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POEMS . . . J


Jesus paid the full and total price,
His own sinless self did sacrifice.
He died on that Cross on Calv’ry’s path,
Only this great work relieved God’s wrath.

Jesus work on the Cross; this alone,
For all our sins, did fully atone.
Never by works done by you and me,
Nothing we do pays sin’s penalty.

All have sinned ‘fore Almighty God,
None is righteous, as Earth they trod.
From all sin does God hide His holy Face,
Only ‘JESUS’ can bring us to His grace!

We must believe ALL that God does say,
And not try to find ‘another’ way!
In His ‘Book’ the record is good and true,
ONLY HIS SON can save and rescue.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,”
Friend, without Jesus, you shall have strife.
NO ONE gets to the Father in Heav’n,
Except by His Son, whom He hath giv’n.

Just Jesus, alone, not one thing more,
Will get you to that Heav’nly shore.
Nary a work; nor person so great,
Will get you a passport to Heav’n’s gate.

You must accept Jesus, He alone,
For no one else, your sins can atone!
If you won’t believe God; He gives Hell,
And there for eternity, you shall dwell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.26,1996 # 151
(Mt.26:28; 27:46; Heb.7:25-27; 9:11-12,22-24; 10:10-12;
Ro.3:23; 1 Jn.5:10-12; 2 P.2:4-9; Jn.14:6)

JESUS . . . December 2013 Message

Jesus was God, as He walked this Earth as Man,
Jesus embodied, God’s eternal Plan!
Jesus came to save this wicked world,
Only thru’ Jesus, is God’s Plan unfurl’d!

Jesus was God, so He knew all of man’s thoughts.
Jesus constantly, the old devil fought!
Jesus paved the way, for all to go to Heav’n,
To “whosoever” believes, salvation is giv’n.

Jesus was God, so He knew what would be,
Jesus knew just a “few” would see Heav’n’s beauty!
Jesus knew ‘most’ would follow the broad path,
Leading to destruction, and God’s holy wrath.

Jesus was truly God, all those many years ago,
Jesus brings salvation, God wants you to know!
Blissful life in Heav’n, for all eternity,
Achieved just thru’ Jesus; for you and me!

Jesus said, in life there are just two roads,
And just the narrow one, leads to Heav’n’s abode.
Only a “few” will ever make it in,
Because to God, unbelief is a great sin!

Jesus is still God, in this world today,
Jesus is still to Heav’n, the only way!
Will you be one of the fortunate “few”?
That receive eternal life, in Heav’n anew?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.13, 1999 # 579

Before Jesus, After Jesus

I claim Jesus’ righteousness, as mine,
So that thru’ me, His great Light can shine.
With His power, He made me God’s child,
From now to for e’er, from Hell I’m exiled.

Before Jesus, I was deep in sin,
Sin is how, ev’ry day I’d begin.
Like filthy rags, was my righteousness,
‘Twas no way, that the Father would bless.

Before Jesus, just self was on my mind,
No love for others, I was not kind.
All I would think of, was me, me, me,
And I ne’er thought, of eternity.

But Jesus, my heart and life did change,
Spirit and soul, He did re-arrange.
Of me, I no longer think any more,
Now I want others, to reach Heav’n’s shore.

Jesus’ righteousness, for me I claim,
And salvation, in His Holy Name.
No longer will it be, me, me, me,
I’m on my way, to life eternally.

Lord Jesus, thru me, let Your Light shine,
Concern for others’ souls, should be mine.
Lord let me please You, and do Your will,
And Lord, with Your love, my being fill.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 19, 2010 # 1260
1 Cor.1:30; John 1:12-13; 3:15-18, 36; Isa.64:6; Rom.3:10,23; Eph.2:8-9; God’s will: Mat.6:10; 12:50; 26:39; 26:42; Mark 3:35; 14:36; Luke 11:2; 22:42; John 4:34; 5:30; 6:38-40; Romans 12:2;


Only Jesus’ Blood can justify,
But you must never, His Work deny!
For the sins of many, His Blood was shed,
But by His Spirit, you must be led!

We were purchased, by His Blood alone,
Only His precious Blood can atone!
Just His Blood can save us from God’s wrath,
Allow Christ to lead you, on the right path!

His precious Blood, our souls did redeem
Without a blemish, and of high esteem!
Just Jesus’ Blood, can make us God’s friend,
Accept Christ today, or God you offend!

Just Jesus’ Blood, can wash sins away,
If you are wise, kneel at His Cross today!
Christ loved us so, He died on that Cross,
But you must accept Him, or your soul is lost!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.14, 1999 # 583

Jesus Can Do It All

If Jesus can forgive, a sinner such as I,
Why would He, any other sinner deny?
If you truly repent, from deep in your heart,
Everlasting life for you, has had its start!

When I walk into the darkness, Christ is there,
He guides and encourages, no matter where.
Trusting all the while, I must walk Jesus’ path,
Trusting His righteousness, I avoid God’s wrath.

Any righteousness I have, is “filthy rags,”
‘Tis God’s grace that saves, not works, that I may brag.
Christ paid my sin debt, on the cross of Calvary,
Entitling me to life, eternally.

When Jesus touched my blind eyes, I then could see,
Just how much God loved, a sinner such as me.
We are not under law, but under God’s grace,
I thank God, for one day, I’ll see Jesus’ Face!

I’ve never been sorry, not one single day,
That I trusted Jesus, and went His way.
Only Jesus’ righteousness, can justify,
So on our precious Saviour, we must rely.

Jesus gives us, eternal security,
When He gives us salvation, ever so free.
We are saved by grace, not by works that we do,
Are you this day, one of God’s treasured “few”?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.11, 2010 #1277
John 3:15-18; 5:24; 6:47; Ps.73:24; Isa.64:6-7; Eph. 2:8-9; John 1:5; 8:12; 1 Cor.2:14; Eph.5:8; Col.1:13; 1 Pet.2:9; Rom.4:16; 5:21; 6:14-15; 9:16; Eph. 1:7; 2:7; 1 Pet.4:10; 5:10; Titus 3:5; Psalm 37:3, 5; 115:11; 118:8; Pro.3:5; Isaiah 26:4; 50:10; Eternal life: John 3:14-16; John 4:14; John 5:24-25; John 5:29; John 5:39; John 6:27; John 6:40; John 6:47; John 6:50-58; John 6:68; John 10:10; John 10:27-28; John 12:25; John 12:50.


Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (KJV) . . . Your heart’s door has only one doorknob and it is on the inside! YOU must open your heart’s door or you leave Him out in the cold! He will NOT force Himself on you! OPEN the door my friend! Great and wonderful things will take place in your life.

When the goodness of Jesus, comes into your heart,
The bad and evil things, quickly start to depart!
Christ Jesus came in, when I opened my heart’s door,
He releases grand blessings, that He holds in store!

Awesome blessings come your way, when He resides,
Great Godly gifts are yours, when Jesus presides.
He will help you cast out, all immoral things,
For He gives vic’try, o’er all that Satan brings.

When you allow Christ Jesus, into your heart,
Backbiting, blasphemy, cursing, will depart!
Just kind, loving and tender words, you will speak,
And your attitude, will be humble and meek!

When Jesus comes into your heart, bad things flee,
Envy, greed, hatred, strife, will be far from thee!
Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, will take place,
For the Spirit of Christ, helps us run our race!

When the goodness of Jesus, comes into your heart,
He gives the newly made you, a brand new start!
The amazing peace and comfort, He gives you,
With each new wonderful day, will continue!

Christ Jesus cannot come, into your life and heart,
Open your heart’s door, that His blessings may start.
Exceptional good things, He brings continually,
And when we depart this Earth, life eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.5, 2013 #1341
Rev.3:20; Rom.2:8-9; 7:5,18,25; 8:; 1 Cor.3:2; 6:9-10; 1:50; Gal.5:17-23; 6:8; Eph.5:5-6; Col.3:5-9; 1 Pet.4:1-2; Jam.3:14-18; Rev.21:8,27; 22:15; Bodies, new: (Ps.17:15; 1 Cor.2:9; 15:49,53-54; Rom.8:18,29; 13:12-14; 2 Cor.5:2-4; 2 Cor.4:17; Gal.3:27; Eph.4:24; Phil.3:21; 2 Pet.1:4; 1Jn.3:2) Lay aside: (Isa.2:20; 30:22; Eze.18:31;32; Heb.12:1; Mat.10:37-38; Lk.8:14; 9:59-62; 12:15; 14:26-33; 18:22-25; 21:34; Rom.13:11-14; 2 Cor.7:1; Eph.4:22-25; Col.3:5-8; 1 Tim.6:9-10; 2 Tim.2:4; Jam.1:21; 4:8; 1 Pet.2:1; 4:2; 1 Jn.2:15-16). Abiding in Christ: (Jn. 8:31; 15:4-5,7;10; 1 Jn.2:6,10,28; 3:6; 5:20; 2 Jn.1:9) Indwelling of Christ: (Isa.57:15; Jn.6:56; 14:20,23; 17:23,26; Rom.8:10; 2 Cor.2:20; 4:19; Eph.3:17-19; Phil.1:20; Col.1:27; 3:11; 2 Thes.1:12; 1 Pet.3:15; 1 Jn.2:5; 3:24; 4:4,16; Rev.3:20).
Hath eternal life: (Jn.3:16,18,36; 5:24; 6:40,47; 8:51; 11:26; 12:44; 20:31; Mk.16:16; Rom.10:11-13; 1 Pet.1:21; 1 Jn.5:1,10-13). Heaven, My home in: (Jn.14:1-6; 1 Pet.1:3-5; Rev.21) Heavenly citizenship: Mat.6:1,20; Lk.10:20; 22:30; Jn.14:2; Phil.3:20; Tit.1:2; 1 Pet.1:3-4; Rev.21:27.


Jesus is meek and did self, deny,
And His grace upon us, He does apply.
He is e’er faithful and full of love,
What a blessing He is, from God above.

Jesus is merciful; gentle and kind,
Jesus is patient, with a humble mind.
He is prayerful, and compassionate,
What a blessing He is, from God so great.

Jesus is zealous, impartial and true,
He is omniscient, and all things He knew.
Jesus is righteous, just, and did obey,
What a blessing He is, from God each day.

Jesus is the one door, to Heav’n above,
He is the one way, giv’n by God in love.
He reconciles us to God, by His death,
We need to thank Him, with our ev’ry breath.

Jesus is right now, in the heights of Heav’n,
And as Advocate, such great gifts are giv’n.
Christ Jesus sits, at the right hand of pow’r,
Where He is in control, at ev’ry hour.

Jesus is the Shepherd, who guards our soul,
And just He can keep us, from Hell’s dark hole.
Jesus is the Judge, who will say yes or no,
To Heav’n’s safety, or agony below.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Mar.25, 2015 #1370
Ps.23:1-6; 40:8; 68:18; 80:1; 110:1; Isa.9:6-7; 11:5; 40:11; 50:5; 53:7,11; 59:16-17; Jer.23:5-6; Zec.9:9; 13:7; Mat.3:15; 4:23-24; 9:4,27,36; 11:21,25,29; 12:19-20; 14:19,23; 15:22,32; 16:21,27; 17:15; 20:28,34; 21:5; 22:16,41-45; 25:31-46; 26:36-44,52; 27:14,19; Mk.1:35,41; 5:19; 10:17-18,21; 14:62; Lk.2:49,51; 4:22; 6:8,12; 7:23; 22:27; 23:32,34-47; Jn. 1:14,47-50; 2:17,24-25; 4:17-19,25-26,29,34; 5:30; 7:18; 8:29; 10:11,14; 13:3-10; 17:1-26; 19:25-27; Jn.1:4,14,16-17; 5:22,27; 6:38; 10:1-18; 11:3,5,25-26; 13:1;33-34; 14:21,23,31; 15:10,13; 16:30; 17:23; 18:38; 19:26; Acts 1:9-11; 4:12; 10:38,42; 17:31;  Rom.5:1,10,17-19; 8:35,37; 15:3; 1 Cor.1:24,30; 2 Cor.5:10,14,18; 8:9; 10:1; 11:10; Gal.2:20; Eph.2:16; 3:19; 4:8; 5:2,25; Phil.2:1,6,5-8; Col.1:20; 3:4;  1 Tim.1:14-16; 2 Tim.4:1,8; Heb.1:9,13; 2:17; 3:2; 5:5,7-8; 10:1-12,19-20; 13:20; 1 Pet. 2:25; 3:18;5:4; 2 Pet.1:1; 1 Jn.2:1,29; 3:16; 5:20; Rev.1:5; 3:14,19; 7:17; 19:11-21

JESUS IS . . .

Jesus is my Saviour, He died for me,
Paid my mountainous debt, sin’s penalty!
He took all my sins, to the cross that day,
When I trust Him, all my sins are wash’d away!

Jesus is my redeemer, He paid the price,
His Sacrifice on the cross, was suffice.
When I believe in Him, my soul is free,
And one day will see, Heav’n’s glorious beauty.

Jesus is my Friend, when Him I obey,
He blesses constantly, day after day!
No better friend, could I have on my side,
When in trust and love, in Him I abide!

Jesus is my Master, Him will I serve,
This awesome Person, I do not deserve!
I will serve Him night and day, for e’er more,
Here in this life, and on Heav’n’s glorious shore!

One day Jesus my God, in the clouds will come,
And take all the saints, to their Heav’nly home.
O’ what a wonderful day that will be,
The joining together, all God’s fam’ly!

On Judgment Day, Jesus will be my Judge,
From righteousness and Truth, He will not budge!
According to my works, He shall judge me,
Reward or loss, will be my final decree.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.22, 2013 #1344
Saviour, Bearing Our Burdens: (Gen.22:6; Ps.55:22; Isa.53:4; Mat.4:24; 8:17; 11:28; 14:35; 15:30; Mk.1:32; 6:55; 8:2; 9:19; Lk.4:40; 5:15; 6:17; 7:21; Jn.11:38; 19:17). Redeemer: (Deut.7:8; 2 Sam.4:9; 1 Ki.1:29; Job 19:25; Ps.19:14; 25:22; 78:35; 130:8; Pro.23:11; Isa.41:14; 43:14; 44:6; 47:4; 49:7,26; 54:5; 59:20; 60:16; 63:16; Jer.15:21; 50:34; Lam.3:58; Hos.7:13; 13:14; Rom.11:26). Friend, Jesus: (Lk.12:4; Jn.15:13-15). Master, Jesus: (Mat.10:24; Lk.5:5; 8:24; 9:33; Jn.13:13; Eph.6:9; Col.4:1) Judge, Jesus: (Isa.11:4; Mat.21:40; 25:32; Jn.5:22,27; 8:16,26; 9:39; Acts 10:42:17:31; Rom.2:16; 14:10; 1 Cor.4:4-5; 2 Tim.4:1,8; Jam.5:9; 1 Pet.4:5; Rev.19:11). Judgment Day: (Job 21:30; Ps.98:9; 110:5; Pro.11:4; Isa.2:12; 13:13; 34:8; 61:2; Jer.25:33; 30:7; 46:10; Eze.7:19; Joel 2:1,11,31; 3:14; Zep.1:14; Mat.7:22; Lk.17:30; Jn.12:48; Acts 2:20; Rom.2:5; 2 Tim.1:12,18; 4:8; Heb.10:25; Jude 1:6; Rev.6:17; 16:14) Rapture, Christ's Coming FOR the Saints: (Mat.24:37-51; 25:1-13; Lk.12:36-40; 21:34-36; Jn.14:1-3; 1 Cor.15:51-56; 1 Thes.4:13-18; 2:19; 5:13; 5:9,23; 2 Thes.2:1,7-8; Col.3:4; 1 Jn.2:28; 3:2; 1 Pet.5:4; Jam.5:7-8). Saints, Sealed By God: (Eze.9:4; 2 Cor.1:22; Eph.1:13; 4:30; Rev.3:12; 7:3; 9:4; 14:1; 22:4). According to works: (Ps.62:12; Pro.24:12,29; Isa.59:18; Jer.21:14; 25:14; 32:19; Lam.3:64; Eze.7:8-9; 18:30; Hos.12:2; Zec.1:6; Mat.16:27; Rom.2:6; 2 Tim.4:14; Rev.2:23; 18:6; 20:12-13; 22:12).

JESUS IS . . .

Jesus is the Best Gift, that God gave me,
For just Jesus has, Heaven’s only key.
God gave us His Son, a Treasure indeed,
If you are wise, to Him, you will pay heed.

Jesus is the Best Blessing, God does bestow,
Wisdom accepts Him, I want you to know.
God gave us His Son, a great Wealth untold,
If you are wise, you shall be safe His fold.

Jesus is the Best Promise, God can e’er make,
When we accept Christ, God will NOT forsake!
God gave us His Son, so He could justify,
If you are wise, Jesus you will not deny.

Jesus is the Best Friend, to e’er come our way,
No better friend can the world offer, any day.
God gave us His Son, to lead and to guide,
If you are wise, you will accept what He provides.

Jesus is the Best Comforter, anywhere,
No worldly comfort can ever compare.
God gave us His Son, to give us consolation,
If you are wise, you’ll accept Jesus’ salvation.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   June 26, 2015 #1371
Best Gift: John 4:10; 3:16; Isa. 9:6; Rom.8:32; 1 Cor.1:30; 2 Cor.9:15; Eph.2:8. Best Blessing: Ps.23; John 1:16; Rom.9:23; 2 Cor.1:21-22;  Eph. 3:20;  Phil.4:7,19. Best Promises: Redemption (Eph. 1:7,14; Col. 1:14; Titus 2:14; Heb. 2:9-15; 9:11-15) Boldness and access to God (Eph 2:18; 3:12; Heb. 4:14-16; 10:19-23) Heavenly citizenship (Mat.25:34; Gal.3:18; Eph.1:11,14,18; 2:19; Phil. 3:20 Col.1:12) God's infinite power (Eph. 3:20) Sealing (Eph. 4:30; 1:13; John 6:27; Rom. 4:11; 2 Cor. 1:22) Sanctification (Eph. 5:26; Heb. 10:10) Best Friend: (John 10:11,15; 15:13-14;
Rom.5:6-8; Eph.5:2; 1Jn.4:7-11) Best Comforter: (John 14:1,14-17,26; 6:45; 16:33; 2 Thes.2:16)

Jesus Is Able

Jesus is able, to love you more,
And on you, He’ll abundantly pour!
His merciful love, is always there,
He’ll never leave you, for He does care!

Jesus is able, to give you aid,
When you are troubled, or are afraid!
When you are tempted, day after day,
The Spirit of Christ, will help you pray.

Jesus is able, to justify,
All those who do not, His Name deny!
Justified by faith, you will have peace,
And hope of eternal life, will increase!

Jesus is able, to make grace abound,
Nothing better on Earth, can be found!
You’ll have sufficiency, in all things,
In every good work, His grace will bring!

Jesus is able, temptation to bear,
If you will just go, to Him in prayer!
A way of escape, will come into view,
An exit He will make, just for you!

Jesus is able, to do all things,
Eternal life in Heav’n, He can bring!
He gives His Spirit, within to dwell,
And fear of death and Hell, He does quell!

Jesus is able, to safely keep,
And the riches of Heav’n, you shall reap!
You are an heir, to a mansion above,
Because of the Father’s gracious love!

Jesus is able, great hope to provide,
A home in Heav’n, where we shall reside!
Reserved for us, that won’t fade away,
We can trust Him, each and ev’ry day!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Feb.11, 2015 #1366
Jesus is well able: (2 Chron.25:9; Dan.3:17; 6:20; Mat.3:9; 9:28; Lk.3:8; Acts 20:32; Rom.4:21; 11:23; 14:4; 1 Cor.10:13; 2 Cor.9:8; Eph.3:20; Phil.3:21; 2 Tim.1:12; Heb.2:18; 7:25; Jude 1:24) Spiritual: Heirs of God: (Rom.5:1; 8:16-17,26-27; Gal.3:26-29; 4:7; Eph.2:8-9; 3:6; Heb.1:14; 6:17; 11:7,9; 12:2;  Tit.3:7; Jam.2:5;
1 Pet.1:4-5; 3:7; Rev.21:7)


Jesus is coming! the dead shall arise!
Caught up together, with Him in the skies!
O’ what a wonderful day that will be,
Jesus is coming! for you and for me!

Jesus is coming! and it could be soon!
Could be daybreak, sunset, or maybe noon!
God’s children will all meet in the air,
Jesus is coming! we must stay in pray’r!

Jesus is coming! to take us away!
The Rapture will be a glorious display!
The Lord Himself, from Heaven shall descend,
On this Promise, we can surely depend!

Jesus is coming! because He does care,
Pray for that sacred day, God shall declare.
We shall gaze unhinder’d on His precious Face,
In those nail scars, we shall love’s story trace!

This blessed hope, in the future we’ll view,
But you must always to our Saviour be true!
Jesus is coming! in the clouds He’ll come!
To take God’s children to their Heav’nly Home!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.29, 2000 # 627
1 Thes. 4:13-18; Acts 1:8-11


JESUS is my precious Shepherd’s Name,
I boldly announce Him, with no shame!
I repent of my sin and foolishness,
Forgiving me is just one way He does bless!

When troubles and danger cause a fright,
When friends forsake, and enemies unite,
I have consolation, what e’er betide,
I know that JESUS is on my side!

In ev’ry affliction, He is nigh,
My ev’ry need He’ll always supply!
Tho’ I am weak, what have I to fear?
In deepest despair, He brings me cheer!

JESUS is my Saviour and my Lord,
And His Holy Word is my sharp sword!
Both are there to back me in all I do,
But I must to Him, be ever true!

JESUS is there, be it day or night,
In pain or sorrow, what e’er my plight!
Great love He shows ev’ry day to me,
And His mercy reaches the highest degree.

JESUS is my utmost victory,
I can access Heav’n; He has the key!
I’ll live forever with Him on High,
Because His Name I will not deny!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.13, 2000 # 610


As I live my life, Jesus is my Way,
I trust Him to guide me, each single day.
Jesus is my Guide, never leads me wrong,
Deep down I feel His advice, e’er so strong.

Jesus is my Truth, He won’t stand for lies,
We must resist, Satan’s temptation tries,
Jesus is my Wisdom, as I search His Word,
Such great peace and comfort, from my Lord.

Jesus is my Water, to my parch’d soul,
Spiritual thirst is gone, Christ is in control.
Jesus is my Bread, my soul He does feed,
He’s all the nourishment, my hungry soul needs.

Jesus is my Peace, deep down in my heart,
The contentment that He gives, won’t depart.
Jesus is my Gift, from the Father above,
Sent down from Heav’n, with amazing love.

Jesus is my Vine, to Him I’ll cling,
And to Him, all my praises I’ll sing.
Jesus is my Shepherd, Him I will follow,
Trusting Him always, in pain or sorrow,

Jesus is my Master, Him I will serve,
His fervent loyalty, I don’t deserve,
Jesus is my Lord, majestic and great,
For ever with Him, I’ll co-operate.

Jesus is my Redeemer, saves me from Hell,
Promises Heav’n, where for e’er I’ll dwell.
Jesus is my Saviour, for me He died,
Paid for my sins, when He was crucified.

Wonder of wonders, Christ Jesus is mine,
The Light of His glory, truly does shine.
I’m so grateful, my sins He does forgive,
And in Heav’n eternally, I will live!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.24, 2009 # 1221

· Advocate. 1 John 2:1; · Almighty. Rev. 1:8; · Alpha and Omega. Rev. 1:8;· Amen. Rev. 3:14; Arm of the Lord. Isaiah 51:9-10; · Author and finisher of our faith. Heb.12:2; · Beloved. Eph. 1:6; · Bishop. 1 Peter 2:25; · Blessed and only Potentate. 1 Tim. 6:15; · Branch. Jeremiah 23:5; Zech. 3:8; · Bread of life. John 6:48; · Bridegroom. Matthew 9:15; · Bright and morning star. Rev. 22:1; · Captain of salvation. Hebrews 2:10; · Chief Shepherd. 1 Peter 5:4; · Chief corner stone. 1 Peter 2:6; · · Christ. Matthew 1:16; Luke 9:20; · The Christ. Matthew 16:20; Mark 14:61; · Christ, a King. Luke 23:2; · Christ Jesus. Acts 19:4; Romans 3:24; Romans 8:1; 1 Cor. 1:2; 1 Cor. 1:30; Hebrews 3:1; 1 Peter 5:10; 1 Peter 5:14; · Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39; 1 Tim. 1:12; · Christ of God. Luke 9:20; · Christ, the chosen of God. Luke 23:35; · Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11; Christ the power of God. 1 Cor. 1:24; · Christ the wisdom of God. 1 Cor. 1:24; · Christ, the Son of God. Acts 9:20; · Christ, Son of the Blessed. Mark 14:61; · Corner stone. Eph. 2:20; · Counsellor. Isaiah 9:6; Door. John 10:7; · Elect. Isaiah 42:1; · Eternal life. 1 John 5:20; · Everlasting Father. Isaiah 9:6; · Faithful and True. Rev. 19:11; · Faithful witness. Rev. 1:5; · Faithful and true witness. Rev. 3:14; · Finisher of faith. Hebrews 12:2; · First and last. Rev. 1:17; Rev. 2:8; Rev. 22:13; · Friend of sinners. Matthew 11:19; · Gift of God. John 4:10; · God. John 1:1; · God’s dear Son. Col. 1:13; · God with us. Matthew 1:23; · Good Master. Matthew 19:16; · Great shepherd of the sheep. Hebrews 13:20 · Heir of all things. Hebrews 1:2; · Hope (our). 1 Tim. 1:1; · Jesus Christ. Matthew 1:1; John 1:17; John 17:3; Acts 2:38; Acts 4:10; Acts 9:34; Acts 10:36; Acts 16:18; Romans 1:1; Romans 1:3; Romans 1:6; Romans 2:16; Romans 5:15; Romans 5:17; Romans 6:3; 1 Cor. 1:1; 1 Cor. 1:4; 1 Cor. 2:2; 2 Cor. 1:19; 2 Cor. 4:6; 2 Cor. 13:5; Galatians 2:16; Phil. 1:8; Phil. 2:11; 1 Tim. 1:15; Hebrews 13:8; 1 John 1:7; 1 John 2:1 · Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 1:3; Romans 6:11; Romans 6:23; 1 Cor. 1:9; 1 Cor. 7:25; · Jesus Christ our Saviour. Titus 3:6; · Jesus, the King of the Jews. Matthew 27:37· Jesus, the Son of God. Hebrews 4:14 · King. Matthew 21:5 · King of saints. Rev. 15:3· King of kings. 1 Tim. 6:15; Rev. 17:14 · King of glory. Psalm 24:7-10 · King over all the earth. Zech. 14:9 · Lamb. Rev. 5:6; Rev. 5:8; Rev. 6:16; Rev. 7:9-10; Rev. 7:17; Rev. 12:11; Rev. 13:8; Rev. 13:11; Rev. 14:1; Rev. 14:4; Rev. 15:3; Rev. 17:14; Rev. 19:7; Rev. 19:9; Rev. 21:9; Rev. 21:14; Rev. 21:22-23; Rev. 21:27· Lamb of God. John 1:29 · Lawgiver. Isaiah 33:22 · Leader. Isaiah 55:4 · Life. John 14:6 · Light. John 8:12 · Light, everlasting. Isaiah 60:20· Light of the world. John 8:12 · Light, true. John 1:9 · Living bread. John 6:51 · Living stone. 1 Peter 2:4 · Lord. Romans 1:3 · Lord of lords. Rev. 17:14; Rev. 19:16· Lord of all. Acts 10:36· Lord our righteousness. Jeremiah 23:6 · Lord God Almighty. Rev. 15:3 · Lord from heaven. 1 Cor. 15:47 · Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 1:11; 2 Peter 3:18 · Lord Christ. Col. 3:24 · Lord Jesus. Acts 7:59; Col. 3:17; 1 Thes. 4:12 · Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 11:17; Acts 16:31; Acts 20:21; Romans 5:1; Romans 5:11; Romans 13:14 · Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. Titus 1:4 · Lord of glory. James 2:1· Lord of Hosts. Isaiah 44:6 · Lord the dead and living. Romans 14:9 · Master. Matthew 23:8· Mediator. 1 Tim. 2:5 Power of God. 1 Cor. 1:24 · Physician. Matthew 9:12 · Precious corner stone. Isaiah 28:16· Priest. Hebrews 7:17· Prince. Acts 5:31· Prince of life. Acts 3:15· Prince of peace. Isaiah 9:6 · Prince of the kings of the earth. Rev. 1:5 · Prophet. Deut. 18:15; Deut. 18:18; Matthew 21:11; Luke 24:19 · Propitiation. 1 John 2:2 · Redeemer. Isaiah 59:20 · Resurrection and life. John 11:25 · Redemption. 1 Cor. 1:30 · Righteousness. 1 Cor. 1:30 · Rock. 1 Cor. 10:4 · Rock of offence. 1 Peter 2:8 · Salvation. Luke 2:30 · Sanctification. 1 Cor. 1:30 · Saviour. Luke 2:11 · Saviour, Jesus Christ. 2 Tim. 1:10; Titus 2:13; 2 Peter 1:1 Saviour of the body. Eph. 5:23 · Saviour of the world. 1 John 4:14 · Shepherd. Mark 14:27 Shepherd and bishop of souls. 1 Peter 2:25 · Shepherd, chief. 1 Peter 5:4 · Shepherd, good. John 10:11 · Shepherd, great. Hebrews 13:20 · Shepherd of Israel. Psalm 80:1 · Shiloh. Genesis 49:10 · Son of the Father. 2 John 1:3 · Son of the blessed. Mark 14:61 · Son of the highest. Luke 1:32 · Star. Numbers 24:17 · Sun of righteousness. Malachi 4:2 · Stone of stumbling. 1 Peter 2:8 · Sure foundation. Isaiah 28:16 · Teacher. John 3:2 · True God. 1 John 5:20 True vine. John 15:1 · Truth. John 14:6 · Unspeakable gift. 2 Cor. 9:15 · Very Christ. Acts 9:22 Vine. John 15:1 Way. John 14:6 · Which is, which was, which is to come. Rev. 1:4 · Wisdom. Proverbs 8:12 · Wisdom of God. 1 Cor. 1:24 · Witness. Isaiah 55:4; Rev. 1:5 · Wonderful. Isaiah 9:6 · Word. John 1:1
If you use His Name (CHRISTian), you MUST depart from evil. 2 Tim. 2:19

JESUS IS NEAR . . . Aug.1997 Message

When troubles come and burden you,
Jesus is near, and always true!
Life will at times seem hard to bear,
But Jesus is near, and He does care!

The burdens we bear in our life,
Other folk have known, as their strife.
We must cope with what God sends our way,
Jesus is near, He’ll brighten our day!

Heartaches and sorrows plague us all,
Jesus is near, He’ll not let us fall!
We’re to count as joy, all our grief,
For Jesus is near, to grant relief!

Staunch faith can quell our sharpest pain,
Each hurt is a step to Heav’n’s domain.
Jesus is near, to grant us aid,
If we’re weary, forlorn, or afraid.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 22,1997 # 336
Mt.8:17; 11:28-30; Is.53:4; Lu.11;13; Jn.10:28; 15:9; Jam.1:2-4,17; Heb.12:5,11; 1 P.1:7; 4:12; Ro.8:35-39; Ac.17:27; Jer.23:23-24)


Jesus is the ‘Lamp’ that lights my way,
His radiance cheerfully, warms my day.
Tho' the road ahead, be dark and lone,
His brilliance clearly, makes the path shown.

Jesus is the 'Lamp', kept bright by faith,
Believe and trust Him, with our ev'ry breath.
We must never dim our faith, with doubt,
We must not let, Jesus' Lamp go out.

Jesus is the 'Lamp', that brightens life,
He can also help, to relieve our strife.
Let the Light of Jesus, show the way,
His radiant beams, can make your day.
By: His servant: Connie Kramer Oct.1, 1999 #561


The Bible of Christ Jesus, clearly tells,
Of Whom He really is, and where He dwells.
God’s most Holy Word, so plainly does state,
Of what will surely be, our eternal fate.

To access Heav’n’s glory, one special day,
Jesus is the Truth, the Life and only Way.
Only Christ Jesus, our soul can redeem,
If security in Heav’n, is our dream.

Christ’s righteousness, to us must be applied,
Or we are not by the Father, justified.
Jesus is the only Door, to go thru’,
 Or the wonders of Heav’n, you will not view.

Jesus is the Shephard, that guides our path,
Following Him, will keep us from God’s wrath.
You do not want to be, condemn’d to Hell,
Only the devil’s children, there shall dwell.

We must build on Jesus, the Cornerstone,
Or we are not, one of God’s very own.
We want all our works to stand, not to burn,
To obey Christ Jesus, this we must learn.

Most people today, Christ Jesus reject,
None of these souls, will God the Father protect.
All who deny God’s Son, in Heav’n will NOT dwell,
But instead the Lake of Fire, horrid Hell.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Nov.21, 2015 #1385
The Righteous One (Isa.53:11; Jer.23:5; Acts 3:14; 7:52; 22:14) Saviour (Luke 2:11; John 4:42; Acts 5:31; 13:23; Eph. 5:23; Phil. 3:20; 2 Tim.1:10; Titus 1:4; 2:13; 3:6; 2 Pet.1:1, 11; 2:20; 3:2, 18; 1 John 4:14; Jude 25) Redeemer (Rom 3:24-26; 1Cor. 1:30; Gal 1:4; 4:5; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14, 20-22; Tit 2:14; Heb, 9:12, 15) The Word (John 1:1, 14; 1 John 1:1; Rev.19:13) Creator (John 1:3; Col.1:16; Heb.1:2) The light (Mat.4:16; Lk.2:32; John 1:9; 8:12; Eph.5:8-14; Col.1:12-13) Lamb of God (Isa.53:7; John 1:29, 36; Acts 8:32; 1 Pet.1:19; Rev.5:6; 6:16; 7:14; 12:11; 13:8; 14:1; 15:3; 17:14; 19:7; 21:9; 22:1, 3) The Alpha and the Omega (Rev.1:8, 11; 17; 21:6; 22:13)  Our Advocate, our Mediator (1 John 2:1; 1 Tim.2:5; Heb.8:6; 9:15; 12:24) The image of God (Col.1:15; Heb.1:3) The chief cornerstone (Ps.118:22; Isa.28:16; Mat.21:42; 1 Cor.3:11-15; Eph.2:20; 1 Pet.2:6-7, 16) Priesthood of Christ (Heb.2:7; 3:1; 9:11, 24) Messiah, Christ (Dan.9:25-26; John 1:41; 4:25, 29; 7:26-27, 31, 41-42; 10:24; Acts 3:20; 9:22; 18:28; Rom. 9:5) King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev.17:14; 19:16;) Shepherd (Ps.23:1-6; 80:1; Isa.40:11; Zec,13:7; John 10:1-18; 21:15-17; Heb.13:20; 1 Pet.2:25; 5:4) The bread of life (John 6:35, 48) The water of life (John 4:14; 7:37-39; Rev 21:6; 22:17) The door (John 10:9) Ihe life (John 1:4; 11:25-26; 14:6; 1 John 1:1-2; Col.3:4)  The way (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Heb.10:19-20)  Lord of all(Acts 10:36) Judge (Mat.16::27; 25:31-46; John 5>22, 27; Acts 10:42; 17:31; 2 Cor. 5:10; 2 Tim. 4:1, 8; Rev.19:11-21; 20:11-15)
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV) 


Jesus’ Light so brightly lights your path,
Walking with Him, you avoid God’s wrath.
He leads only in roads that are right,
Trusting in Jesus, makes all things right.

Jesus’ Light is there for all to see,
As He leads to life eternally.
Ev’ryone is welcome to follow Him,
On the path of Light, that ne’er grows dim.

Following closely, in Jesus’ Light,
We must always, keep Jesus in sight.
Keep so close, that nothing comes between,
Keep your eyes on Christ, and on Him lean.

The old devil tries hard, to deceive,
Stay close to Jesus, don’t you e’er leave.
Satan wants you to come back to his side,
But all who are wise, will with Christ reside.

Two roads lie ahead; Satan’s dark one,
And the one brightly lit, with God’s Son.
The dark road leads to Hell’s agony,
The bright road leads to bliss, eternally.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 22, 2007 # 1155
Heaven: Matthew 25:34; 25:46; Luke 10:20; John 14:2; 1 Peter 1:4; Hebrews 11:16; 4:9; Rev. 14:13; 2 Cor. 12:2; 2 Cor. 12:4;
· The wicked excluded from heaven: Galatians 5:21; Eph. 5:5; Rev. 22:15
Hell: Ezekiel 32:27; Isaiah 33:14; Psalm 9:17; Pro.15:24;Mat. 3:12; 5:29; 10:28; 25:46; 25:41; 13:42, 50; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6; Rev. 14:10; 20:15;


Jesus loves you, much more than you know,
For God’s precious Word, does tell us so!
Where ever you go, He’ll be with you,
Greatly assisting, in all you do!

Jesus loves you, and is always there,
He’s willing to listen, to your pray’r!
If you have faith and completely believe,
All that you ask for, you shall receive!

Jesus loves you, please don’t ever doubt,
He will always guide you, on the right route!
Tho’ the road of life be rugged and steep,
Our precious Saviour will safely keep!

Jesus loves you, with eternal love,
He’s gone to prepare a “mansion” above!
One day we’ll meet Jesus, Face to face,
All because of His unfailing grace!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.23, 1999 # 569


Jesus loves you, He wants you to know,
He died on the cross, that love to show.
Over and over the Bible tells,
Jesus does not want you to go to Hell.

Jesus loves you, ‘tis so very clear,
His great desire is to have you near.
“Come to Me, come to Me,” He does say,
Why O why dear one, do you turn away?

Jesus loves you, O please believe this,
The Bible will never lead you amiss.
Believe God, trust Him this very day,
For to Heaven, there’s no other way.

Jesus loves you, wants to be your Friend,
And He will stay with you to the end.
His Presence can be so near to you,
Believe what he says, His Words are true.

Jesus loves you, O why do you doubt?
All those uncertainties, cast them out!
Doubt, fear and worry, can all be gone,
You no longer need, be the devil’s pawn.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer # 742


Jesus never promised, fame and wealth,
Nor did He promise, we’d have good health.
He did Promise, to supply our needs,
And His sufficient grace, our soul’s feed!

Jesus ne’er promised, safety each day,
Pain and suffering, could well come our way.
He did Promise, to walk by our side,
When with the Lord Jesus, we abide!

Jesus ne’er promised, no bad would come,
Bad does come, and when it does, ‘tis no fun.
He did Promise, ne’er more that we can bear,
For He does love us and truly cares!

Jesus ne’er promised, no infirmity,
Thorns in the flesh, at times may flow free.
He did Promise, great pow’r if we seek,
His grace is sufficient, when we’re weak!

Jesus ne’er promised, all would be our friends,
One of His own betrayed Him, in the end.
He did Promise, He’d be our true Friend,
As we should be to Him, me and you!

Jesus ne’er promised, we’d feel no hate,
They hated Him, so it could be our fate.
He did Promise, to love us always,
If we keep His commands, all our days!

Jesus never promised, Heaven for all,
For He surely knew, most would fall.
He did Promise, the wicked ones Hell,
Where they for eternity, would dwell.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Apr.1, 2017 #1396
Phil.4:19; 2 Cor.12:9; Jn.15:4-10; 1 Cor.10:13; 2 Cor.12:8-10; Jn.15:26-30; 15:13-15;Jn.15:18-19; Jn.15:9;12; 1 3:16; Jn.16:27; Mat.7:13-14; Rev.20:15.
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  Revelation 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (KJV)  Only JESUS can put your name in the Book of Life!

JESUS, Our High Priest

He paid the price, of sin’s penalty,
All for the likes, of vile sinners like me.
A price so steep, I could never pay,
He died for me, ‘twas no other way!

Once for all, was Jesus’ sacrifice,
Approved by God, perfect and precise.
He will never, His Offering repeat,
Because the first One, was complete!

Just the Blood of Jesus, can atone,
His One Sacrifice on the cross, alone.
Just His precious Blood, can save your soul,
Friend, may I ask, is Heaven your goal?

Jesus, the Truth, the Life and the Way,
Jesus, the best part, of any day!
Let’s stay on the narrow road, with Him,
Looking to Him, makes the world seem dim.

Let’s draw near Him, with an upright heart,
Believing in faith, is how we start.
Let’s hold fast our faith, without wav’ring,
For great blessings from God, it does bring!

Let’s think about, feelings of others,
Speaking of Jesus, to our brothers.
Provoking unto good works, and love,
That they too might, praise the Lord above.

Let’s offer, the Sacrifice of Praise,
The fruit of our lips, to Him let us raise!
Let us be grateful, for what God has done,
He gave us His only begotten Son!

Perdition awaits, those who draw back,
We must beware, of Satan’s attack.
The beauty of Jesus, we must see,
And into His loving Arms, we must flee!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   June 14, 2014  #1355
The Book of Hebrews

Jesus’ Precious Blood

What do YOU see, in Jesus' Precious Blood?
That was shed on the cross, that Sacred Flood?
In your life, does it abundantly flow?
Does it heal your pain, and help your woe?

Sin offerings, our God does not desire,
Faith in Jesus Blood, is what God requires!
In Christ, thru’ His Precious Blood, we have peace,
Without faith, God’s wrath to us only increase!

Thru’ His Precious Blood, we have redemption,
Without it, there remains just perdition!
With it, we have forgiveness of our sin,
Without it there’s no hope, of Heav’n to win!

Since by His Precious Blood, we are justified,
And by that Blood alone, we are qualified!
His love and His Blood, from our sin sets us free,
And gives us hope for life, eternally!

Just His precious Blood, can lead us to Heav’n,
For by His Blood, can we e’er be forgiv’n!
To turn your back on His Blood, leads to Hell!
And there for eternity, you shall dwell!

What do YOU see, in Jesus’ Precious Blood?
That was shed on the cross, that Sacred Flood?
In your life, does it abundantly flow?
Does it heal your pain, and help your woe?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   Feb.12, 2021   #1456
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV) . . . If you want to go where the Father is, you must go through Jesus! Are you allowing the LORD to guide you to the bliss of Heaven? If not, WHY not?

I hear the accuser roar, of ills that I have done,         
          I know them well, and thousands more, but the Father findeth none.
          Tho’ the restless foe accuses, sins recounting like a flood.
          Every charge our God refuses, Christ has answered with His Blood.

Scriptures for above poem
1 Peer 1:18-21 Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; 19  But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot: 20 Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you, 21Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory; that your faith and hope might be in God. (KJV)  
Heb. 10:6-10 In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. 7 Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God. 8 Above when he said, Sacrifice and offering and burnt offerings and offering for sin thou wouldest not, neither hadst pleasure therein; which are offered by the law; 9 Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second. 10 By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. (KJV)           
Col. 1:19-20 For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell; 20 And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven. (KJV)
Eph. 1:5-7 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, 6 To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved. 7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; (KJV)
Rom 3:24-25 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: 25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; (KJV)
Heb. 9:14 How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God? (KJV)
1 John 1:6-7 If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: 
7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. (KJV)
Rom. 5:10-11 For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. 11 And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement. (KJV)
Rev 1:5-6 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. (KJV)
John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (KJV)
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)
John 6:53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. (KJV) . . . Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His Blood . . . this means a SPIRITUAL eating of Christ by faith. To eat the flesh, and drink the blood of Christ, is to believe that Christ Jesus is come in the flesh, and that He gave His life for His people, and that His Blood was shed for their sins. It is to partake of Jesus, and enjoy the numerous blessings of grace that we obtain by Him, such as redemption, pardon, peace, justification and when we feed upon Him . . . we grow in grace, and in the knowledge of Him. This "feeding" is to be done daily, repeated just as our physical food is, otherwise persons have NO spiritual life in them. Without this feeding on Him, there is only our feeding on earth's sinful pleasures, for only those that believe in Christ are healthy living souls. Without Christ there is nothing to support life; everything else that a man feeds on ends with eternal death. Only when we spiritually eat Christ, and spiritually drink His Blood, can we ever maintain and preserve our spiritual life. Without Christ Jesus, NO one can ever expect or hope for eternal life in Heaven with Him!

Jesus’ Resurrection

Is Jesus’ Resurrection “petty”, as atheists say?
It is NOT minor or unimportant, on any day!
Jesus’ Resurrection display’d, His pow’r and majesty!
Only if you believe this, will you have life eternally!

Is Jesus’ Resurrection “trivial”, as atheists say?
It is NOT insignificant or commonplace, on any day!
Jesus’ Resurrection proves, tho’ He died, He lives once more!
Only if you believe this, will you e’er reach Heav’n’s shore!

Is Jesus’ Resurrection “so earthbound”, as this atheist did say?
It is NOT confined just to Earth, but to all the Universe each day!
Jesus’ Resurrection tells us, that we’ll be resurrected too,
Only if you believe, will the wonders of Heav’n, you e’er view!

Is Jesus’ Resurrection “unworthy of the Universe”?
How could anyone, such blasphemous words, disperse?
One day ALL atheists, shall stand before the Great White Throne,
It shall be at that time, all their blasphemous words bemoan!

He is the Resurrection, He is the Life, He is the Way!
Only if you believe this, will you see heaven one day!
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive pow’r and glory,
Only if you believe this, can you have life eternally!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.25,2009 # 1212
Psalm 2:7; 16:9-10; Isaiah 26:19; Mat.12:40; 16:4; 16:21; 17:23; 20:19; 26:32; 27:52-53; 27:63; 28:6-7; Mark 8:31; 9:9-10; 10:34; 14:28; 14:58; 16:6-7; Luke 9:22; 9:31; 18:33; 24:5-7; 24:46; John 2:19; 2:21-22; 12:23; 16:16; 16:22; 20:1-18; Acts 1:3; 1:22; 2:24; 2:31-32; 3:15; 4:10; 4:33; 5:30-32; 10:40-41; 13:30-34; 17:2-3; 17:31; 26:23; 26:26; Rom.1:4; 4:24-25; 5:10; 6:4-5; 6:9-10; 8:11; 8:34; 10:9; 1 Cor. 6:14; 15:3-8; 15:12-23; 2 Cor. 4:10-11; 4:14; 5:15; 13:4; Gal.1:1; Eph. 1:20; Phil. 3:10; Col. 1:18; 2:12; 1 Thes. 1:10; 4:14; 2 Tim. 2:8; Heb.13:20; 1 Peter 1:3; 1:21; 3:18; 3:21; Rev. 1:5; 1:18 . . . John 11:25; 14:6; Rev. 5:12; 20:15


Jesus shall come, from Heav’n descending,
With a thousand thousand, saints attending.
Coming, He shall bring an end to wars,
He’ll be our King, and stop all horrors.

Heav’n shall open, to a great white horse,
The One astride, is Jesus, of course!
His eyes shall be as a flame of fire,
Christians look for this day with true desire.

Upon His Head, are many diadems,
He’ll have a new name, known by none but Him.
Clothed in a garment, sprinkled with blood,
And His Name is called, The Word of God!

Armies on white horses, follow Him,
Clothed in white linen, pure and prim.
Out of His Mouth, shall come a sharp sword,
He is KING of KINGS, and LORD of LORDS!

Antichrist and all the kings of this Earth,
Gather, and bring all their armies forth.
In vain are their efforts, against this KING,
A tremendous vict’ry will our God bring!

The Beast and False Prophet, will Christ take,
And cast them into the Fiery Lake.
There for eternity, they shall dwell,
In the agonizing pits of Hell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr. 12, 2000 # 683


Christ Jesus, is the world’s Greatest Blessing,
We need to place Him, above everything!
Above and beyond all, Jesus must be,
If you want to be handed, Heav’n’s key!

Christ is the One, we should look to for aid,
With His Promise, we need not be afraid!
I will never leave you, never forsake,
Our truthful Jesus, this Promise does make!

My grace is sufficient, a Promise too,
Claim this Promise and see, it will work for you!
No matter your problem, trouble of pain,
His grace is sufficient, and always gain!

Forgiveness of sin, we really desire,
Just Jesus can pull us, from that muck and mire!
He’ll cast sin, to the bottom of the sea,
Where they will remain, for eternity!

If you obey Him, Christ Jesus is near,
His Presence will chase away, all your fear!
Christ Jesus is your Friend, if you obey,
He’s ever so close, be it night or day!

The Gift of Christ’s Spirit, the Lord does give,
To help us each day, as this life we live!
The fruits of the Spirit, help us always,
For His Spirit is with us, all our days!

Jesus, my Greatest Blessing, forever,
No one from me, His grand love can sever!
Face to face, one day my Lord I will see,
And with my Lord, I will spend eternity!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Nov.29, 2015 #1386

Mat.10:31-40; Jn.3:15-18,36; Heb.13:5; 2 Cor.12:9; Ps.65:3; 103;3.12; Col.1:14; Heb.8:12; Mic.7:18-19; Jn.14:15-17, 21, 23; 15:14, 16, 26; 16:13; 1 Jn.2:27; 4:6; Rom.8:8-11; 8:38-39 John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  


Jesus is the “Light” in all the darkness,
Only in Him, does God make a promise!
In Him is life, this life, the light of man,
God’s way of salvation, His only Plan!

The world, it walks in darkness so deep,
The wickedness of men, never does sleep.
The evil ungodliness keeps going on,
Not ‘til His return, will it be all gone!

The “Light” of the world is Jesus, our Lord,
But just a few see the “Light” from His Word.
If we follow Jesus, we will not fall,
And out of the darkness, us He will call.

The darkness of the world has always been,
Disobedience to God; just plain sin!
They stumble and grope around in the dark,
But never to His Spirit, will they hark!

Jesus is the “Light”; He came for all men,
If you cannot see Him, please look again!
He waits so patiently at your heart’s door,
And only Jesus, your darkness can cure!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.28,1995 # 78
(Jn.1:4-13; 3:15-21,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:6; Phil.2:15;
Ep.4:18; 5:8; Is.59:10; Mt.6:22-23; 2 Co.4:4; 1 Jn.2:11; Rev.3:20)


Flee the darkness, that’s surrounding you,
There IS a Way, let me give you a clue.
Jesus brings light to a sinful world,
To free you from evils, Satan’s unfurl’d!

Let the “Light” in, and darkness will flee,
Jesus is the “Light” for you and me!
Please admit Him, open your heart’s door,
Love and joy and peace, are what’s in store!

Satan is strong and tries to suppress,
We must have the “Light” to flee darkness!
The enticement of sin will truly wane,
The pow’r of the “Light” is such great gain!

The darkness is where Satan does lure,
From sin and evil there’s but one cure!
Accept the “Light” and He will abide,
And He’ll forever, be by your side!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.5,1999 # 509
Is.9:2; 42:6; Mt.4:16; Lu.1:79; Jn.1:4, 9; 12:35, 46; 2 Cor.4:6;
Ep.5:14; 1 Jn.1:8; Rev.21:23.

Jesus, the One True One

Jesus, there is only One TRUE One,
That is, God’s only begotten Son.
Most get too busy, and rush on by,
And so many, simply Him deny.

Some worship another, and are wrong,
God states they belong, to Satan’s throng.
Only a fool, walks that big, broad road,
Access won’t be giv’n, to God’s abode.

So many, a false gospel believe,
Satan is glad, when his lies you receive.
Don’t let him remove you, from God’s grace,
Satan wants you ne’er, to see Christ’s Face.

Most of the world, travels the wrong path,
Don’t go along, for they’ll feel God’s wrath.
When in doubt, open God’s Holy Book,
Right answers are there, is you’d just look.

The majority, is me, me, me,
These never think, of eternity.
Lusting for things, that make life pleasure,
Dear one Christ, is your greatest Treasure!

Many run away, and try to hide,
From Christ, Who wants only to abide.
If only they’d open, their heart’s door,
Comfort, joy and peace, would be in store.

With His counsel, He shall guide me,
And afterwards, receive me to glory.
Whom have I in Heaven, but the Lord?
To reject Jesus, I can’t afford.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   Sept.8, 2018   #1419
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Scriptures for this poem: (Jn.3:16; 2 Cor.11:4; Gal.1:6; 1 Jn.3:10; Mat.7:13-14;
Jn.3:18, 36; Rev.3:20; Jn.14:27; Ps.73:24). 


My Friend gives comfort, inexpressible,
And love from Him, simply unspeakable!
There’s not enough words to describe my Friend,
A privilege; that on Him I can depend!

My Friend is as rain on drought stricken land,
He brings back to life, by His blessed Hand.
He gives us comfort, and He gives us peace,
The blessings thru’ Him, just seem to increase.

He’s my Friend and my Saviour, and my lord,
Life without His Presence, we can’t afford.
He brings joy to my heart, when others leave,
To His awesome goodness, I’ll always cleave.

This Friend that I have, can belong to you,
You’ll then look at life, from a diff’rent view.
To living life on Earth, He is the ‘Key,’
And a bonus besides, Heav’n eternally.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.1,1999 # 562

JESUS, MY LIGHT . . . Feb.2005 Message

Christ Jesus is to me, a great Light,
Making dark pathways, brilliant and bright.
His radiance warms me, and cheers my days,
My world glistens, from His wondrous rays.

The Light of Jesus, will never go out,
We must keep our faith, and never doubt.
When our faith falters, our path grows dim,
Trust Christ, and glory shall beam from Him.

His brilliant Light, will always glow,
Luminescence from Him, continues to flow.
Ev’ry time our path, seems dark and sad,
Strength and Light from Jesus can be had!

Gleaming brightly in the darkest night,
The Light of Jesus, calms our ev’ry plight.
His precious Light guides me to Heav’n above,
The Light of Jesus, is absolute love!
By: His servant: Connie Kramer Apr.8, 2000 # 680


Jesus, precious Jesus, He did save me,
Sav’d me from God’s wrath, and sin’s penalty.
With His precious Blood, our sins did atone,
We’d go o Hell, if He’d left us alone.

Jesus, precious Lamb, without blemish or spot,
Sacrificed for us; our souls, He bought!
Redeeming us from our iniquity,
Washed us in His Blood, made us free.

Jesus, precious Son, of Almighty God,
He is not, and never will be, a fraud!
Sent by the Father, from His throne above,
Our precious Saviour, came to Earth in love!

Jesus, precious Saviour, you have much love,
You came to take my place; left Heav’n above.
Coming out of love, and necessity,
Only thru’ Jesus, can we have vict’ry.

Jesus, precious Lord, master of all things,
He has power; let all Creation sing!
The day shall come, every knee shall bow,
To the Name of Christ Jesus; not like now!

Do you know our precious Jesus this day?
He has control; we must trust and obey.
Only Jesus has the ‘key’ to Heav’n’s gate,
Believe God, and trust Him, ‘fore it’s too late!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 20,1996 # 222
(1 P.1:19; Jn.1:29; 5:22; 1 Co.5:7; Tit.2:14; Is.45:23; Phil.2:11; 2 Co.6:2)


Precious Saviour, teach me ev’ry day,
Life’s hard lesson, to love and obey.
No better lesson, can there e’er be,
Loving Christ Jesus, who first loved me!

We must live with a child-like heart of love,
Humbly asking, your will from above.
Let me willingly serve and follow Thee,
Loving You, dear Lord, who first loved me!

Teach me that all Thy steps, I should trace,
Give me strength to follow, in Thy grace.
Grant wisdom, that I learn love from Thee,
Loving my Saviour, who first loved me!

Teach me always to trust and obey,
Let me show love to all ev’ry day.
With each new day, great joy there will be,
Loving the Son of God, who first loved me!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar. 19, 2000 # 668
1 John 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us. (KJV)


You are my Solace, in time of pain,
My very body, You do sustain.
No matter my pain or agony,
What wondrous comfort, You’re there for me!

You are my Solace, in time of fear,
In my mind and heart, I know you’re near.
I need not cower about in dismay,
You have a calming effect, come what may!

You are my Solace, in time of grief,
Deep down in my soul, I find relief.
I surely don’t have to agonize,
Your encouragement I realize!

You are my Solace, when I have distress,
My spirit within me is truly bless’d.
Torment and woe You chase far away,
You bring cheer to me each single day!

You are my Solace, when I have doubt,
Urging me onward; I want to shout.
I need not have any uncertainties,
From the chains of Satan, You set me free!

You are my Solace, when I go astray,
Helping me back to the perfect way.
On a lighted path, You tenderly guide,
You reassure me as I abide!

You are my Solace, in all I do,
Keep my heart and soul, focused on You.
Let peace and joy be ever complete,
Till one day soon, in Heaven we meet!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.19,2000 # 612


Jesus waits, why don’t you open your heart’s door? . . Rev.3:20; Song 5:2-4; Lk.12:36
For you, He holds, so many blessings in store. . . Mat.20:28; 2 Cor.5:21; Eph.1:7; 1 Pet.2:24-25
He waits for you, ever so patiently, . . 1 Tim.1:16; 1 Pet.2:21-23
He wants to give you, life eternally! . . Jn.3:15-16; 5:24; 6:47

Jesus waits for you, with His Arms open’d wide, . . Isa.40:11; 59:16
He wants with you, to forever abide. . . 1 Sam.1:22; Mat.28:20; Jn.14:16; 2 Jn.1:2
He waits for you, wanting to share His love; . . Rom.8:35,38-39; Eph.3:19; 5:2; Rev.1:5
Wanting to give you, a mansion above! . . Jn.14:1-3; 1 Pet.1:3-5

Jesus waits for you, your sins to forsake; . . Eph.4:22; Col.3:8-9; Jam.1:21; 1 Pet.2:1
He waits for you, His grand grace to partake. . . Jn.3:16; Rom.3:24-25; 5:6-10. Eph.2:4-9
His mercy o’er flows, He wants you to know, . . Ps.86:5,15; Eph.1:7; 1 Pet.1:3
Tis His desire, that to Heaven you’ll go. . . Mat.25:46; Jn:3:16-18,36; 5:24

Jesus waits for you, He can be your best Friend, . . Mat. 11:19; Jn.14:21; 15:14-15; Jam.2:23
All thru’ this life, and to its very end. . . Mat.28:20
He will never forsake you, never leave, . . Heb.13:5; Ps.37:28; Isa.41:10,17
Always there if you’re happy, or if you grieve. . . 1 Thes.5:24; 2 Thes.3:3; Rev.1:5; 19:11

Jesus waits for you, ever so patiently, . . 1 Tim.1:16; 1 Pet.2:21-23
He wants to shed his love, abundantly. . .Rom.8:35,38-39; Eph.3:19; 5:2; Rev.1:5
No man can have, greater love than He, . .Jn.10:11,15; 15:13; Rom.5:6; Eph.2:4
And it’s available, to you and me! . Lk.12:8; Jn.3:15-16; Rom.10:13

Jesus waits for you, to call Him in prayer, . . Eph.6:18; Phil.4:6; Col.4:2; 1 Thes.5:17
Tis a blessing to know, He’s always there! . . Heb.13:5; Ps.37:28; Isa.41:10,17
Twenty-four, seven, be it night or day, . . Acts 8:22; Rom.12:12; Heb.4:16
Christ Jesus is just, a prayer away! . . Ps.16:11; 91:15; Heb.13:15; 1 Jn.4:15

Jesus shall be waiting, when it’s time to go, . . Ecc.1:4; 12:7; Isa.38:12; Mat.25:13
And of our time, not one of us do know. . . Mat.24:42; 25:13; Mk.13;33-35
The Lord Jesus will, His angels dispense, . . Lk.16:22; Ecc.12:7; Ps.146:4; Dan.12:2
To carry us into, the Lord’s Presence! . . 2 Cor.5:8; Mat.13:40; 25:33,41;46
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.1,2014 #1350


God gave the sun for a light by day,
He placed it there, and it will stay.
The moon and stars for a light by night,
Our God is wise and filled with might.

God can stir the sea; make the waves roar,
Huge mighty waves that crash on the shore.
Our God, the Lord of Hosts is His Name,
Eternal and wise, and always the same.

If Heaven above can be measured,
With all of its wonders and grandeurs;
If you can find the foundation of the Earth,
Then will He cast the Jews as no worth.

No man alive can measure Heaven.
Nor pull down the sun, moon and stars He’s giv’n.
We’ll ne’er find the secret of Earth’s base,
Or destroy the perfect universe’ pace.

Just why does the world so hate the Jew?
Our God does hold a different view.
Just as God controls all of nature,
The Jew’s existence by God is ensured.

Why does the world want the Jew’s demise?
They belong to God, so strong and wise.
We are to LOVE them, and bless the Jew,
If you hate and curse, God will curse you!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.30,1996 # 216
(Jer.31:35-37; Gen.12:3)

A JIGSAW PUZZLE . . . October 2012 Message

A jigsaw puzzle, is what life does portray,
New pieces are put in, each and ev’ry day.
Only God can view, our life from afar,
To Him, the door of our life, is ajar.

A jigsaw puzzle, is what life represents,
Trials that come, teach us to be patient.
Never a straight path, life has ups and downs,
Each piece we put in, may cause us to frown.

A jigsaw puzzle, is what life illustrates,
Finding the right piece, is hard to estimate.
Calamities can come from far and wide,
We must trust the Lord to manage and guide.

A jigsaw puzzle, is what life depicts,
The pieces at times, can great pain inflict.
Trouble and hardship can be mysteries,
But faith in the Lord, brings serenity.

A jigsaw puzzle, is what life specifies,
His wise leading, we must never deny.
When we have a burden, His yoke is light,
Allowing Him to help, eases our plight.

A jigsaw puzzle, is what God’s will may seem,
Jesus and you, can make an amazing team!
He will lead you to your mansion above,
Your chosen destination, giv’n by God in love.

Pieces of the puzzle are put in one by one,
They fit easier, with the help of God’s Son.
One day the puzzle of life, will be complete,
When we sit in glory, at the Saviour’s Feet!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.21,2004 # 1005
Rom.12:12; Jam.5:10; 1:12; 4:13-15; 2 Pet.3:9; Job 14:1; Mat.11:30;
John 14:1-2; Ps.90:12; Luke 1:75; Phil.1:21.


From God, how oft’ do you run away?
Do you, like Jonah, God disobey?
Jonah ran, the opposite direction,
Thus forsaking, the Lord’s protection.

To Nineveh, Jonah refus’d to go,
He got on a ship, that brought great sorrow.
God sent a storm, and that boat did rock,
And all the crew, ‘round Jonah did flock.

Jonah confess’d, he’d anger’d the Lord,
The sailors were surpris’d, at his words.
He told them: “Cast me into the sea,”
“And God will make, this horrid storm flee.”

A big fish, God had made for that day,
And now Jonah was head’d, his way.
In his belly, three days and three nights,
Can you imagine, ‘twas an awful fright.

Running away from God, most folk do,
Obeying God is done, just by a few.
Most are like Jonah, they run away,
They just don’t want to do things, God’s way!

God always wins, when you disobey,
You won’t like the judgment, He’ll send your way.
‘Tis far better, like Jonah you’ll learn,
God and His commands, you should not spurn.
By His servant, Connie Kramer July 23, 2009 # 1235
Book of Jonah; Mat.7:13-14


You’re on a journey, to eternity,
Just what will your destination be?
Only two roads from which you can choose,
The narrow road you win, the wide one, you lose!

As on your journey, you speed,
Be careful, that warning signs you heed.
Two diff’rent guides, will attempt to lead you,
One a deceiver, the other One true!

On to eternity, as you journey,
Your destination, you choose freely.
Many will be, on that road so wide,
But only a “few” with Christ will abide!

Most important, is this journey you take,
Critical, is the decision you make.
In Heaven, you can live joyously,
Hell will bring only agony!

As you journey, to eternity,
Ponder, what will your destination be?
Jesus can give you Heaven’s grand key,
Satan can give only agony!

Which precise road are you on today?
Only Jesus can show the right way!
Just He can lead you to Heav’n above,
Trust Him to guide you in perfect love.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.6,2002 # 894


I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
Trusting, learning, and reading His Word.
My soul shall be joyful in my God,
This joy comes from Him, the world abroad.

thy Word is to me, joy in my heart,
I pray thy Words form me won’t depart.
I’ll joy in the God of my salvation,
In Heav’n for me, He made reservation.

O Lord, I will joy to do thy will,
Thy Words deep in my heart, surely fill.
If we do bear precious seed alway,
We’ll rejoice ‘fore Him on Judgment Day.

Dear Lord, you are a glory and joy,
Only for you should our tongue employ.
What is our hope or crown of rejoicing?
‘Tis you dear Lord, and life everlasting!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.18,1996 # 170
(Is.61:10; Ps.19:8; 119:72,97,105,140; 126:5; 1 P.3:9; Mt.12:36)


Joy, is the echo of Christ, deep within,
Without my Lord, I’d want not to begin.
It’s gladness of heart, in the life of man,
But not without Jesus, ‘tis not God’s plan!

Joy has its springs, way deep down inside,
But only when you, with Christ, do abide.
That spring of joy will never, ever run dry,
No matter what comes, ‘tis there ‘til we die!

Joy comes not from riches, nor praise of men,
Only from our Saviour, I’ll tell again!
Just trust and obey, have Christ in your heart,
And my friend, that joy, will never depart!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.1,1996 # 88-B
(Col.1:11; Ps.16:11; Is.61:10; 12:3; 2 Co.4:1,16; 6:10;
Heb.12:11; Jn.15:4-10; 1 P.1:8; 4:12-13; Ro.14:17)


He said: “Judge not, that ye be not judged,”
A Christian rule from which we should not budge.
Christ is the best teacher this world will see,
It would pay us to listen, you and me.

He tells us that how we judge another,
It will come back to us, not our brother.
We should be careful what measure we use,
He’ll use the same for us, be not confused.

“Judge not according to appearance,”
For we don’t know of that person’s true stance.
Judging just from the outside; this is sin,
We cannot possibly know what’s within!

Let’s not judge nor criticize our brothers,
Don’t put stumbling blocks in paths of others.
Evil words of others we should not speak,
Instead, their good qualities, we should seek!

You, who judges what another shall do,
A good chance more evil will come from you!
Whatever you judge,---- do you do the same?
Watch what you do in His wonderful Name!

Guard your minds and tongues; to Him be true,
For if we judge ourselves, He won’t have to!
“When we’re judged, we’re chastened of the Lord,”
“That we should not be condemned with the world.”
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.15,1995 # 27
(Mt.7:1-5; Jn.7:24; Ro.14:13; Jam.3:10-11; 1 Co.11:31-32)

Judgment Day . . . July 2012 Monthly Message

One day, all people will stand Face to face,
Before Judge Jesus, at a judgment place.
“According to their works,” is how it shall be,
As Christ readies each one, for eternity.

In this life as we live, we must prepare,
For our eternal soul, we must take care.
God provides, only two destinations,
This we must take, in consideration.

At the “Judgment Seat,” believers will stand,
Not one will be forgotten, in all the land.
Do you believe God? Do you trust and obey?
God’s Book tells us, there’s no other way!

Those who deny Christ, and refuse to believe,
Harsh judgment at the “Great White Throne,” they’ll receive.
Into the “Lake of Fire,” these will be cast,
Their punishment there, will for ever last.

Decisions for eternity, in your hand rest,
Don’t wait for Judgment Day, to take the test!
It really does matter, what you believe,
Trust Jesus, if Heaven, you want to receive.

He waits this day for you, so patiently,
His desire is to give you, life eternally.
Open the door of your heart, this very day,
For just Jesus can get you, to Heaven one day.

Judgment Day looms, it shall come, that is sure,
Will it be Hell’s horror, or Heaven’s grandeur?
Only in this life on Earth, can you decide,
Where in eternity, you will reside.
BE WISE my friend!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.11, 2010 #1278
Judgment Seat of Christ: 1 Cor.3:10-15; Rom.14:10. 2 Cor. 5:10. Great White Throne: Rev.20:11-5. References to judgment: John 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; Mat.25:31-32, 40-41,46; John 12:48. Judgment shall be of all: · Actions. Ecc. 11:9; 12:14; Rev. 20:13; · Words. Mat.12:36-37; Jude 1:15; · Thoughts. Ecc. 12:14; 1 Cor. 4:5; · Explanation of. Pro.11:4; Joel.1:15; Mat.7:22; 1 Jn.4:17; · No escape from. Ex.20:7; 34:7; Isaiah 2:10; 2:12-19; 2:21; Eze.14:13-14; Amos 5:16-20; 9:1-4; Mat. 23:33; Heb.2:1-3; 10:28-29; 12:25; Rev. 6:16-17; Mat.25:32; Heb. 9:27; Rev. 20:11-15; · According to deeds. Job 34:11; Psalm 62:12; Pro.12:14; 24:12; Isaiah 59:18; Jer.17:10; Eze.7:3; 7:27; 16:59; 39:24; Zech. 1:6; Mat.5:22; 16:27; 23:14; Luke 12:47-48; 20:47

Judgment Day

Are you ready to face, Judgment Day?
My friend, it’s certain to come your way!
So many times, the Bible does tell,
There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell!

Believers shall stand, at the Judgment Seat,
These will not feel the torment, of Hell’s heat.
In a big fancy car, the rich may ride,
The poor walk, but none from judgment can hide!

We all shall stand poor this day, ‘fore His Face,
Stripped of everything, but His awesome grace.
Our mem’ry may fail, as we try to look,
But all we’ve done, is in His trusty Book.

Will there be sadness, in my Master’s Eyes?
If I make excuses, to justify?
Have I been proud, of Jesus’ Holy Name?
Or will I cringe, and bow my head in shame?

All believers will be heirs, to Heaven,
Because their faith in Christ, they are forgiven.
They will spend eternity, with the Lord,
Because they believed God, and His pure Word!

Unbelievers stand, ‘fore the Great White Throne,
For their every sin, they shall bear alone.
And Judge Jesus, shall condemn them to Hell,
Where there for eternity, they shall dwell.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Apr.26, 2017 #1400
Judgment Day: Mat.10:15; 11:22; 12:36; Mk.6:11; Rom.2:5; 2 Pet.2;9; 3:7; 1 Jn.4:17; Jude 1:6. Rom.14:10; Luke 16:19-25; Books: Dan.12:1; Mal.3:16; Lk.10:20; Rev.20:12,15.
1 Cor.3:11-15; Mat.24:45-47; 25:21-23; Heirs: Jn.14:1-3; 1 Pe.1:3-4; Rom.8:14-17; Gal.3:29; Tit.3:7; Jam.2:5. Heaven: Jn.14:2; 1 Pet.1:4; Heb.4:9; 11:16; Rev.14:13; Rev.21 & 22; The wicked excluded from: Gal.5:21; Eph.5:5; Rev.22:15. HELL, where you do NOT want to go: Isa.5:14; 14:9, 15; Mat.25:41, 46; Lk.16:23-26; Jn.3:18,36; 2 Thes.1:8-9; 2 Pet.2:4; Rev.14:10-11; 19:20; 20:10, 15; 21:8. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  Rev. 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (KJV)  Only JESUS can put your name in the Book of Life! Do NOT turn your back on Jesus!


The Judgment Seat of Christ is not far away,
ALL believers will stand ‘fore Him that day.
We will be judged by the Righteous One,
Rewards will be giv’n for service well done.

Already judged, is our destiny,
Accepting Christ, omits Hell’s agony.
For our sins, on the Cross, He did atone,
Saved our sins from Hell, He and He alone!

Our service to Him will come into light,
Only works done for Him, will stand so bright.
All others shall be burned, clean away,
ALL will be revealed by fire that day.

If our work be burned, we’ll suffer loss,
If not done for Christ, ‘tis counted as dross.
But if our work survive the test of the fire,
We’ll receive a reward; the Lord’s desire.

Only what we do for Jesus will last,
All others is burned; what a contrast!
If you do works to get glory and fame,
You have your reward now; then, you’ll have shame.

Friend, are you ready, before Christ to stand?
You’ll be alone, with your works in your hand.
Will you receive reward? OR suffer loss?
Only this Man knows; the One from the Cross.
By:His servant, Connie Kramer June 9,1996 # 232
(2 Co.5:10; Ro.14:10-12; 1 Co.3:11-15; 1 P.4:14; 1 Jn.5:1,10-12; 2:22-23; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; Lu.6:22-23; Mt.5:11-12; Gal.6:6-7)

Judgment Seat? Great White Throne?

Jesus can see, deep down in your soul,
As your life actions, He does patrol.
There is nothing from Him, you can hide,
For His Spirit, in you does abide.

Your heart within, our Lord Jesus knows,
Words and actions, from your heart flows.
Ev’ry word you say, all things you do,
All have their start, in the heart of you.

We all must face Christ, on Judgment Day,
To this awesome Judge, what will you say?
Excuses won’t work, neither will lies,
All is recorded, on which He relies.

Accountable, each one of us will be,
To the Judge, King of eternity.
What e’er His verdict, twill be just and true,
No one can change it, not me, not you!

The Judgment Seat? Or the Great White Throne?
Accept or reject Christ . . . Each to his own.
Which of these two places, will you stand?
The decision lies, just in your hand.

At the Judgment Seat, to Heav’n you’ll go,
At the Great White Throne, ‘twill be Hell’s woe.
Jesus can see deep down, in your soul,
My friend, give Him your life, to control.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Dec. 29, 2008 # 1211
Book of Life: Rev. 3:5; Rev. 13:8; Rev. 21:27; Exodus 32:32-33; Psalm 69:28; Daniel 12:1; Phil. 4:3. Books opened: Daniel 7:10; Psalm 56:8; 139:4,16; Mal.3:16; Rom.2:15-16; John 12:48; Gal. 3:10. Judgment Seat of Christ: 1 Cor.3:10-15; Rom.14:10. 2 Cor. 5:10. Great White Throne Judgment: Rev.20:11-5. References to judgment: John 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; Mat.25:31-32, 40-41,46; John 12:48.


To those who rule in power and might,
I’m just a nobody, in their sight.
No fame nor glory can they see,
For there’s none at all, in humble me.

To those who flourish in wealth untold,
I’m just a nobody, left in the cold.
They look at me in disgust and shame,
They are not interested in my name.

The rich and mighty have such great pride,
They want all nobodies just to hide.
I’m just a nobody in their eyes,
And the likes of me, they do despise.

Do any of these things bother me?
No, they don’t, I’m content, and happy!
For there is One with more power than these,
And they are all, His enemies.

I am not saddened by these things,
For I am gladly, a child of the King.
All God’s great riches, belong to me,
And I’ll live in Heav’n, for eternity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.19,1997 # 294
(Ps.41:1; 62:10; Pro.19:17; 28:20; 23:5; 27:24;
Mt.6:19-20; 19:23; 1 Tim.6:7; Jam.2:5; Pro.10:22;
Ro.8:17; Tit.3:7; Jn.1:12)


For tomorrow’s needs, I do not pray,
Dear Lord supply needs, just for today.
From the stain of sin Lord, keep me free,
Let Your Spirit give me, victory.

Let me no wrong, unthinking words say,
Dear Lord keep my tongue, just for today.
Let not slander and gossip, come to mind,
Let Your Spirit give, words that are kind.

For tomorrow’s needs, I do not ask,
Dear Lord give me strength, for this day’s tasks.
From temptation’s lure, keep me away,
Dear Lord please guard me, just for today.

Grant comfort and pow’r, for this day alone,
Give me light, that the right road be shown.
Guide me safely, as I live for Thee,
On the narrow road, to eternity.

Dear Lord let me serve You, willingly,
For this day alone, give victory.
I should not care ‘bout tomorrow’s needs,
For at that time, blessings will proceed.

You provide for me, abundantly,
Now in this world, and eternity.
I believe and trust You, all the way,
But for now I ask, just for today.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug. 20,2000 # 727
Ps. 36:8; Jn.10:10; 2 Cor.9:8; Ep.3:20; Phil.4:19; 2 Pet.1:11.


If you don’t have Jesus in your heart,
Evil and wickedness won’t depart!
You are simply the old devil’s pawn,
Just Jesus, can make all sins be gone!

If you don’t have Jesus, you are lost,
Did you ever consider the cost?
Jesus in your heart, makes all things new,
You He will change, you’ll have a diff’rent view.

With Jesus in your heart, you’ll be blest,
He’ll give joy, and peace, and perfect rest!
Out with the old ways, in with the new,
Just Jesus, can make a whole new you!

With Jesus in your heart, things do change,
Just Jesus, your life can re-arrange.
From selfish and proud; to giving and meek,
From running from God; now Him you seek!

With Jesus in your heart, things are bright,
All darkness is gone; now there is “Light”.
Eternal life on Heav’n’s blissful shore,
Just Jesus can do all this, and more!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 9,1997 # 353
(Eze.11:19; 2 Co. 4:16; 5:17; Gal.6:15; Ep.4:17-32; Ps.51:10; Ro.12:2; Col.3:10; Tit.3:5; 1 Jn.5:1; Jn.1:12-13; 3:3-8,15-18; 1 P.1:23)

Just Jesus

Just Christ Jesus, and Jesus alone,
Is the Father’s Way, to Heaven shown!
If you want eternal life one day,
Jesus alone, is the only Way!

Just the Lord Jesus, and only He,
Can bring to you, life eternally!
Just Jesus can save you, from Hell’s fire,
The choice is yours, what is your desire?

Jesus is the “Way,” the only Way,
To contact the Father, any day.
God has given all things, to His Hand,
To disobey, brings God’s reprimand.

Jesus is the “Truth” that sets us free,
From all our sins and iniquities.
He is the Truth, of all in God’s Word,
Faith in Jesus, brings us a great reward!

Just Jesus, is our Giver of “Life”,
Without Him, there remains only strife!
Without Jesus, all our hope is gone,
And we are left, as the devil’s pawn.

Access to the Father, is thru’ His Son,
Any others, the Father will shun!
Just Jesus, can be our Referee,
In our quest, for life eternally.

Just Jesus, why would we look for more?
He’s all we need, to reach Heav’n’s shore!
Let’s be grateful, for God’s only Son, 
Who alone can bring us, salvation.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer   June 27, 2020   #1449
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  . . . If you want to go where the Father is, you must go through Jesus! . . . Are you allowing the LORD to guide you to the bliss of Heaven? If not, WHY not?
Psalm 73:24  Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. (KJV)
It does not get better than this. No matter what happens, whether I understand it or not, IF I simply trust Him; I will go on with Him where He is when I leave this world.

John 3:16-18 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (KJV)
John 3:35-36 The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his hand. 36  He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. (KJV)
John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. (KJV)
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV) 
1 Peter 1:3-5 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, 5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. (KJV)
Eph. 2:8-9 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. (KJV)
Act 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)
1 Tim. 2:5-6 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; 6 Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. (KJV)
1John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. (KJV)
1 John 2:23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. (KJV)
1 John 5:10-13 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. 11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. 13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. (KJV)


God’s love is like the calm, after a storm,
Comforting and peaceful; and so warm!
In life, many storms do come about,
Just keep your faith; and don’t ever doubt!

God’s love is like a warm gentle rain,
Falling on dry, parched land again.
We , like the land, must have rain to live,
Just keep your faith; and His love He’ll give.

God’s love is like a mountain, so tall,
Strong and majestic; He won’t let us fall!
Satan will try to tempt you, ev’ry day,
Just keep your faith; and to the Lord, do pray.

God’s love is like an anchor, dropped deep,
Moored securely; us He will keep.
Great angry billows roll thru’ our life,
Just keep your faith; He takes away strife.

God’s love is like a lighthouse, so high,
His light shines far out; no one can deny!
No matter how great the storm; He’s there!
Just keep your faith; no one can compare!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.2,1996 # 188
(Jer.31:3; 17:7; Nah.1:7; Ps.46:1; 25:6; Deut.4:37; 7:8; Is.26:3;
Jn.3:16; Ro.5:8; 8:32; Ep.2:4-5; 1 Jn.3:1; 4:9,16-19;
Heb.11:6; Jude 5; Mt.17:20; Mk.9:23)


Just one love, as special as Thine,
A love that I do claim as mine.
Just one peace, that I can’t understand,
A peace deep within, O so grand.

Just one life, just one death on the cross,
Freely You died, didn’t count it loss.
Such great kindness, such tremendous love,
These things could just come, from Heav’n above.

Just one Saviour, who shed His precious Blood,
He redeemed us, with that wondrous Flood.
Just one awesome grace, that set us free,
Loving grace that cleansed, our iniquity.

Just one Master, who leads and guides,
Giving us His Spirit to abide.
Just one precious Lord, whom we should serve,
This wondrous Lord, whom we don’t deserve.

Just one hope, that You give to me,
Hope of living, eternally.
Just one mansion, in Heav’n above,
Prepared by You, Lord, in such great love.

Just one narrow road, to travel on,
When our journey to Heav’n, is begun.
Just one Light, to brighten our path,
Jesus’ Light, will keep us from God’s wrath.

Just one Way, to be God’s friend,
Just one Lord who can make amends.
Just one sincere faith, can justify,
We must believe, and on Christ rely.

Just one God said: I will never leave,
And to this one God, we can cleave.
Just one God alone, loves us so,
From this God alone, do blessings flow.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.13, 2004 #1010


As people live, most don’t think of Hell,
Yet it is a place, where millions dwell.
Folks won’t admit it, but this fact is true,
To avoid Hell, the choice is up to you.

If you won’t accept what God has to say,
You will acquire Hell as your home one day.
When you arrive, you’ll see you were wrong,
As you join, that agonizing throng.

God speaks only Truth; He never lies,
“We don’t believe” is how people reply.
They just long for ways, this life to enhance,
But one day they’ll beg, for just one more chance!

But when they beg, God’s mercy will be gone,
There’ll be no more chances, in a new dawn.
God now reaches out in love, to you and me,
Off’ring the GIFT of life eternally!

“Just one more chance” Hell’s residents will cry,
“You called Me a Liar” will be God’s reply!
God will ne’er change His mind, once you are there,
Eternal anguish, with millions you will share.

“Please God, just one more chance” they will plead,
But God’s grace is gone; their screams He won’t heed!
No more chances for you, after you die,
Believe God now, and on Jesus rely!

You are free to choose Jesus this day,
Just He can send you, to Heav’n’s blissful array.
The only chance you need, is now before you,
Heaven or Hell? my friend, what will you do?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.16,2001 # 777
2 Cor.6:2; John 3:15-18,36; 1:12-13; 3:3; 8:24; 14:6; 1 John 5:10-12; 2:23; Rev.20:11-15; 21:8, 27; 22:14-15; John 6:27-29; Mat.13:47-49; 24:36-44; 25:13
NOW is the day of salvation if you don’t know Christ!


There’s no room to boast, with ‘justification’, Ro.3:27-31
All was completed by God’s own Son. Ro.5:1; Heb.1:3
We’re justified only by God’s pure grace, Ro.4:1-8
By faith alone will we e’er see His face! Ro.4:9-17

God credits to us, Christ’s righteousness, Ro.4;18-25; 2 Co.5:21
Thru’ His atoning sacrifice, God does bless. Is.53:5-6; 1 P.3:18
Justification provides peace with God, Ro.5:1; Col.1:19-22
Available to all, the world abroad. Ac.10:43; 1 Jn.5:1; Rev.22:17; Lu.12:8-9

Justification gives access to God’s grace, Ro.5:2; Ep.2:18; 3:11-12; Heb.10:19
Without it, we will never see His Face. Jn.9:31; Is.1:15-16; 59:2; 1 Jn.5:10-12; Jn.3:15-18,36
It enables us to rejoice in hope, Ro.5:2; 1 P.3:15; 1 Jn.3:3
But without Christ; in sin and evil we grope. Ro.6:16; Lu.16:15; Ep.2:1; 5:14; Col.2:13

Christ’s sacrifice is proof of God’s love, Ro.5:6-8
He came to Earth, to die, form Heav’n above. Is.7:14; 9:6; Lu.1:31; Jn.1:14; Phil.2:8
God’s wrath is gone, with justification, Ro.5:9
We’re reconciled to Him, by His own Son. Ro.5:10-11

Justification puts us in God’s fam’ly, Ro.5:12-21; Jn.1:12-13
We’re members of redeemed humanity. Ro.3:24; 1 Co.1:30; Ep.2:15; 4:24
We’re heirs of our wondrous God; His children! Ro.8:16-17; Tit.3:7; 1 Jn.3:10; Lu.20:34-36
If you’re justified; God will never condemn! Mt.18:12-14; Ro.8:1; Jn.5:24
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.3,1998 # 447


Just as if we’d ne’er sinned; justified!
Christ took away our sin when He died.
We’re not justified by law; but by faith,
Unbelief ends in eternal death.

Justified by faith; we now have peace,
Life to His children He will increase.
Justified by His Blood; saved from wrath,
Belief in Christ, takes you from Hell’s path!

Without Christ, we are God’s enemies,
Just Christ can reconcile; grant victory!
Reconciled, by the death of God’s Son,
Now, we’re God’s friend; life has just begun!

Only by ‘One’, comes the gift so free,
He can justify all; both you and me!
Our righteousness comes only by faith,
Works of man will lead only in death!

We’re justified only in Christ’s Name,
Just God’s Spirit can remove our shame!
Just by faith do we become God’s child,
Without Jesus, we are defiled!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 30,1997 # 343
(Ro.3:23-31; 4:5; 5:1-10,18; 9:30-33; Ep.2:8-9;
Is.64:6; Gal.3:26; 1 Co.6:11; Jn.1:12)


‘Justified’ means we are made righteous, Ro.3:21
This happens just thru’ Christ, so precious. Ro.5:1
Justified by faith, we now have peace, Ro.5:1; Gal.3:6
Deep down peace, that will only increase. Jn.14:27; Ro.14:17; 1 P.1:2; 2 P.1:2

Justification is received by faith, Ro.3:22; Gal.3:24; Ac.13:39
No other way, save your time and breath! Jn.3:15-18,36
To God, we all must be justified, Ro.3:23
We must die to sin; and in Him abide. Ro.6:11; Gal.2:20; 1 Jn.3:6

Righteousness is giv’n by God, so free, Ro.3:24; Phil.3:9
Just Christ’s Blood can justify you and me. Ro.5:9; Col.1:20
There is none righteous on our own, not one, Ro.3:10; Is.64:6
But we stand bold and brave, thru’ God’s Son. Heb.10:19; Ep.3:12

We’re justified, by the price Christ did pay, Ro.3:25-26; 1 Jn.2:2; 4:10
God’s holy wrath, from us, did sway! Ro.5:9; Col.1:19-22
We are redeemed, by His Precious Blood, 1 P.1:18-19; Rev.5:9
That was shed at Calv’ry, that Precious Flood! Ac.20:28; Rev.1:5

Just as if we’d never sinned; ‘Justified’, Gen.15:6; Ac.13:39; 1 Co.6:11
Christ paid it all when He was crucified. Heb.1:3; 10:12; 12:2
Declared ‘not guilty’ in the courts of Heav’n, Ro.4:3; 1:17; Phil.3:9
And eternal life, thru’ Christ, is then giv’n! Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:1-6
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.2,1998 # 446

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