.2:7,11;17;26; 3:5,12,21.
The Wicked . . . Their Promised End: Psalm 9:17; 11:6; Isa.13:9-11; 59:18; Mat.5:21-22; 7:13; 13:40-42; 25:41; Jn.5:28-29.
The righteous are people: 1. Who fear God. 2. Departs from evil. 3. Walk according to the words of God. 4. Expects and prepares for a glorious eternity. 5. Who believe what God says.
The WICKED are people: 1. Those who have NO fear whatsoever of God. 2. Those who do NOT abandon their evil ways, but seem proud of them. 3. Who live a life far from what God expects. 4. Who do NOT expect or prepare for eternity. 5. Who refuse to believe God, and instead curse and blaspheme Him, His Holy Name, His Holy Word, and His people . . . be they Jews or born again Christians.


Are you in pursuit of happiness?
Do you want Almighty God to bless?
Do you long for joy and peace each day?
For all these; Christ is the only Way!

Do you wish you could have contentment?
But instead, have so much resentment?
Does bitterness plague your very heart?
Only Jesus, can give you a new start!

No love in your heart? just awful hate?
And grievous arguments, with your mate?
Do you covet? and have jealousy?
Only Christ Jesus can set you free!

Happiness is what we all pursue,
Those who have love and peace, are few!
Most try to achieve these on their own,
And when they fail, they mutter and groan!

The pursuit of happiness can be won,
But it must be done, thru’ God’s own Son!
True love, joy, peace and happiness,
Are gifts from God, as He does bless!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.10,1997 # 428
(Job 20:5; Pro.14:13; 28:16; Ec.7:6; Eph.4;31; 5:3; Heb.12:15;
Jam.3:13-18; Ex.20:17; Ps.10:3; Luke 12:15; Col.3:5; Is.57:21;
Jam.4:9; 1 Cor.13:4; Gal.5:22-23, 26; Rom.8:6; 14:17;
Ps.29:11; 119:165; Is.26:3; 48:18; John 14:27; 16:33;
Phil.4:7, 11; Pro.15:16; 1 Tim.6:6-8; Heb.13;5)

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